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  1. We moved our Aug. 2021 Viking Danube Romantic Cruise several months ago due to the unknowns with COVID, getting in to Budapest, restricted movement, staying in the bubble, wearing of masks. We understand the reasons for all of this but prefer not to deal with it if we avert it. We are now on the same cruise in Aug. 2022. Stan
  2. You have already been given lots of good advice above. You also said you have talked about "it." I would say to not only talk about it, but to also agree on the "rules" of the trip. Have every dinner together every night, or not. Like mentioned by someone above one or the other might decide they would like to try a specialty restaurant. Do excursions together or not. We have traveled with others and have never done all of the excursions together. There are usually different interest. Nothing wrong with going different directions on excursions. Again, agreein
  3. You do not say anything about your age range. But, you are probably aware that most of the passengers on a HAL ship might be in the upper age (retired) bracket - pending the time of year you go. When we went on HAL to Alaska some years back the majority of the passengers were in the retired category but there were still a number of younger couples also. As far as a balcony goes they are nice to have when you want some time to yourself. However, you also need to understand that when on the balcony you will only see what is on one side of the ship. A large majority of passengers will be
  4. I have now moved my Nov. 12, 2021 Crystal B2B cruise to the Nov. 12, 2022 B2B Experience cruise due to uneasiness with the COVID increases in all the countries plus the fact that Israel in still not open for US citizens. The Experience will not be sailing until 2022. I think the first sailings are in March 2022. Stan
  5. No problems. Same price. Just a matter of what cabins are available. That is one reason I went ahead and made the decision. Just not comfortable with the Covid situation getting worse in most countries and Israel still not open to US citizens. Israel and Turkey were the main reasons for booking the cruise. Stan
  6. We have decided to move our cruise to 2022, They do not offer this exact same cruise so we will be doing the 14 day Eclectic Aegean and Three Continent departing on Nov. 12, 2022. Good luck with this 2021 cruise. Stan
  7. Have not cruised with them yet. Have one booked. one thing you will note is Celestyal seems to do "destination based cruises" with most port stops being fairly long. The shortest for ours is 8 hours. Some of the tours can be fairly long - 12 hours with short one being 4 1/2 hours. The guides will always do commentaries at the excursion stops and usually give information about the area and excursion stop while on the bus. There are some you tube videos of some of the excursions for the 3 Continents cruise. Look for Celestyal Crystal - Three Continents Cruise. Stan
  8. I am not going to recommend a particular cabin but will say that cabins not close to the elevators or stairs and that have other cabins above and below it versus lounges or restaurants are a good bet. Would not recommend anywhere near where the anchor chain is. I stayed on the 4th deck about 4 cabins away from the "free" laundry room. Never had any trouble with noise. Stan
  9. Anyone reconsidering this cruise based on the increase in COVID cases in the various countries? I noticed the other day that Israel has put a quarantine in place again. Stan
  10. I am with #Idubs. Bottom line fare is the most important thing. It all else is equal the OBC could sway me. But it would have to be from my current agency. Stan
  11. Don't know when you will be cruising but this year it is very possible you will be limited to the Viking tours to stay in the "bubble." However, if this is before the beginning of the cruise and you can not have to be in the "bubble" prior to boarding or at the termination of the cruise; I would say go for on your own. Stan
  12. I have notice several posters stating they have not spent as much as they normally would during COVID because of the lock downs and not cruising and therefore; have saved more money which is available for cruising now. What I have not seen is anyone post that they are having to take the RMD from their retirement account and along with their SS and pension they have more money than they need for their annual living expenses. Fortunately, I am in this situation and it is what funds ourcruising and other trips.
  13. Also not on your cruise. Will be boarding the Crystal on Nov 13 for a 2 week cruise. However, I will be interested in any feedback you have on the ship and how it is operated under the COVID rules from your cruise. Hope you have a great cruise and enjoy yourself. Stan
  14. A post has been started in this forum "Celestyal Cruises" as a Roll Call for the Nov 13 (St. Paul) and Nov 20 (3 Continents. cruises under the heading of - Celestyal Crystal Nov 13, through Nov. 20 through 27. Roll call. Stan
  15. Thanks for setting this up. I will put a note on the Celestyal Crystal post that this pot has been started. Stan
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