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  1. On 9/16/2021 at 8:06 PM, mbglib said:

    I have been on 22 Carnival cruises and no low rates (like those anyway) for me. ūüėě


    I don't think we get these rates because we have already proved that we will sail repeatedly without these insane offers. I sure would like one of those emails though!

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  2. I understand the 48 hour covid test was implemented as of the 13th so there can't be too much experience on this yet but What Would You Do if your traveling companion's 48 hour test came out positive, your's negative?  Would you cancel and get the FCC credit and try to salvage what's left of all the other reservations for those who fly down and get a hotel?

    I understand that if anyone sharing your stateroom is positive within 14 days of sailing and/or for the 48 hour covid test, you can cancel and get a FCC with the proper documentation showing a positive test.   I sail out next weekend. DD and I want to be prepared for all possibilities but we are on the fence as to what we would do in such a scenario.  Just dunno about going solo if that's what it comes down to.

  3. I won't be planning any excursions until 1) my flight doesn't get cancelled 2) my covid test comes back negative 3) my covid test results come back in time for me to hop on board 4) Carnival doesn't cancel my cruise. Once those are checked off, I will make my way to the excursions desk and possibly,  book one.  It's hard enough to get through all this but dealing with all the delayed refunds, credits and cancellations, why add insult to injury if I don't need to.  And yep, I am a planner as well. 

  4. I am one of those who really, really wants to get out on a ship even with masks, tests and the possibility of an island deciding not to welcome us. 

    I just changed my appt. from 3 days out to 2 days (correct not 48 hours)  with Quest lab as I sail on CCL in 21 days and  then HAL on Oct 23. 

    CCL had a much softer attitude with stating that they are working on setting up rapid testing at the ports as they understand the challenge with soooo many to get tested and resulted in time.  We would have to pay at the time of testing (price not yet determined) and submit a claim to our insurance. HAL stated they will have "limited testing for a small number of guests".  Anyway you look at it, all lines may need to arrange rapid testing at their ports if they want us on board spending our money and keeping them afloat. 

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  5. 7 hours ago, crewsweeper said:

    Waiting for the CDC ban on cloth masks for cruising.  Some airlines, mostly European , are banning cloth masks.  Must be N95 or KN95. 

    I had already bought a batch from Amazon, just in case. Fingers crossed I still cruise the end of this month and next.   I live in CT but am preparing for anything.

  6. Downsides to my aft balcony experience: 1.  the blazing hot floor!  We couldn't dare walk barefoot out on it.  2. No escape from the sun. You might think that's one of the purposes of going on a cruise, the sunshine. I am 1000% on board with that one but there was also no escaping it. Unlike a side balcony of which  you can enjoy the views and outdoors without the sun beating down relentlessly on your possibly already toasted body (said from a dark haired highly freckled person).  3) potential inhibition from joining the balcony club due to zero-minimal overhang (a friends experience, of course)  1st world problems, right!

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  7. I think I need to start playing in the casino!  Some of these deals are crazy. My last experience was about 12 years ago playing a penny slot machine on I think the Miracle?  I had no idea how to do it. A kind casino employee approached me, obviously aware of my struggle and instructed me.  hahaha. I remember his name. it was Stefan.  

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  8. On 12/5/2020 at 1:58 PM, xDisconnections said:

    If you voluntarily canceled your reservation, why do you feel that you shouldn’t be held accountable and bound against the cancellation policy you agreed to when reserving your cruise? They absolutely should not waive it.

    This cancellation policy was established pre-covid. I am very aware that it's been around forever.  Airlines, hotels, etc are accommodating travelers with covid related cancellations. Though I hope, I don't expect CCL  to, I merely asked if anyone had an experience that would relate to my potential decision.

  9. On 12/4/2020 at 8:53 AM, fyree39 said:

    We cancelled one cruise and lost the deposit. Not everyone's story will be the same, so you need to call Carnival and see what they tell you. I'm assuming you booked early saver?

    Yes, I booked early saver but the other half of my family did not. We are both going to call and see if we get the same response.

  10. On 12/5/2020 at 2:19 PM, xDisconnections said:

    Agree ‚ÄĒ other cruise lines, such as Princess, have started the process to handle B2B reservations. Until Carnival moves forward with their procedure and states B2B cruises will not be permitted, it‚Äôs still a voluntary cancellation. In OP‚Äôs case, I‚Äôd play the waiting game as Carnival would be reaching out sometime soon.¬†

    Thank you. I was not aware of this CDC ruling.

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  11. On 12/5/2020 at 1:28 AM, SNJCruisers said:

    Since your B2B is against the rules until November 1, 2021 with the CDC, how can Carnival possibly charge you a cancellation fee if you comply with the CDC and cancel the first leg?

    I looked up the CDC ruling and it states that there can be no itinerary longer than 7 days.  Though these are back to backs totaling 9 days, neither falls into a 7 day or longer category as they are 2 distinct shorter sailings.  So many fine lines.



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  12. I am seriously contemplating cancelling the 1st leg  ( 4 day) of my B2B scheduled for mid April out of Miami.  If I am one of the lucky ones to even be able to cruise, I just think the  chances of the CDC allowing B2B is slim to nothing  (2nd leg a 5 day) and I am tired of having so much money tied up with cancellations and reschedules.  I understand how it works if Carnival is the one to cancel but has anyone cancelled of their own accord and bypassed that cancellation fee without rebooking?

  13. I would like to see the gratuities as part of the actual cruise fare and ditch the entire gratuity philosophy. Just add it in and if need be explain in our contract that __% goes towards staff salary. The frosting on the cake for me would be to add in the port fees and taxes. Just one price includes all so that the advertised $430 cruise fare shows up as $700 that it actually is.

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  14. I am the OP.  thank you to all who mentioned the difficulty with reading my post with  the font and color.  I did repost in good old black and white early on in the post but it seems like a whole lotta people didn't see that.  I am guilty of  trying to bring in some flare with  color but that font?  No idea why it shows up like that.  I am not a script kind of girl believe me.


    Everyone's feed back is greatly appreciated regarding preparation/paranoia on an unlikely but possible scenario.  Am I going to upgrade from my porthole to a balcony?  Yup ~ if the price drops!

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