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  1. Regardless of how many pictures of Machu Picchu you see, there's nothing like walking around that last corner and seeing all that green and the ruins spread out before you. Utterly amazing. Doing my best Hiram Bingham impression.
  2. Probably testing the rule that sailboats have the right-of-way over power boats. 🙄
  3. Yeah. We want to know who are the Baggo champions are among the crew. (Check out the thread or Andy & Judi's blog.)
  4. Good luck with the condo repairs, Clay. Such is life in a condo. We went through having to tear out our kitchen last year courtesy of our upstairs neighbor. Part of our reward was a combined river and ocean cruise this year on Viking. It is scheduled for October, so we still have our fingers crossed. We were eagerly anticipating the Explorer's Lounge for ourselves. Looks like you have a pretty good view there, though. Hang in there and stay healthy. Pete
  5. If our Iconic Western Med on the Sun in October gets canceled, it looks like we might have to 2022 due to Med cruises being already booked in '21. 🙄
  6. Wow. This is the topic without end. Just like some of those down in "Floataway Lounge." We're supposed to be on the Sun in October (Good Lord willing) and we're looking forward to seeing the accommodations. Waiting for your next chapter. Pete
  7. Is there a date prior to your visit that you should reserve Sagrada? We're going in October.
  8. Of note is the fact that not all "Haven Suites" on the Jewel class ships are located on deck 14. There are Owner's Suites and Deluxe Owner's Suites that are still classified as Haven Suites (H4 & H3) that are on decks 9 & 10 forward. That may be where some confusion comes in. However... Penthouses and Family Suites do not have access.
  9. Thanks for the wonderful video. Brings back memories of a few years ago in 10000. We were on between Thanksgiving and Christmas and took along our Christmas lights to add to the ambiance. We did have a dvd player attached to our living room tv and we played our "fireplace" dvd. On our last evening we put on our dvd and lights and then told our room steward not to get to excited when she walked in (and saw flames). She said later that she just sat for a while and watched it. Wonderful room and a great experience. We even had our small CC gathering in there one day. Pete
  10. Yes. Those deck 8 aft penthouses with large balcony sit right over the Bliss Ultra Lounge. As much as I love an aft penthouse, I would be leery of booking one of those. Pete
  11. No. We were on deck 10. We were up at the buffet when the food started sliding off the serving trays.
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