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  1. Thanks, Peregrina, Day 2 will be Palamós (depart at 6pm), and day 3 will be Montpellier (depart at 9pm), so Palamós would make sense.
  2. Just a quick question... On an itinerary with no sea days, what day would they normally have the M&M? (Thinking the Iconic Western Med) Pete
  3. odblnt

    Beach in Kona

    I also recommend Kahalu'u Beach Park just south of town (taxi ride). The entry to the water is a little rocky, but the sea life is awesome.
  4. odblnt


    Thanks for the pictures.
  5. odblnt


    Our cruise that was supposed to spend two days in Barcelona has cut back to one day with one day in Palamos. Would be interested in anything folks could tell us about this port. From what I can tell, the smaller (under 1000 pax) ships sometimes call there. Pete
  6. That makes sense, CCWineLover and is sort of what I expected. On our "My Viking Journey" page it describes Palamós this way: Set on Spain’s splendid Costa Brava on the northern reaches of a large scenic bay, Palamós hosts one of the Mediterranean’s last surviving fishing fleets. The Castell de la Fosca, an excavated stone settlement, reveals that the city was inhabited as early as the 6th century BC by the Indigetes, an ancient Iberian people who predated the Romans. Palamós was founded as an official village by Peter III of Aragon in 1279 after his other royal port on the Ter River silted up. Today, this Spanish coastal city is renowned for its gambas, locally caught prawns prized for their large size, intense flavor and bright red color; the informative Fishing Museum, which chronicles its seafaring heritage; and wide, sweeping beaches. I happened to get a newsletter/advertisement from a travel company that had a cruise that stops there and they described it like this: Palamos is located at the foot of the coastal mountains in the heart of Spain's Costa Brava region. The area's seven beaches have shorelines that range from rocky to smooth and sandy. Interesting archaeological sites include the Iberian settlement at Castell beach, the Iberian archaeological ruins dating to 6 B.C. and the medieval castle of Saint Esteve at La Fosca beach. The 16th-century church of Santa Eugenia Villarroma is located in the town center. When I clicked on the button that listed the cruises that stopped there, the companies were Windstar, Seabourn, Regent and Oceania, so I suspect that they cater more to the smaller ships, but they are used to the upscale cruise lines. All in all, I'm feeling better about it and we're looking forward to the prawns. Pete
  7. That’s what we’re hoping for. Thanks. Pete
  8. About a week after we signed up for the Iconic Western Med cruise, we got an email from Viking that the schedule had been changed. Instead of having two days in Barcelona at the beginning of the trip, we will be leaving Barcelona at 11pm on Day 1 (boarding day) and going to Palamós (a quaint fishing village) for Day 2. (The docks must be crowded in Barcelona.) Anyway, it's a good thing we're spending the extra time in Barcelona pre-cruise, on our own and with Viking's pre-cruise extension, instead of relying on the originally scheduled days to do what we want. On the positive side, we are looking forward to the gambas (prawns). Has this happened to others? Pete
  9. Thanks all. That's what I figured about the 9am flight and it's a great idea about the extra tour.
  10. No problems with WiFi in the hotels or on the boat. SIM cards would only be needed in a phone or tablet for connection to the cell network.
  11. If I may add a question to this thread... If someone has experience disembarking at Civitavecchia (after coming from Livorno - the Iconic Western Med cruise)... What would be the earliest flight time to easily make at FCO? I'm sort of looking at the 9am non-stop to LAX, and wouldn't be adverse to spending the night at one of the hotels at the airport.
  12. However, on the Iconic Western Med cruise, which these folks will be taking, the itinerary lists their stop at the port of Livorno as, "Florence/Pisa, Italy", hence the confusion.
  13. In Germany I wouldn't hesitate to do a deviation on my flight (if you're using Viking Air) to just arrive a few days early on my own. It's easy to find a hotel and there are enough people here to help with excursions. (And I just noticed that Capt_BJ has the same idea.) Our last time in Germany was for a Christmas Market cruise from Prague to Budapest. We flew into Munich, took a train to Dresden to see their market, train to Prague to start the tour, did the tour, extra few days in Budapest on our own, train to Garmisch for a week, back home from Munich. Fun time.
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