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  1. Thank you all so much!

    We are looking at the Southbound, and the best cabins available seem to be forward.


    If we would like to fly right out of Vancouver at noon, can anyone suggest the best way to arrange transfers? I am going to the Princess web-site right now and see how early they will guarantee to get you to the airport in Vancouver.


    The quickest and cheapest way is by Skytrain, Canada Line. If you can pull your suitcases for one city block it is well worth it. Traffic in Vancouver can be hectic. If Princess is offering US Direct that will save you a lot of time at the airport.

  2. I live in Vancouver and have sailed many times. The earliest you may get off is 8 am or later. I would NEVER book a flight before noon. Canada Customs can take a long time to clear. You can check the Port of Vancouver website and see how many ships are docked the same day as you. If there is only one you may get off earlier but I've been held until 8:45 waiting for customs! Do not book anything early. The stress isn't worth it.

  3. I live in Vancouver and have cruised in and out many times. I've seen the taxi lineup stretch for half the terminal. If you get off early you may be able to get a taxi without a hassle. You can check the Port of Vancouver website to see how many ships are in port. If there are two large ships you will have to wait.


    I always take Skytrain! It's a short walk and you get on at the end of the line. Trains are clearly marked YVR and it terminates right inside the airport. Why anyone would wait for a taxi is beyond me. $2.75 and 24 minutes. This is a no-brainer!

  4. We used SPB in four Baltic ports and they are fantastic! Very professional and on the last day in St. Petersburg the owner of the company came to personally thank us for using her service. I would highly recommend this tour. Groups are small and tour guides are very good.


    The last ships tour I did was in Israel. we never got to see Bethlehem because we had to sit at the store for 45 minutes. The guide was rude and the cruise line didn't care. I now use private tours everywhere. I've never had a bad one yet.

  5. I just got off the Ruby Princess Monday morning in Vancouver after a one day cruise from Seattle. Everyone I met was on the cruise because of getting their status to a higher level. I also met people who went single in a cabin to get two cruise points. The ship was not full. If Princess changes their policy these ships will sail empty! It takes 15 cruises to get to Elite on Princess and 10 cruises to reach Diamond on RCCL. It was a great cruise but taking into account the expense of travelling to one of these cities people would not book a one day cruise if it wasn't for the "points", IMO.

  6. I'm Elite on X and just finished my 14th cruise on Princess. The new Solstice class ships on X are far superior to Princess but Princess has far more activities and entertainment. I find the food better on Princess too! I usually pick the itinerary and then the ship. If both were the same I would chose Princess! We just got off the Grand Princess and the food is better than any X, RCCL or Holland America ship we've sailed on. It was AWESOME in the MDR!

  7. We just got off the Grand Princess. We did the first formal night in the Crown Grill. The second formal night we dressed for the MDR to find most men had shirts with no ties. Less than half the men wore jackets. One guy was in a golf shirt. So much for the dress code. I wish Princess would eliminate formal nights and most people don't care to dress up.

  8. All cruises out of Vancouver need to navigate Seymour Narrows at high tide. It is located north of Campbell River and known for it's strong currents. If you sail out of Seattle you sail on the west side of Vancouver Island and miss the beautiful scenery you see when you sail out of Vancouver.


    On the last day of your cruise ask the ships officers when you will pass this scenic point. The land is very close on either side of the ship and there are wires overhead. It's a beautiful site!






  9. Looks like I'll need to run the numbers again. Every time I've done a comparison with Crystal it seems as if they are 2X cost of Celebrity. Even considering their all inclusive business model. Thank-you for your input. Reaching for my calculator! :D


    I got discount on top of discount on top of discount. If you do your homework you can get some great deals on Crystal. We took the bottom category and still have an oceanview. Our TA gave us an additional $400.00 off and a $300.00 on board credit! A large TA with an office in my community!

  10. We have kept in touch with one of our favorite techsperts on facebook and last week she posted pictures of herself at the Microsoft campus with all of the other techsperts learning 20+ new classes - all centered around Windows 10. I sent her a note to ask her when she starts the new classes and she said anywhere from late June to beginning of July. They will get their packages from Microsoft with new software, etc and they will begin teaching and demoing 10 before it is actually released. And of course they will have a launch party on board if you happen to be on a ship when it's officially released. We were on board the Volendam when 7 was released with her and she decorated and gave out lots of Microsoft goodies.


    If your techspert was Trish, we were on the Noordam repo cruise from FLL - YVR in April with her as our techspert. She said she was using the "trial version" of Windows 10 so she was familiar with it. I am so awestruck with the Microsoft support we will book an Alaska cruise! Thank you!

  11. I was hoping that the Noordam would be upgraded during it's just-completed drydock. Any word?


    We were on the April 20th Noordam from FLL to YVR. Internet was VERY slow and no they didn't offer unlimited. In fact they said it wasn't available on any HAL ship! They told me Cruise Critic was incorrect in reporting this! We used it in ports as everyone who purchased a package was very discouraged.



  12. We just got off the Noordam from Fort Lauderdale to Vancouver on Saturday. We cleared customs in Victoria, BC, our last port. When we arrived in Vancouver we just walked off the ship.


    Vancouver is a gorgeous city to sail in and out of. If you don't want to fly in or out of Vancouver Quick Shuttle offers many trips a day from Sea-Tac airport to Canada Place. You would not have to get an airport shuttle. The service is excellent with pick up at the pier and airport. Their buses are very nice. It's another alternative.

  13. We got off the Noordam on Saturday also after 19 wonderful nights. The first night we didn't have entertainment. The shows were varied and for the most part very good. I found some of the entertainment didn't cater to the demographic of the cruise. They were playing music most of the passengers didn't know and didn't care for. Some left the theatre. I always stayed.


    The movies we had were "The Theory of Everything", "Imitation Games", "Selma" and some other new releases. Unfortunately they only played once in BB Kings Lounge but you could watch them on your TV in your stateroom the next day. I really miss the movie theatre on the newer ships.


    Food was awesome and service excellent. You will love your long cruise.

  14. The same cruise on April 21st 10 day has been wait listed for a month. I have a friend on the wait list and it still hasn't cleared. When Princess starts advertising this cruise and the one on October 4th, they will sell out too. I am hoping there will be a price reduction but I have already deposited for the same cruise. I am on Holland America right now so if you start a roll call I will join you when i return on May 9th. For anyone living in the Pacific Northwest the fact there are no flights is very appealing! I know two people on the April 21st that are confirmed and if they like the cruise they will book on board for October.

  15. According to HAL's rules, you cannot bring it onboard to your cabin - it will be held for you - see the rule below:


    "Revised Policy effective 2/4/15

    Each guest 21 years^ and older may bring one bottle of wine or champagne (no larger than 750ml) onboard in carry-on luggage at the beginning of the voyage. This bottle will not be subject to a corkage fee if consumed in the stateroom. Additional wine or champagne bottles (no larger than 750ml) in carry-on luggage are welcome, but will incur a US$18.00 (subject to change) corkage fee each, irrespective of where they are intended to be consumed. Guests are not allowed to bring beer, boxed wine, or other liquors and spirits onboard. Holland America Line reserves the right to remove all alcoholic beverages from any guest luggage that violates this policy. Any alcoholic beverage found will be removed and returned on the last evening of the voyage. "


    Thank you!

  16. We've sailed to Alaska in May, June, July, August and September. It can be nice any one of these months. If you are sailing out of Vancouver you are going the true inside passage between Vancouver Island and the Mainland. If you sail out of Seattle you go on the west side of Vancouver Island which can be rough. Of my 15 trips to Alaska out of Vancouver I've only encountered rough weather once. We were on Holland America going to Sitka. It was a small ship and Sitka isn't in protected water. Check your itinerary and see which itinerary gives you protected water.


    In any case you will love Alaska anytime of the year!

  17. We did this cruise last September! We loved it. We live in Vancouver so we didn't have to fly to get to the cruise. We loved the days at sea and the ports when we arrived in Hawaii. You should spend a few days in Hawaii after the cruise. You dock right in Honolulu so it makes it easy to get anywhere.


    Two years ago we boarded in Hawaii and went to Sydney! It was our favorite cruise. We were sorry we didn't start in Vancouver.


    Either cruise is great. Celebrity is the best cruise line that does this itinerary.

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