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  1. Highly recommend the New Orleans Museum of Art and its sculpture gardens. They have a lovely building and one of the best collections of Asian art/pottery! Even better, you can easily get there by trolley. There used to be the Morning Cafe across the street with delicious beignets but I believe that is under new ownership now. Also, if it rains, my husband and I plus and our teenage grandkids really enjoyed Mardi Gras Museum
  2. I would suggest getting to the island early if you want to get a good spot with the free loungers. There's not that many places in the shade. It has been several years, but the last time we were at Labadee, I was ecstatic to snag a free hammock but soon so many other arriving visitors pulled their chairs up into the shade I could hardly find space to step off my hammock.
  3. There are new rules at Machu Picchu limiting entrance to either morning or afternoon entrance. From what I understand, if you are a morning entrance, once you are inside, they don't make you leave but if you need a bathroom or something to eat and leave the site, no re-entrance is permitted. I don't know whether Manuel does private arrangements but two years ago, my husband and I took a 17 day small-group (16 persons) tour of Peru with him and had a wonderful experience at an extremely reasonable price. Perhaps he would be willing to set up the arrangements for your six days on land. He is a Peruvian anthropologist and TA from Lima who now lives part-time in California. Contact info: Manuel Arboleda and website nawpaqexpeditions.com
  4. Are the roads paved? Apparently some auto rental agreements are voided if you drive on unpaved roads. When we returned our rental car to a major agency in Anchorage several years ago, I overheard the manager on the phone with a satellite company who was apparently calling him about customers with car trouble. The man on my end said, " What road did they say they were on? I have never heard of it and if it is unpaved, they are SOL." Since we never read our contract carefully, I was stunned.
  5. Years ago my then 75 year old mother and I went on a Marco Polo cruise that included safaris in Tanzania and Kenya, before boarding the ship to Zanzibar, Madagascar, Comoros and the Seychelles. Fabulous!
  6. Do you plan to explore anything outside of Amsterdam? We took a train from the city to The Hague which took around an hour. There you have the National Mauritshuis Museum with some absolutely fabulous Vermeer paintings. (Girl with Pearl Earring for example). It is a beautiful building, with few tourists and great artwork by Dutch Masters. We didn't have advance tickets and there were only three people in line ahead of us. The Hague is a beautiful city with its ancient parliament buildings. Incidentally, we found the Rik even in April to be very crowded despite our advance tickets and only because of my husband's height could we get a photo of Vermeer's "The Milkmaid". (I could barely see it past all the other visitors crowded around). The Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam seems to do a much better job of crowd control, although as previously mentioned, even with advance timed tickets, they won't let you in earlier (despite a pouring rain).
  7. Twice in Vienna we have stayed at Hotel Kartnerhof, located in the old city just 2 blocks from St. Stephens. A small hotel with reasonable (for Vienna) prices, great staff and an open rooftop area with tables and chairs for guests. We brought our wine up each evening for a peaceful ending to the day. In late May this past year, our room was around $210 USD a night for the two of us.
  8. I would certainly find out if any tour included the interior of St. Vitus Cathedral. My husband and I were recently in Prague on our own and thought that cathedral was one of the most beautiful we have seen in many years of travel abroad. Walking the Charles Bridge was fun but I later learned all those sculptures on the bridge are reproductions. Had we known that at the time, we would have made sure to visit the museum where the originals are kept.
  9. I think we must be related. I love doing any type of travel, whether cruising or independently by land. I also love hearing about other folks' travels since if it is somewhere I have been, I can chime in and if I have never been there, I am mentally taking notes for the future. i even enjoy looking at someone's travel photos.
  10. Each time in Bar Harbor we have visited Acadia NP (not to be missed, in my opinion). Also, if the tides are right, you can walk out to Bar Island over a large sandbar. We have done this twice, but you must be careful, the tide comes in quickly and you can be stranded.
  11. Not to mention that there are countries that insist on two blank passport pages when you enter them. We are going to South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana and our TA warned us one of the countries had that requirement, (although right now I can't recall which one). Since we travel a lot, both my husband and I rushed to check our passport availability. We learned it is very expensive to get additional pages.
  12. I too can get seasick despite cruising for many years. The Royal Caribbean TA we took was westbound from Copenhagen to Boston and one of those days, the sea was pretty rough. I just zoned out on dramamine for the day. But that was our first and last TA as after 16 days on the ship (with eight sea days), both my husband and I were more than ready to get back on land.
  13. It has been several years, but we took a bear watching tour in early September via Island Wings to Traitors Cove. We saw four bears (each with cubs close by) in the creek catching salmon, another bear and 2 cubs in the parking lot, and encountered a final bear approaching us on the trail to the viewing area.That was a bit unsettling, but our guide told us to stop in our tracks, stay quiet and not move. Fortunately that bear finally decided to hit the woods and detour around us.
  14. Try one of the repositioning or transatlantic cruises. They are longer and on the one we took there were no children at all and the ship was probably only 2/3 filled despite some really bargain prices at the end.
  15. My husband and I are senior citizens and not particularly religious at all. Once on a Mediterranean cruise we hit it off with two young couples who asked us to join them (and share expenses) on their independent tour of Athens. Unbeknownst to us, as part of the tour, they had prearranged for the guide to take us to Mars Hill (near the Acropolis) where St Paul once preached a sermon. One of the couples brought out a bible from their backpack and read the pertinent page out-loud while they all stood with bowed heads. At first we were stunned but then realized that this was a very special way of celebrating an important religious site that we were totally unaware existed. It remains one of our best memories of Athens. Just goes to show that age and religious differences can give new insights.
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