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  1. On 3/3/2023 at 12:54 AM, RTR 21-0 said:

    Is it recommended to make reservations for the 4 complimentary MDR pre-cruise  or are chances pretty good of getting a table walking up understanding of course there could be a wait?  

    Also, for the recent cruisers on Beyond, how have the shows been?  

    We did a B2B on Beyond last month.  We had a 17 minute wait once for a MDR as a "walk up" which is what we did every night.  


    On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate the shows as a 6.  Just my opinion.  A couple of the comedians were pretty funny.

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  2. 6 hours ago, cruisin_123 said:

    I'll be on the Beyond next week. My app doesn't show kids hours. We'll see.

    We were on a B2B on Beyond 2/5.23 - 2/19/23.  Kids had been screaming in the solarium for hours with staff just going on their merry way.  Finally, I asked what appeared to be a supervisor of some sort (white shirt with shoulder boards of some variety) why kids were allowed in the solarium when the signed obviously said it was not allowed?  His eyes got big and he said, "What kids?"  I replied, "The screaming ones two feet behind you."  I will admit he had them leave but it was a temporary solution.  


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  3. 1 hour ago, jelayne said:

    I would rather see the room service charge removed, or the cutbacks to the dinner in the OV to be reduced, long before they focus on reinstating luggage valet.  Last time we used it the charge was $25 and 1 or 2 bags was misdirected.  

    This has nothing to do with $$.  It is a matter of convenience that is paid for by those who use it.

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  4. So I gave it a try.  I emailed Lisa Lutoff-Perlo at the email address provided by NutsAboutGolf.  Within two hours (about) I received a call from her office.  The very kind lady thanked me for my effort and said that I was the second person to email concerning the Luggage Valet program.  She indicated they will look into it.  She did know that a like program exists in Seattle.

    It may be helpful if more people would email her office and ask that the Luggage Valet program be restarted.  Couldn't hurt and it could be your email that tilts the scale.  🙂 

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  5. Just got off the Allure from it's inaugural sailing from Galveston.  As you can see from our "Signature" we have been on both RCCL and CCL a few times.  I have to say that the new terminal in Galveston is absolute chaos.  I would not sail from there again until they get their act together. The terminal itself is great but until the kinks get worked out it is not my first choice.  Our experience on the Allure was great except for the service in the MDR.  Given the savings in time and $$$, were I in your situation, I would opt for the CCL cruise.  Just my opinion.  🙂 

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  6. 14 hours ago, pcur said:

    I disagree.  Boarding in San Pedro in May, I accompanied my suite friends to their line, and my D+ friends accompanied me in the Pinnacle line in Baltimore last week.  


    Both times we told the staff member that we were traveling as a group and wanted to board together.  The highest level person asked.  I was told if it's no more than 3 extra people it's not a problem.  Also, if they are family members there should be no problem.


    I was specific that we were traveling together, but in different cabins.


    There was no awkwardness with the staff:  ask a question, get an answer.  Go into the line.


    We all went at the time the highest level person was assigned.

    "Pinnacle Power" strikes yet again.  😞 

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  7. IMHO ~~~

    As a retired USAF SMSgt ( Retired 1 Sep 1989 after 22 years ) I have attended Veteran's Meetings on four different cruise lines.  I believe Carnival does the best job and the other three sort of tie for #2.  🙂During recent cruises, other than Carnival's main event, these meetings are self led.  Sometimes there are many folks in attendance and at other times, only a few.  Some meetings have lasted for 2+ hours and some for 30 minutes.  All depends on those who attend.  To quote DaveKathy, "My take away was we all have something in common that required no explanation..........".  It is sort of like:  If I have to explain it, you wouldn't understand.  I say that and mean no disrespect to anyone.  There is simply an underlying mutual respect and nonjudgmental acceptance of each individual's experiences and ideas, that exists in very few, if any, other gatherings in our general society.  The gatherings are not well advertised, in my opinion, but they do appear in the daily schedule of events, almost always on sea days.  Regardless of your preconceived ideas, I would urge all veterans to attend one of the meetings on your next cruise.  If it isn't for you, for whatever reason, simply get up, leave, and don't go to another.  Your choice and no one will say a word.  I repeat ---  "nonjudgmental acceptance of each individual's experiences and ideas".   


    If your experience differs from mine, so be it.  I accept that and honor your decision.  

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  8. 3 minutes ago, chengkp75 said:

    TSA does recommend that you bring the cremation certificate, as it will document what the screener is seeing, without having to open the container of ashes.  Some airlines require the cremation certificate, some recommend it, and some require no documentation at all.

    I am only relating what I found on the TSA website.  Which airlines require or recommend a cremation certificate?

  9. 1 hour ago, 3red7s said:

    Oh wow i never thought about the last line & transporting cremains....thnks so much 

    Check the TSA website for yourself but I could find no requirement for anything in order to take cremains on an aircraft.  They are allowed in checked bags but TSA recommends transporting in carry on bags.  We buried our nephew at sea ( OK - I have to admit it was a different cruise line ) and it was  very easy, from a process point of view.  The crew was very respectful and accommodating.  


    Best of luck and I am sorry for your loss.

  10. 22 hours ago, Jay Bee said:

    Thank you. With all the things that might not go smoothly--fog, delays at customs--I was concerned about scheduling a shared ride. And I don't want to spend a week worrying about whether or not we'll make it off on time. I'm taking your advice.

    We hope it works out as well for you as it has for us in the past.  It really is as stress free as you can get.  The only way we can think of to make debark day any easier is to have Luggage Valet available.  🙂


  11. Have sailed from Galveston quite a few times.  In my opinion, the easiest and least stressful transportation from the pier to either Hobby or IAH is the cruise line transportation.  Getting from the airports to Galveston is another story.  Because we always get the the port at least a day early, the transportation offered by the cruise lines isn't really an option but there are a number of reliable shared ride shuttles.  Just Google it and pick the one that suits your fancy.

  12. We have sailed from Galveston many times.  In my opinion, a taxi may be an option but a very expensive one.  There are a couple shared ride shuttles but then you need to judge what time you want to schedule.  Good luck with that.  My wife has been successful in doing that but there have been a couple times when things could very easily "gone south".  It is much easier and less stressful to simply use the cruise lines "shuttle" (bus).

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