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  1. I have a 10 yr old and our friends had an 8 and 4 yr old. This yr he loved it. Last yr he didn't want to go. I actually have the schedule if you want to know activities. They came in everyday with crafts they made or medals. It was great



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    We're booked on the Breeze this fall. 12 yr old granddaughter will be with us. Can I please get the camp schedule for 10 year old. Ksorth@cox.net. thank you

  2. Has anyone done the Roatan Las Sirenas Resort by Mayan Princess All Inclusive Beach Excursion through Shore Excursioneer? We have booked it and it looks like you get full access of the place, not just the small part of Mayan Princess that Carnival limits you to.


    Any comments are appreciated!


    Did you actually go to Las Sirenas? Would you recommend this resort? I have been unable to get any feedback regarding this place and will appreciate any information you can provide. Thanks.

  3. We are on RCCL Navigator OTS 4-22-15. We are interested in buying an AI day pass to Las Sirenas Beach Resort. It looks like this is connected with Mayan Princess. Does anyone have any information, good or bad, on Las Sirenas? Does anyone have experience with Shore Excursioneer? Thanks in advance for all replies.

  4. I stayed at B2 and that is pretty nice as well.


    We are thinking of booking the B2 rather than the Holiday Inn across from Bay Market. Did you think the B2 was good value? I don't see much on here about that hotel and I wonder why more people don't stay there. It doesn't seem to be much more expensive than the Holiday Inn which I thought was looking pretty tired. I appreciate any comments you care to make.

  5. WLHYATT AND TALLYHO8 Thanks for your information. I've also now realized there is a football game on 11-9-14 (Saints and 49ers). I would appreciate any opinion of NOLA metro residents of what effect that will have on traffic leaving the cruise pier. We've cruised several times but never out of NOLA so I don't have a "feel" for the area. In fact, I've never been there so am very excited to see some of the sights. Thanks again for any information you guys can provide.

  6. I've read that disembarkation from ships returning from cruises that visit Belize takes considerably longer due to expanded Customs issues. I would appreciate comments from those who've sailed one of these cruises as to your experience in delays getting off the ship. We return from our cruise on the Dream on 11-9-14 and are trying to decide if we are safe in booking a flight out at 12:30. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

  7. Going to Falmouth, Jamaica in March on a Celebrity cruise. I am interested in the Champagne Catamaran Caribbean Sail Away. excursion through the cruise line. Has anyone taken this excursion. Is it worth the price? It sounds fun but is a little pricey. Just curious.


    We also have a group interested in this excursion. D o es anyone know if beer is served? Or only champagne? Thanks for any reply


  8. We have done it via JH sometimes and by e-mailing the Maitre'D other times. In every case we got the table for 2 we requested. We always check out the table location to make sure we don't have to get in the line to change.


    Never got a birthday cake that either we or our TA didn't order. It must have been meant for someone else.


    Would you please share the email address/format for contacting the maitre d? We are sailing on the Magic

    Thank you.

  9. Thanks for the information, this subject has provided some very good suggestions. We're booked on the Conquest room 7220 ...can anyone tell me if we will have the same situation with the lifeboat overhang/crew coming and going? Also, I noticed an adjacent blank area...anyone know what this space contains?

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