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  1. We have loved Crystal and feel the food, service and entertainment are Exceptional. We cruised last year with both Crystal and Celebrity. The suite experience on Celebrity is extremely nice but Crystal is better
  2. It is not just cruise lines. Had a room booked at Intercontinental in Singapore which we had to cancel. They mistakenly charged me for 1 night. They have said it will be refunded but I have now waited for 45 days.
  3. Princess used to have sanctioned games on cruises with sea days. We love to play and lately have cruised on Crystal or voyages that advertise bridge. Have a Princess. Raise scheduled on the Sky so have fingers crossed
  4. We had to cancel this cruise due to a health issue and we were very sad as well as impacted financially. Since we were flying home from Singapore thru Beijing we are now relieved as that would have been challenging to say the least. I am sure Crystal is doing their best. No reputable company would want to cause their passengers undue hardship. Good luck to all.
  5. Do you know if they have diet tonic? Love Gin and Tonic but need to bring my own if not available on board
  6. Have done this cruise twice and it is fabulous.. we used Alla tours and have recommended them to others with good reviews. There is so much to see in St Petersburg that you wouldn’t want to miss ant time there.
  7. I have the same issue. On Crystal there are many sugar free sofas....tonic and diet ginger ale etc. Is that available on Princess?
  8. When on Princess I always bring a coffee press and coffee and just order hot water. I leave the press for my steward. this is one of the main reasons we usually cruise on Crystal. Love all inclusive
  9. It is a lot of work as I make it at home. It is difficult to find a spectacular one so if it is ever offered as an extra will order.
  10. We will dock in Sorrento and my husband is going to Pompei. Since I have seen it, thought I would go over to Capri. Will I be safe on my own?
  11. Have been trying to check in for weeks and the system will not save my phone number. Called Crystal and it didn’t work for the agent either. She gave me an email address for pcpc and that didn’t work. Am at my wits end. Help!!!
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