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  1. Scheduled sail date - 04/07/2020 Regent cancelled cruise- 03/13/2020 Request for refund submitted via TA - 03/16/2020 Refund received 6/01/2020 (at least for the final payment, deposit was made on a card no longer in use and I will have to follow up with cc company)
  2. The problem with that is that airlines are acting like the cruise lines, scheduling flights that they have no intention of actually flying, and then cancelling much closer to the flight date.
  3. We are in Southern California, one county north of Los Angeles. We are in enhanced Stage 2, all restaurants and retail stores open (with social distancing and sanitizing rules), but we are still doing delivery/takeout. No masks requires, but most people wear them in stores. All beaches open, too.
  4. We also find that the excursions start quite early, even if you are in port all day - 8:00am is not unusual. They now tend to try and get you back on board for lunch since very few “free” excursions now include lunch. We also usually burn out after a few days and just do our own thing which we find much more enjoyable, especially since we have been to most ports at least once.
  5. Thanks to you and Marc for correcting my post. Did not mean to spread false information.
  6. Apparently, the Navigator is now in quarantine in Barcelona, since two crew members have tested positive for COVID-19.
  7. Greece cannot unilaterally decide to allow foreigners to enter as the country is part of Schengen, so people entering Greece could enter other European countries without border controls (if current inter-Schengen controls are lifted). It has to be a EU/Schengen decision.
  8. Well, since there are now several people from the first round of cancellations over 60 days (see spreadsheet), this does not seem to be correct.
  9. Sorry, this is not quite correct. As reported by these posters, the refund was for deposits on cruises way into the future (2021), not cruises cancelled by Regent since March.
  10. Hopefully, but at least initially: The AstraZeneca-Oxford partnership is looking to produce 100 million doses by the end of the year and prioritise supply in the UK, Soriot told here the Financial Times.
  11. It would be shared if the country is part of the recent group brought together by the WHO that have pledged to share the vaccine. Of course, the US has decided not to be part of that group.
  12. Absolutely. I am somewhat concerned that people get a false sense of security when wearing these masks, feeling more comfortable getting close to others than they would without them, even though protection is questionable. As far as we are concerned, we will return to cruising when it is “fun” again. That includes the whole travel experience, i.e. airports with lounges that are open, flights serving proper meals in premium classes, etc.
  13. Sail date Navigator: 4/7/20 Cancelled by Regent: 3/13/20 Refund request by TA: 3/16/20 No refund by 5/10/20 Sail date Navigator: 4/25/20 Cancelled by Regent: 3/30/20 Refund request by TA: 4/1/20 No refund by 5/10/20 Sail date Navigator: 5/22/20 Cancelled by Regent: 4/24/20 Refund request by TA: 4/27/20 No refund by 5/10/20
  14. They will be in Oakland for a few months. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/east-bay/three-cruise-ships-without-passengers-to-dock-at-port-of-oakland/2287476/
  15. Oceania has now waitlisted all July cruises ( in advance of future cancellation). I would expect Regent to do the same in the near future.
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