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  1. We had the 'glitch' happened to us. We had a dedicated Celebrity cruise planner and it still took her almost a month to fix it. She had been told it was a computer glitch too. It was only $75, so the first time I saw it I paid it. Then Celebrity refunded it and put it back on the next day.
  2. Thanks. I guess they wouldn't need airport check in if there are no cruise passengers, so it makes sense that the Airport check in would have moved with the ships.
  3. Thanks for that. The original thing I read mentioned the Intermodal lobby Terminal 1. Which terminal would that be? I found a phone number and will call them in the the morning.
  4. I posted this on Ports of Call Board but I know that everyone doesn't read over there very often. I read that there are airline check in desks in the Barcelona Cruise Terminal where you can check in for your flight and check your baggage to the airport. It is offered during the cruise season which at the time of the article was listed as May to October. With the Spring season starting in April and with Barcelona being the primary Mediterranean cruise port does anyone have current information if the service is available for April cruise arrivals? The email address in the article was no longer valid.
  5. Semi related subject. I read that there are airline check in desks in the Barcelona Cruise Terminal where you can check in for your flight and check your baggage to the airport. It wasn't clear when the service is available. Anyone know more about this?
  6. I believe that they converted the old FV/UDV's to Sunset Suites. I saw a post on here somewhere to that effect. I don't know if it was a change in name (and price) only or if there was some reconfigurations
  7. Same for us except in November. Our Celebrity Vacation Planner said we would get Luminae and Retreat but none of the other suite perks ie bar set up, CC club points, butler, etc.
  8. It's supposedly a 15 minute car ride to BCN. Is it too optimistic to try for an 11:30 A flight?
  9. Is it still not available on transatlantic arrivals?
  10. Are you getting all of the suite amenities? Like premium Beverage, in room bar setup, etc. ?
  11. How do I do the standard to premium beverage upgrade and apply our 15% Elite + discount? I only see the pre-cruise 5% in the cruise planner.
  12. Just called the number posted in this thread. Agent said his points haven’t posted yet. He said it should all resolved by Monday.
  13. We've never had connecting cabins on any of the M class. Are they like Silhouette with an outer door opening to the two inner cabin doors?
  14. I've already checked the Air board with no success. If I originate a flight from Barcelona to Los Angeles on Turkish Airways that connects in Istanbul will I need a Turkish E-Visa?
  15. Thanks. I’ll check that out.
  16. Anyone have any experience on TAP in business class? Looking at BCN to LAX via LIS and JFK. Read some reviews that the lie flat seats are fairly narrow.
  17. The Celebrity site must have celebrated too much lastnight. Did a courtesy hold for two. When I got my confirmation it was for three and is being held seven days.
  18. Thanks for your response. I've cleared the cache, the cookies and tried a different browser (Edge). Tried from our other house desktop which is a different url. I placed one on the 28th with no problem although the email confirmation said it would expire on the 31st it actually expired on the 29th. I was getting some odd message this morning, ie. bad request and no rooms available. Now everything looks good until I hit the "continue to book" then the courtesy hold button never appears. Thanks again.
  19. Anyone having trouble placing a "Courtesy Hold" today? I had on that expires yesterday and can't make a hold today.
  20. That's what prompted my question. We were on Princess, last spring, for the for time in about 25 years and it was a bit of a ***** show They were going into dry dock just after our cruise. Wasn't sure if it was the dry dock or just the Princess way.
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