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  1. I loved sailing out of Baltimore on the Pride. I think she is the perfect size. Not too big, not too small. The gentle trip down the Chesapeake Bay as you head out to sea is awesome. Takes a long time as I recall but lots to look at as you head out to sea.


    I agree with some previous advice especially the "lido chow bag". Its a bit too easy to overeat! The kids will love the 24 hour ice cream. I know I do and I have not been a kid for a long time.


    You will have a great time, enjoy!

  2. Since Southwest only has fares listed 6 months out, I was on my laptop logged in at midnight on 6/1 for a 12/1 flight from Hartford to Fort Lauderdale. AT 12:01 am, they were posted and I got non stop RT for $210. Haven't purchased tickets for that price since maybe 5 years ago. (maybe even longer) Other search engines brought in prices averaging $100 over that for other airlines and those did not offer free checked baggage.

    I am not a huge Southwest fan but I always check them anyway.

    I check airfare every 4 days once I book a trip.

  3. I can only get evening flights back home from MIA so we always have all day before we can hop on our flight usually around 7 pm. Me and mine are usually so whipped that we get a day room at the hotel at the airport, check in the morning, chill there for the day, nap in the nice air conditioned room, people watch in the airport, watch tv, eat lunch....

  4. I agree with the checking back. I check every day on my booked cruise and two that I am looking for price drops. It takes me about 7 minute out of my day. I have scored a few great deals being diligent in checking as I have seen multiple drops over the years that last no longer than 24 hours.

  5. We have stayed several times at both places. Each has its pluses and minus.


    My take:


    Hyatt Place is the nicer facility by a bit. It is in a better location for dining, shopping, getting around (water taxi and Sun Trolley) and getting to the pier. Rooms are about the same size. Both have very good/friendly staffs. Both have free (or minor cost) shuttles from the airport. Hyatt has a $8 pp shuttle to the pier, I think Springhill's is still free.




    Yikes, prices at these hotels are in the low 200's when I am sailing out of Port Everglades, 1st week of December. (Trivago, valuetrips) what the heck!

  6. Sadly, the customer service is hit or miss. I think Cruisecritic members have more knowledge than most reps I have dealt with. I recall a few years ago needing to change the email address connected to my account but couldn't do it online. I was informed by the rep that she was not able to update that from what my initial email address was when I first created an account!

    SAY WHAT??

    I remember her being polite saying ma'am quite alot. I ended the call totally frustrated.


    Called again 5 minutes later, got a different person, she changed it easy peasy. Its kind of like a box of chocolates.

  7. wow, makes me kind of sad because I forgot about some of these. (fruit punch!) Now it makes me wish we had them back! The disappearance of so many little things we no longer get won't cure my cruise addiction but when you add them all up, there sure is alot.

    I used to feel like I snagged some really great deals too as far as pricing goes but not so much anymore.

    Miss those bathroom clamshells full of goodies. They had a particular brand of womens razors that were deadly sharp. I have a fairy tatoo on my leg with a missing eye to prove it.

  8. Yikes, there are some big numbers being tossed out. I feel like a tadpole in a 100 gallon fish tank! 90% of my cash on hand is for tips. Cabbies, porters, hard working ship staff. I am a self employed blue color cruise addict who prepays everything I can. I may have $200 in cash for a 7 day. Other expenses on my credit card to earn those much needed points to pay for my next sailing!

  9. My first imput here is,,,

    leave the door to your mini fridge slightly open, it improves the circulation, and cools much better!

    I tried this, and my drinks were twice as cool as before the door was left slightly open!;p

    So what's your ideas, thoughts,,,,


    I am re-posting this from a facebook page I subscribe to so I can't validate whether it works or not by I am going to try it on my next voyage. here's hoping the picture copies....



  10. I wish I had an answer for you but truth be told, I don't even know what the Alchemy bar is all about! I might have a couple Miami Vices in a weeks time so I am somewhat of a novice when it comes to such things. Does the Alchemy bar make a drink out of whatever you ask them to? Inquiring minds want to know......

  11. I believe that buying a slice of Mile High cake from the coffee bar is a right and responsibility of a cruise addict. Last sailing, me and my cabin mates each bought a slice (chocolate for me, carrot cake for them) and it took us about 3 days time to finish them off. Truth be told, we each brought a tupperware container packed in our suitcases for that specific purpose so we could store left over in the fridge. Imagine this scenario: 4 women aged 19 - 57, sitting on their balcony, not so silently moaning due to the explosive ecstasy of feeling no guilt in eating a 2000 calorie slice of heaven. well, maybe a little guilt. oh so worth it.

  12. Horizon is definitely at a premium. We are booked for Aug 28 out of New York and it's about 40% higher than comparable sailings out of Florida. I figured it's a combination of a new ship and being out of New York, which locals like me would happily pay a premium for as we don't have to get on a plane to catch our cruise. In your case, it's 2 days to year end, and I would expect cruises over that week to be much more expensive. It's the same as on land, hotel rates from December 27-28 onwards skyrocket in a lot of places, and come down to normal after Jan 2. Thanksgiving as well, airfares are crazy that week.


    I don't think prices are going to come down. Maybe you can wait till final payment date. If they have a lot of cancellations, maybe they will offer a flash sale. But it's an off-chance.


    Fully agree Baby_bear that not having to pay for airfare, pre cruise hotel, checked luggage etc is the trade off for higher prices than sailing out of FL. I would be Diamond if I lived down south!

  13. bury me at sea;


    Depends on your personality. If I ever cruise solo I might be tempted to avoid all ports since the ship and the ocean are the reason I love cruising.


    thank you Bury, to hear someone else who feels as I do. I could have a 4 port sailing and maybe do 1 excursion. I love the availability of the hot tubs, vacant pools and overall feel of a ship when the hustle and bustlers are not on board, but enjoy the energy of a full ship when they return. Having to fly to most ports often takes away my excursion budget but its all good!

  14. I was thinking of retiring to Florida at some point. One big reason is the opportunity to cruise with out flying in the day before. I was curious about people's experience with pack n go.



    My hero. I am a devoted New Englander but oh boy, do I dream about living in Florida for that very reason.

  15. As a HAL newbie, can someone confirm this information for me?


    ~I will need to make reservations for the MDR even with having anytime dining? (table for 2)

    ~I can bring on one bottle of wine or champagne at the onset of the cruise with no corkage fee?

    ~The Neptune Lounge is only available for certain cabin categories?

    ~There is not assigned boarding times however, there are still some priority boardings?

    ~OV staterooms do not have fridges?

    ~I can request a bathrobe and ice bucket from the room steward as neither is standard issue in an OV room?


    thanks for your help!

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