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  1. rallydave is exactly right. All the responses here about getting a letter from your doctor that you cannot take the shots are incorrect. You can get a waiver, but it has to be documented on the same yellow health card that is used for the shots. The card has to be stamped by a doctor who is licensed by your state as a yellow fever vaccine provider, not some family physician who likely has no knowledge of tropical diseases.
  2. As of a couple of weeks ago, it was Monopole, both in the suites and the lounges.
  3. Had this happen to us earlier this year, with the price of the cruise dropping by 20% after final payment. We got a future cruise credit for the full discount that we applied to our next Regent cruise, but our TA has a lot of clout with Regent.
  4. According to the Lufthansa website, additional checked bag within Europe is 80 euros.
  5. We were there on Voyager a few years ago and docked at the container port. I believe the ship is too big for the port closer to the city. They provided a free shuttle if you did not want an excursion, took about an hour because of the tremendous traffic.
  6. Just off the Navigator. The bottles fit just fine in the fridge. You just have to adjust the shelves.
  7. There is no need to tip in Iceland. We attempted to tip but the guide just walked away.
  8. We were like HotRoot - no dessert or bread, and always pick up a small plate at the buffet. We brought our own scale as well.
  9. Yes, the world cruise title sounds rather odd. In the past, they had a Circle Pacific cruise, but it was shorter than this. That being said, I am somewhat intrigued by the itinerary, even though the first half is quite similar to the 2018 world cruise. Will have to see the pricing.
  10. We just flew out of YVR a couple of weeks ago, and they definitely asked for the cards.
  11. Punishment for homosexuality is death by stoning. This applies to everyone, including foreigners and non-Muslims. We have been there twice, and there is nothing of interest to see there. The port is at least a half hour shuttle drive from the town in the middle of nowhere.
  12. Don’t expect a wider range of offerings on the world cruise. We were on the 2018 world cruise, and exactly the same five production shows were on each and every segment. We also happened to be on a grand voyage a few months before the world cruise, which featured the same five shows. I don’t think the poor entertainment has anything to do with the ship you are on. We experienced the absolutely worst entertainment on our Explorer cruise last October. Yes, the production shows were cringeworthy (especially Peggy Lee, which just about everyone walked out of), but they also had a lifeless duo and a pianist who could not carry a tune. We are in our mid-sixties/early seventies and feel that the entertainment on Regent is geared to a much older clientele than we are. We are still young enough to enjoy some lively entertainment, especially late night, and, with a couple of exceptions, that is hard to find on Regent. i agree that the in-house entertainment is often better than the performers that are brought in. While we have not experienced John Barron, we have enjoyed shows by Margaret Lynn and Marla (social hostess). Some of the best shows on last year’s world cruise were performed by guests!
  13. I know all about bringing wine to a dining venue and having to pay corkage. However, we would like to take a nice bottle of champagne into one of the lounges as a pre-dinner drink since we don’t like to drink in the cabin. I don’t mind paying the corkage but would it look strange to walk into a lounge with a bottle in hand?
  14. Be prepared for some more itinerary changes (unrelated to this one), as the Indonesian government wants to close Komodo Island for one year starting in January 2020 (several Regent cruises scheduled to stop there). After that, they plan to raise the fee to visit the island for a day to $500.
  15. We were in 816 last October and had no issues at all. Loved the suite.
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