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  1. @kwokpot - maybe you intended to quote @ipeeinthepool about the topic of facial recognition? Everything done on a large scale, such as moving large groups of people from Point A to Point B, will need a lot of consideration on how to accomplish. This thread has been concerned on speculation about how current categories of bookings with their related perks can be delivered to passengers in this new COVID world of cruising.
  2. @ipeeinthepool - It's my take from your post when you say "I'm not so sure the cruise lines care so much about disembarkation." that this is your impression of how things were pre-pandemic. Your idea of facial recognition can be useful but not so much if passengers are required to be wearing a facemask. Do you really think that cruise lines will focus only on checking the health and well-being of cruise passengers and following health protocols when boarding but not when you leave the ship? That attitude of "its no longer my problem" once the passenger leave the ship is clearly not going to fl
  3. I realize that we all are just speculating on what embarkation will look like when it comes time to return to a reduced capacity cruise (I don't think anybody thinks full capacity will happen any time soon). I get that people paying for perks certainly want to feel like they received the benefits that were inferred when booking the reservation. I've done Concierge once or twice, but only once was during the available embarkation lunch, which was definitely well received. However, there will likely be a need to focus on how the disembarkation process happens. I'm thinking that the long lines fo
  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I've started following you on multiple social media platforms. 🙂
  5. Well, I guess you should be patting yourself on the back for getting such a great deal at the time in which you booked. 🙂
  6. @CHEZMARYLOU - I agree that what you describe sounds even MORE INSANE than my situation. However, I was comparing an Apex to Apex shift, not an Edge to Apex shift. I suspect therein lies the reason for a larger discrepancy in price increase.
  7. Yeah, like people staying home for an extended time to limit the potential of spread followed by a slower and thoughtful reopening. Gee, I wonder if that would have worked in the U.S.? Oh, wait a second... isn't that what the CDC recommended in the reopening guidance? Much of the country didn't follow it and look where we are as a country. The northeast did follow it and essentially are managing to have some semblance of normalcy. It comes at a great effort needed from ALL to make this work.
  8. @diamondintn - I've only been on the Summit post-revolution in an Aqua Class (A2) stateroom (9043). Practically a duplicate in design/layout. I've been on several M-Class ships prior to the Revolution Re-fit and I liked the ships as they were just as much as I enjoyed the refresh. I'd be just as happy to sail on Constellation (not updated) as I would be on Summit or Millennium. The only change that I have frowned on is that the Murano styled restaurant on M-Class is gone (changed to Qsine for ships not refreshed, or, Tuscan Grille moved down to Deck 3 and Qsine to Deck 11 for ships that were r
  9. This individual also has a blog page at www.sparx.org and I have included a link to his entry about the Apex where you can view even more pictures, both exterior and interior in all different phases. https://sparkx.org/?p=12035 Enjoy!
  10. @Ashland - This is roughly the time when I booked my only future cruise. Originally booked for March 2021 on the APEX. I have already done L&S to February 2022. Current pricing on that cruise as of this week is more than $2000 what I am booked for. The going rate right now is INSANE.
  11. @TeeRick - It can't be forgotten how many threads have been had on dressing for cruises / the MDR and whether or not shorts can be worn (where and when). 😆
  12. @hcat - thank you for starting this thread. I think this is sorely missed (and needed) for those of us new to Edge class ships and have an itinerary booked on Apex. Like you, I also have an Apex sailing in early 2022 now (in a suite); I have also not yet been on the Edge. My one and only time in a suite on Celebrity was back when there used to be Aqua Class suites on Reflection... and all prior to the roll out of their suite benefits program. I'm now following.
  13. So, oddly enough in my boredom today, I logged into my Celebrity Cruises profile to see whether or not my old cruise was listed or if the new one was listed. To my surprise, the new cruise is listed. Now this could have been done days ago and I didn't think to look. Now that the new cruise shows in my upcoming cruises, I will only bug the TA in about two weeks if I don't see a new confirmation sent.
  14. @tallnthensome - I agree 100% with your post. In February 2020, I booked an Apex Aft S1 for early March 2021. Two month later in early May 2020, I did a dummy booking for the same date / cruise ship / room type and the price was up about $2000. I figured I would hold on to the reservation through the summer and see what happened. I made the decision about 2 weeks ago to L&S since the ability to do so was extended to 30 Sep 2020. Today, I did dummy bookings for my original Mar 2021 cruise and the price to book today is still $1700 more than when I booked back in February 2020. I
  15. @robinandrobert - I would agree. They likely have people much closer to final payment date that need this transaction completed. My original cruise date was March 2021. By the way, I'm surprised this is your first post and you have been a member since 2007.
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