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  1. Bon voyage Ruth! See you on the Maasdam in June!!
  2. Oh you sooooo understated our “hilarious” time at music trivia tonight!!! First off, we trounced the other teams with our perfect score and because another team falsely claimed to also have a perfect score, Erin forced us into a tie breaker, which was the theme song from Titanic, which we had to ACT OUT as well as name. And let’s not forget the special items of clothing that went “missing”!! And now I’ll keep quiet!! 😂😂😂
  3. Kathi forgot to mention that it was well over 90 degrees F yesterday in Buenos Aires so we were all pretty wiped out from the heat too. Patty and i skipped dinner (and trivia, sorry Kathi!) and went to a dinner and tango show. Both were EXCELLENT!! The show was first as there were some other HAL tours there too. It was one hour long and extremely well done. Afterwards a smaller group of about 20 of us went to a private home for dinner. A local chef prepared our 4 course meal. Of course that Argentina beef was the main course! We returned to the ship quite late - about 10:45 PM. My bed never felt so good!
  4. I took the tender ashore with Patty and Andrea about 8:00 AM. It’s a lovely resort town with beautiful beaches and well kept streets and restaurants. We walked sbout 30 minutes at a leisurely pace out to see La Mano, or The Hand. It’s at the beach on the Atlantic side. This sculpture in the sand signifies man emerging into life, and has become a well known symbol of Uruguay in recent years. There were here also some awfully cute sea lions st the marina where the tenders docked.
  5. That is indeed why they won’t work for you. With the premium package you can see videos. I have it mainly so I can see and send videos to my grandkids. And see videos on my FB friends’ posts.
  6. I too, am experiencing login issues by having to repeatedly log in, using my iPhone 8+. I have other forums under my Tapatalk app and they work flawlessly. Until CC made changes to their platform/website last fall, CC worked on Tapatalk flawlessly too. Now it doesn’t. I sure hope the issues can be resolved because the Tapatalk app is really a great tool. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Our conversation, which most CERTAINLY cannot be repeated here, was indeed hilarious. I do love how much fun we are having before, during and after trivia. It’s turning out to truly being a highlight of each day.
  8. I just reinstalled Tapatalk and it’s working now on my iPhone. I was able to log in easily. So far so good ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. What ship is Captain Rens on? I love him he’s a great (and funny) captain.
  10. After a dismal showing in afternoon trivia, it was a joy to win evening trivia. There was a whale playing near the starboard side and I think those teams over there on that side were distracted. But we also were quite brilliant regardless. Ha! Kathi and I went on separate tours in Iquique. We both visited Humberstone but while her tour went back to town and enjoyed a visit there, mine went on farther into the Atacama desert to see the Pintada Geoglyphs. They are neither painted nor carved, but the top soil is dig out to reveal different colored soil beneath. They are giant pictures of fish, animals, humans and geometric designs on the sides of the mountain range. Really fascinating to see. But boy was it hot out there!
  11. Tonight we have to move our clocks FORWARD by 2 hours. OUCH!!!
  12. My price of $486 for cellar #3 was a $20 discount from their stated onboard cost. It did include the 15% surcharge. When I got onboard, my account showed a credit of $215 and change. This represents my 50% discount off the package.
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