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  1. QUICK! Someone stop me....before I SPEND again!!!
  2. 1. I have a butler, and I know what to ask for! 2. EPIC is pretty.
  3. BH has great advice (as usual) on renting thru the hotel vs. the condo site. Use the Hilton/Conrad site. Things in Nashville are good. A little too tourist/hell-raising oriented, so we are getting out in about a year. My husband went to UAH and has fond memories. I hope you enjoy the heck out of your upcoming trip. You certainly are starting it off on the right foot!
  4. The two-bedroom "residence" was located in a portion of the hotel separated from the main hotel, by the motor entry.In other words, you cross the motor entry and enter a door located next to the restaurant and take the elevators to the few floors located above the restaurant. The website I looked at for information prior to staying here, calls it OCEANFRONT VILLAS. Its a smaller, quieter place. these may be actual condos rented out by the owners and supervised by the hotel. The hotel plans show there are one-bedrooms located in this area...but not on the corners. There is an area in the main b
  5. We stayed there in September of 2018. The first two nights in a ONE BEDROOM SUITE INTRACOASTAL VIEW when it was just my husband and I, and the last night in a TWO BEDROOM RESIDENCE OCEANFRONT VIEW when my niece and her son joined us. The hotel was WONDERFUL. Great oceanfront hotel with fantastic service. The rooms are like apartments and very large. Although both rooms were perfect, we naturally preferred the Two Bedroom Residence, due to the multiple large balconies and location. Because we are Hilton Honors members, we got free breakfast in the hotel beachfront restaurant every morning.
  6. I too wonder what Portland looks like when its not POURING rain. We've been there three times, and all times the same. its a BEAUTIFUL city...I just wish we could see it in the sun for a change. Great review!!!
  7. Just the opposite here. We love the aft facing CLS. We love the RLS and SLS even more where we have both options. We find that there is so much going on at eye level for folks on the sports deck, that they rarely look up and see us. As for privacy...I’m under no illusion I have privacy on a cruise ship. My neighbors are sitting on the other side of a half inch piece of plexi-glass. any sound I utter is magnified and echoed across at least 3 adjacent balconies.
  8. For us, it was about the room...not the butler. ‘We never noticed any problems with them...we just never noticed them. in no way did it impact our cruise, and I doubt it was any different in the Haven. ‘The balconies and suite sizes at the rear of the ship are spectacular...and that’s what I would dwell on.
  9. You can also get a good look at the area by going to GOOGLE EARTH. They have some pretty extensive street view "walk-arounds" that will give you a idea of the terrain. Its a beautiful area.
  10. Lago Mar is a great hotel. In a quiet location with free parking and no resort fee. Beach location and a quick walk down the beach to watch the ships sail out of the port. So close you can almost touch them. Quick check out as well...no crowds trying to get on elevators. Nice pool on the beach. Variety of restaurants. very quiet and relaxing.
  11. ON DECK 17... Crown Loft suites are all Sky Class regardless of the location. Star Loft (formerly "Sky Loft")(1718 ocean view..1720 ocean and aft view), Royal Loft (1740 ocean and aft view), Owners Panoramic (1701 ocean view and partial forward) and Grand Panoramic (1758 ocean view and partial forward) are all Star Class 1740, 1758 and 1701 have hot tubs on the balcony
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