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  1. Your beverage package can be used if you are dining in person at the specialty dining venues; however, I’m pretty certain the answer to room service is a “no”. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. vulcan1971

    New Drink Packages coming to Celebrity?

    I received the letter from Celebrity to take the survey and did so today. Yes, I saw the reference to Captain's Club throughout the survey; however, I did not get the impression that there was an attempt to take anything away. I think there was an interest to know how you feel about the value of drink packages that you may choose as a perk, purchase outright, upgrade, etc. Because higher level Captain's Club passengers have access to the various perks that provide drinks, there may be less reason or value for them to pick a drink package as a perk or purchase one outright when not offered as part of a booking. I think they are looking at a way of providing options at a price point to entice more passengers, specifically Captain's Club member to purchase beverage packages in general (at a discounted price and call it a perk). I liked that they were looking at ways to possibly gauge the interest level of folks to mix/combine different aspects of beverage types. My other half does not drink at all, so getting a Classic package is only partially used. I on the other hand find myself upgrading my package when I see the value in doing so.
  3. Many thanks to those folks that posted here (or emailed me privately) with their car service options and experiences. I have some viable options to work with and I really appreciate that input. Thank you.
  4. warmwinds - I am a bit surprised by your post. There are plenty of folks on CruiseCritic that live in the Toronto metro region and travel out of Pearson airport for a long cruise vacation. Many may choose to use a service. I'm interested in hearing from those folks that do use a car service. I spend a lot of time reading posts here, including posts from you. I'm always happy to learn new information from others and now I am looking to tap into those travelers with "actual" experience to help me out. How hard is it to just provide your own personal experience (either publicly or privately) instead of adding comments or thoughts that don't actually achieve the desired outcome??
  5. vulcan1971

    Mediterranean- Rainy in October???

    I've done 3 transatlantic leaving from Spain or Italy, but not since 2014. All 3 times we had a multi-day pre-cruise stay in the port of embarkation followed by several days cruising in the Mediterranean before heading for the Atlantic. Our weather was quite nice (temps in mid 70s) and no rain to speak of. Another poster indicated that the crowds are less and that is also true. Also very desirable. If I was to do a "land only" trip, that is when I would go back.
  6. Maybe I should have been more specific... because I will get all sorts of advice that will not be helpful. PLEASE read the original post.... only suggest options of transport that you have personally used and are happy with. I'm looking for dependable car service options. If you don't want to share the specifics on the thread, you are welcome to send private email (see my signature block). I am very familiar with traffic in Toronto. I'm not asking for thoughts on how much time to budget. I didn't tell you when I was planning travel (day or time), so it really isn't relevant for this thread discussion. I travel there often and I have a home there. I'm trying to arrange transport for family going on a cruise. Thanks.
  7. vulcan1971

    How much extra money to bring?

    Brooke61611 - I tend to disagree with many of the people that have posted here. For those telling you to get money before you go, that is a personal decision. I never do. Most things can be done easily on plastic while traveling. Upon arriving to my destination, I hit up an ATM (either airport or near my hotel) and get some local currency for those things that require cash, but only use it when plastic is not accepted. I do not pre-purchase cash, even at a bank in the US because it defeats the purpose of safe travel if you are worried about carrying too much cash, losing it or pick-pockets. Also, you probably end up paying fees for the "convenience" and/or less than desirable exchange rates from a bank in the U.S. Let the bank rate work for you at an ATM in Barcelona or Paris. Also, do some research before you go and get a card that refunds your ATM fees and/or gives you 0% fee on currency conversion.
  8. Your suggestions are appreciated and apologies if I was not specific enough in my initial post. I am looking for a "car service" or other "ground transportation" option going "door-to-door" from downtown Toronto (Yonge/Bloor) to the airport. I didn't state this before, but I am arranging this transportation for other people (not myself). Having said that, I don't think that Uber would be an option.
  9. I read a great many posts for people looking for recommendations at starting and ending cruise ports for transportation options; however, I would like to get some input from those Metro Toronto cruisers that have used a car service or other ground transportation to get to and from Pearson International Airport (YYZ). Please let me know if you have any recommendations. Transportation points would be central downtown Toronto to Pearson airport. Thank you in advance.
  10. vulcan1971

    Luggage tag issue

    Is that really necessary? Apparently too much time on your hands. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. vulcan1971

    Luggage tag issue

    Hi ghstudio - I believe you only need to complete the “online check-in” process. At least I did and was able to request the tags after a day or two. I haven’t printed the express pass as yet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. vulcan1971

    Infinity 6136 balcony question

    medfordgirl - I have previously taken 12 cruises with a total of 120 days at sea (1 future 15-day cruise also in a balcony) on 4 different cruise lines; 11 of them in a balcony (109 sea days). I've been very fortunate to not have anything happen as you described. You are more likely to deal with your neighbor smoking on their balcony than any of your suggestions. If there was a "situation" to address, I would contact guest services and have it escalated to ship security. You can always film any "bad behavior" with your mobile phone as evidence. I certainly understand taking precautions from the sun exposure, but you chose the stateroom that you have and will have to accept the lack of privacy. All things said, you have a very nice room and a larger than usual balcony. I would be happy with that selection and plan accordingly for the things within your control. Enjoy your cruise! :ship:
  13. vulcan1971

    TSA Pre Check Question

    Agree with your sentiment. I came to that conclusion on Page 1 before seeing your post.
  14. vulcan1971

    Infinity 6136 balcony question

    Why do you think that would happen? :rolleyes: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. vulcan1971

    Luggage tag issue

    Agree with Chezmarylou. Only available to be mailed to addresses in Canada and the USA. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk