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  1. Well said Keith. We don’t like the change but are staying with our Aug 21st cruise. We might have changed to Miami but couldn’t get any flights from Canada that worked with the cruise dates so will stay with our plans and stay as safe as possible. I’m sure there are many reasons for the changes as Crystal would have to be crazy to make a change that they had to know would enrage their loyal customers if there was another option
  2. We definitely do not love this change but can understand why they have done it. We will not cancel our Aug 21st cruise but we will worry more.
  3. Doesn’t anyone know which hotel SS uses in Tokyo?
  4. We upgraded to business both ways into Sydney and out of Tokyo for 2023. It was an additional $5000 Canadian which was significantly cheaper than I would be able to purchase on my own.
  5. Test has to be done within 72 hours of flight. Exhumation stop is not within that time frame
  6. Thanks Keith.our airline cancelled our flight so we have to stay for 4 nights at a resort and will get test there. Annoying as we could fly the day after but not enough time to get the test.oh well, a few more days in paradise will be fine….
  7. I called Crystal to see if we could get a PCR test on Serenity to go back to Canada. No one could answer me.
  8. We are also in this boat. Phoned Crystal this am but wasn’t able to get an answer. Rep said others have enquired and will try to get an answer.
  9. Keith we are Canadian and need the PCR test which we will get at our hotel post cruise. Do we also need the antigen test?
  10. We spent 6months in the Bahamas on our sailboat and they are definitely not all the same. Each island has its own beauty and culture and the water and snorkeling are fabulous.
  11. We booked Atlantis for 3 nights post cruise. Looking forward to it although we will likely venture off site for a tour and dinner
  12. Our runway is getting shorter so we are venturing out on a Bahamas cruise.
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