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  1. On 5/12/2024 at 9:16 AM, havanadaydreaming said:

    Thanks for the tips, i had no idea there was so much to know.  Ha! 


    (We are not in same cabin. One floor apart booked by TA. Interiors but 2nd leg has that front of ship window "interior". We love that room) 

    We had different cabins on our Jubilee B2B for the first time.  Not as "seamless" as being in the same cabin but not as "bad" as it could be.  We did not have to pack our hanging clothes.  The cabin steward moved everything for us.  We use a "shoe organizer" that hangs on the bathroom door.  Since the hanging clothes did not have to be packed, there was a lot of available suitcase space.  I simply removed the organizer from the door, laid it on the bed and rolled it up and put it in a suitcase.  When he delivered everything to the new cabin I simply unrolled it and put it on the bathroom door.  The cabin steward makes it as easy as possible.  It is important to understand that CCL treats this as two separate and distinct cruises.  Nothing "carries over" from the first cruise to the second.  Enjoy your experience.

  2. Did a B2B on the Jubilee in January.  Have a B2B booked on MG this October.  On the Jubilee we had a suite for week 1 and a normal balcony for week 2.  We too thought the cabins were a little narrow but in the great scheme of things didn't bother us.  We did feel that the bathroom in the balcony cabin was a little small but the one in the suite was great.  The one thing not mentioned in your review is Big Chicken (BC).  We thought the food there was a great option.  Great review - thanks!

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  3. We mailed ours in (standard snail mail) the first week in Feb and received them mid March approx one week apart.  Did not pay for expedited  processing.  Have not yet received our old ones.  I also noticed that the status shown on the State Dept website was inaccurate. 

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  4. Until this past Jan, all of our B2Bs were in the same cabin.  We were unable to book the same cabin for our B2B on the Jubilee.  We had read all the FAQs, as well as the experience of others on CC and FB but we were still somewhat anxious.  It went flawlessly.  It may have helped because we only moved a few cabins down the hall and had the same cabin steward.  Because the hanging clothes are moved while still on the hangers, you should have ample suitcase space to easily pack your other items.  We use a shoe organizer over the bathroom door for misc. items and I simply laid it on the bed and rolled it up before putting it in a suitcase.  The cabin steward was VERY accommodating and made some suggestions which we followed.  It is not as easy as remaining in the same cabin but it is easier than your fears may lead you to believe.  🙂  I think the best advice I can offer is to listen to your cabin steward and do as he or she suggests.  FWIW - we were gathered in one of the MDRs and the officials came to us rather than having to depart and return to the ship.  Doesn't save much time but is a lot easier, especially if you have mobility issues. Enjoy your B2B!!!  🙂 🙂 

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  5. 48 minutes ago, Elsa Maki said:

    We are cruising September out of San Francisco and have booked Carnival transportation from the port to the airport. How do we know which time we should pick up for disembarkation please?

    When we received our transportation "tickets" while on the cruise, there was a time indicated.  It was the same time we chose when we made the reservations.  We used that time to pick our debarkation time.  It all worked itself out nicely - even with the debacle we encountered in the terminal at Galveston.   

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  6. On 4/1/2024 at 11:15 AM, dctravel said:

    Just did digital disembarkation on the Jubilee. Picked the latest time we could. Had breakfast in the dining room and then went to hang out waiting for our number to be called. Happened around 9:30 (we had 16). Once we went down to leave, we walked off, grabbed our bags, followed through the digital face recognition system for passport holders, and were on the street in less than 20 minutes. Very easy.

    We got off the Jubilee on Feb 3rd after a B2B - It was the worst debark in recent memory.  Not so much due to the on board crew but the folks in the terminal were absolutely clueless and allowed a bad situation to get worse by the second.  They just stood back and let the whole situation "take a dirt road".  Just my opinion.

  7. On 2/5/2024 at 10:20 AM, shortyjoesmith said:

    I would love to be able to schedule my morning coffee order in the app. I liked the door-hanger breakfast menus from before because I could get it scheduled and go to bed without having to talk to someone. I know it is silly, but I would much rather use the app than have to make a phone call to order. Instead of morning cabin coffee, I get up and go to the Lido where I can get coffee and not have to talk with anyone. I tip on room service deliveries, I would love to tip for morning coffee. ❤️

    Initially, I felt the same on our Jubilee B2B in Jan/Feb.  The lady who answered the phone at the room service number was so friendly and the order arrived in less than 15 minutes every morning.  I changed my mind after the first two days.  🙂 

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  8. On 1/23/2024 at 3:49 PM, Drazil65 said:

    You can drop off for the most part (we have not had any issue with dropping our carry on items very early) but they say cabins not available to stay until 1:30. That being said, on our cruise on MG last month we had intended to drop off and go eat but our key cards were ready and in mailbox, cabin done and door locked.  We grabbed the cards and left to eat anyway, just dont count on staying but can be possible cabin is ready.  

    Got off a B2B on the Jubilee yesterday.  This is exactly what we encountered.

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  9. 35 minutes ago, 39august said:

    The bed is by the balcony. For pic go to cruisedeckplans.com. Choose Celebrity, then Equinox, then deck 7 and go to your cabin. There is a video of the inside and balcony. 

    There are videos and photos of similar "V2" category rooms but I don't see anything for 7210.  What am I missing? 

  10. 19 hours ago, kruzerci said:

    OVC has slipped. No salmon or good fish- tilapia and fish and chips is all I have seen at lunch and dinner. 

    2-3 stations open for dinner nightly generally the same food as lunch with a few twists. Chicken is mostly bone in dark meat. Large salad and dessert selections but primarily flavorless dressings and dessert. If you look hard, you can find 1-2 desserts per day that are dense and rich, but most are the bland and fluffy- taste like nothing cake and pies. 

    Anything in particular you were interested in knowing?

    We were on a B2B on the Beyond in Feb.  The food was the biggest disappointment of the two weeks.  The OVC was pretty much a joke.  The selections were very limited.  We have an 8 day booked on the Equinox in Oct and then 2 B2B's on Carnival.  We are looking forward to the MDR on Carnival after seeing the new menus that are being rolled out.  We first cruised X in 2019 and thought we had found a new favorite cruise line.  Probably not so any more.  😞 

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  11. I enjoy them both equally.  I enjoy visiting Mayan ruins and they are available at both ports.  Belize is a tender port.  Costa Maya has a rather long, hot walk from the ship to the port although the port facilities are probably a little more inviting than Belize.  Personal transportation from "Ship to shore" is available in Costa Maya but in our experience is not on a very reliable schedule.  Neither location is a St Kitts, Saint Martin, or Cozumel both both are fun places if you have a positive attitude.  After 36 cruises, I would gladly look forward to a day in either port.  On occasion, my wife does, however, choose to stay on the ship when we visit one of these ports.  Isn't it wonderful that we all don't enjoy the same things?  🙂

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  12. We have a B2B booked for 1/20/2024 and 1/27/2024.  Booked the first leg a long time ago and just decided to do the B2B last week.  The cabin we were in was not available so we had to settle for a cabin not too far away from the first one.  This is the first time we are doing a B2B where we had to change cabins.  Not really looking forward to that but, oh well.  Just happy to find a cabin as close as we did.  We wanted to find another suite for the second leg but there wasn't one close and the cost had more than doubled since we booked the first cabin.  😞  We are just concerned that the completion date will slip causing the cancellation of cruises through January.  We hope that our concern is unfounded.

  13. We have sailed from Galveston quite a few times and I will echo the advice to arrive a day early. Whether you actually stay on the island or in a community just to the north is your decision.  We have done both and each has it's own set of pro's and con's.  


    Laundry is really up to you since you aren't flying.  You can bring as much as you can drag with you. 🙂

    I have been on over 20 cruises as a diabetic.  Cruising as a diabetic presents it's own challenges, none of which can't be dealt with.  If low glucose levels are an issue for you, I would suggest carrying a couple glucose pills rather than "snacks".  They work fast, inexpensive, easy to carry, and can be taken without affecting anyone around you.  Win - win.


    Have a Great cruise!!  



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