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  1. @FLAHAM - thank you for sharing the link. These are the kinds of posts that are always the most helpful such that you can see the source of the information that people are sharing. Sent from my iPad Pro using Tapatalk
  2. @Beamafar - The key lime pie looks amazing! I'm the person that asked for you to share your link to this thread in the thread about Yacht Club Changes. Thank you for so much for sharing the link and taking us with you on your adventures. I certainly enjoyed a good many laughs and learned a lot, too. I hope I am blessed to cross paths with you on a future cruise.
  3. General courtesy would dictate that one doesn't hijack a thread with off-topic discussions. Feel free to contribute your experiences related to the thread topic. I came to this thread when I saw the topic because I am looking at the idea of trying out MSC. I've been lurking on other threads where people are reporting their experiences as well, including @Beamafar.
  4. Please post links to the threads... I would love to read your thoughts.
  5. princeton123211 - I’ll keep that in mind for future. The tickets for returning to mainland were already purchased. Sent from my iPhone 11 Pro Max on the T-Mobile 4G LTE Network using Tapatalk
  6. CruiserBruce - Many thanks for your answers. I experienced AG inspections in Puerto Rico and wondered if this was similar. While this is my first time to Hawaii, you confirmed my thoughts based on all the research I had done. Sent from my iPhone 11 Pro Max on the T-Mobile 4G LTE Network using Tapatalk
  7. Hello fellow cruisers, I'm planning a trip to Hawaii spending most of January 2020 on several of the islands and including 7 days on the POA. I have several questions and hoping frequent cruisers and/or travelers to Hawaii can shed some light on my travel specifics. Here goes: 1. Upon return to Honolulu to disembark the POA, I will be traveling to the airport to fly to the big island of Hawaii. Given that the ship docks approximately 7:00 AM, what time do people suggest/recommend for booking a transfer flight to the big island? If it matters, I would be flying HNL --> KOA. 2. I understand there is an Agriculture Inspection that is done at HNL, but is this something done at every airport on the different islands? 3. The end of my trip has me on Maui, but my return flight to USA/Canada is departing from HNL. I'm planning another island transfer (OGG --> HNL) earlier in the day, but what time do people suggest/recommend to book that transfer if the flight departing from HNL is at 10:00 PM? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  8. WonderMan - I will certainly enjoy hearing your thoughts on comparisons to NCL Haven or Celebrity Suite Class. You have a great perspective on detailing your experiences and adjusting your sails when the winds change your course. It would be a great pleasure crossing paths on a future cruise and you're home is not too far. I've never been to Provincetown but I have read much about its history and evolution over time. Sounds absolutely beautiful.
  9. WonderMan - having stayed in The Haven for all of my cruises with NCL, if what you described with the lounger cushions happened on that ship, there would have been a mutiny! I really can't believe the sad story that they told you. It makes me want to go over to the tied up cushions and go check them out for myself. I've followed all of your thread to this point and have withheld my thoughts on your overall cruise experience. While I know you are planning a summary of the highs and lows, I've concluded for myself that my partner and I won't be checking out MSC any time soon. I'm quite happy with NCL's Haven and there are other cruise lines that I would consider trying as well. Thank you for sharing all of your experiences.
  10. Given what you have said about "some Champagnes" not included, would you be able to give some additional details on which brands are covered/available and which are not?
  11. Adam - as promised, here I am to follow along. Very much looking forward to your LIVE review. Safe travels and have fun!
  12. Adam - thanks for the notification on the X board about your MSC thread. Have enjoyed your past blogs and looking forward to following this one as I am also looking to try out the Yacht Club and see if I would prefer it over the Haven on NCL. Not sure if you have Haven experience, but if you do, please feel free to remark on any comparisons and contrasts.
  13. Paul - in a previous couple of posts there was some discussion / questions about ordering items off the MDR menu while in Blu. When I was on the Summit from 27 June 2019 - 07 July 2019, we were in Aqua Class and were able to order both the classic items and the items of the day. It was quite often we did this as there usually was an Indian dish that caught our fancy and we would order it as a 3rd entrée to split.
  14. Paul & Edward, I'm late to the party, but happy to have read all 6 pages tonight and will follow along henceforth. Your live reviews are always informative and entertaining. Thank you as always for sharing your passion and knowledge about travel and cruising.
  15. Hello Dr. Cocktail, I was recently on the Summit for the Independence Day cruise (27June - 07July) in an Aqua Class Cabin on Deck 9. While the overall cruise was not perfect, it was not horrible, either. We generally had a good time. It was our first time back in Aqua Class in several years. After several cruises in the MDR, I found that my partner and I were ordering more of our food from the MDR than from Blu. That combined with an extremely loud, obnoxious table of of 6 (i.e., drunk), we found the intimate venue to be not so desirable on this cruise. While I have long been a big proponent of M-Class ships, I was not overly impressed with some of the refit changes, including many of the changes in our Aqua Class stateroom. My partner and I have been trying other cruise ship experiences in the past and are likely to continue to do so on cruise lines other than Celebrity. I second that it would be great to cross paths with you on a cruise some day. Thank you for your review and sharing your thoughts.
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