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  1. My reason for not wanting to cruise with unvaccinated passengers and/or crew is simple, I do not want to have my cruise turned around due to an outbreak onboard, or worse yet, ending up like Diamond Princess.
  2. Agree wholeheartedly with others, a visit to the Alhambra is an absolute must when your port is Malaga. Long day, lots of walking, but an absolute must.
  3. With absolutely no epidemiology background, I feel confident in saying negative tests will still be required until October 1, 2021. I also feel the Minnesota Wild will win the Stanley Cup this year.
  4. The bartenders will not automatically use a better liquor. You will need to ask. Example, ask for Grey Goose or Tito's when you order a vodka drink.
  5. I too woud hope that the elimination of the CC HH in the Sky Lounge is a temporary Covid-19 precaution rather than a permanent change. AI and beverage packages aside, it is a great place to enjoy the view and meet others in a more relaxed setting.
  6. We have not sailed Edge, but our experience in AQ on S class ships has been worth every penny. We enjoy Blu for both breakfast and dinner. Enjoying time in the spa's Persian Gardens is a big part of my pre-dinner routine. Not sure we would enjoy the IV cabins, so should we elect to cruise on a E class ship, we would most likely opt for a suite.
  7. We made this cruise in late September three years ago. With the exception of Day 2, we had excellent weather. Comfortable days and cool nights. No rain. As we were off the ship in every port, the pleasant weather more than made up for the lack of peak color.
  8. We took the cash, we wanted to be open to sailings on other lines rather than just Celebrity offerings.
  9. Our TA has twice been able to book A1 cabins for us with the A2 rate.
  10. Just this morning our TA was able to book us on the Reflection October 17, 2022 Eastern Med cruise with the overnight in Istanbul.
  11. For us, early Summer of 2022 would be our prediction. There certainly will be cruises before then, but would they be cruises we would want to take? Not sure. Limiting shore excursions to cruise sponsored offerings is a deal breaker for us. I hope I am wrong and that things open up earlier, but if I was at a sports book in Las Vegas and had to pick a date, I would pick June 1, 2022
  12. Our feelings as well. The onboard experience and ability to get off the ship without having to take a ship's excursion will also determine when we will next book a cruise.
  13. Agree completely. Unless you are going overseas, First Class is not worth the $$. As long as Delta blocks the middle seat, Economy Plus us just fine for a flight of less than 4 hours.
  14. Not for us. Way too many questions unanswered and the quality of the experience not worth the price.
  15. Longboat Key near Sarasota. Owning a condo there is great, having a brother who owns one and let's you stay there is even better.
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