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  1. 2 hours ago, Scotto97 said:

    Seems like they just need to pay people more to alleviant being short-staffed. (Like here in the states) Poor service levels will really hurt them in the future as people consider which type of vacation they are willing to pay for. 

    Fact or not ------  Carnival is blaming their understaffing on the inability of the State Dept to process visas in a timely fashion.  I believe there is an adequate supply of potential employees.

  2. 8 hours ago, Cruise, J.D. said:

    We really like oceanview cabins. The price is usually not much more than an inside and you get some sunlight and visual interest from the window. The price jump from oceanview to balcony tends to be more substantial. A balcony is nice, but usually not worth the extra cost for us.

    We absolutely agree.  Examples of our absolute favorites would be a cat 7 on the Celebrity Equinox on deck 3 mid ship or a cat 6B on Carnival Vista, also mid ship on deck 3.  

    As a matter of fact, we had planned a B2B on the Equinox for 21 days last month.  We had carefully chosen our cabin many months in advance making sure we had the same cabin for both cruises. It was a cat 7 just aft of Guest Services.  Perfect (for us) cabin.  We had done a B2B about 2 years before on the Equinox and our cabin was one door down so we knew what we wanted.  We discovered 4 days prior to sailing that Celebrity had changed our cabin to one on deck 7 all the way aft.  We would not have accepted that cabin for 1 week so we darned sure weren't going to spend 3 weeks in it.  They would not consider any compromise so we cancelled both cruises.  

    Our next 3 cruises are balconies but only because we could not find an OV we liked.

  3. Crazy4themouse~~~~


    I wonder if it will resemble cabin 6229?


    On the "Ship" page, go all the way down and look at the right hand corner.  Click on "Cabin Check Tool" and follow instructions from there.  Immediately tells you what is above and below the cabin you chose.


    During our one experience in an interior room, on a Carnival ship but we can't remember which one, the only real issue we had other than it is small, was there really wasn't anywhere to sit.  But, we never slept as well and we had a great cruise.  It is all what you make it, as you well know.


    After 32 cruises we can still say that the worst cruise we have ever had was "Wonderful".


    Keith & Sharon

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  4. We regularly book a regular balcony but have also booked suites ( not often 🙂 ), OV ( which on some ships we absolutely prefer ), and on one Carnival cruise we did an interior cabin simply because we had never done it before.  On RCCL and Celebrity we prefer specific OV staterooms and should they not be available, we choose a different cruise.  We find cove balconies a matter of personal preference and my Bride chooses not to.  Other than that, if properly chosen, we find one balcony much like any other.  The interior stateroom as great if you are a late sleeper or if you truly spend little to no time in the cabin.  Personally, we found it too small and truly missed not having a sofa or love seat.  If you do your due diligence on picking a specific cabin, how can you go wrong - it's a cruise.  The worst cruise we have ever had was wonderful.  

  5. We have not sailed on Carnival since Nov 2019.  I do remember we were asked about morning or evening service.  We responded "both" and that did not seem to be an issue.  Hopefully the additional gratuity made up for the extra effort.  The same situation presented itself on RCCL and Celebrity and our response was the same.  All without issue.

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  6. We are on a B2B on Independence OTS departing next Wednesday.  We are in the same balcony cabin for both.  As there is no way that I know of to "Royal Up" to the same cabin on both cruises, we do not consider the option.  Not sure if that is the good news or the bad news.  🙂 

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  7. 5 hours ago, SusieCruiser2 said:

    I have also noticed people coming out of the hallway there, and thought that would be a convenient location.  So we are booked in Sept 2022 for a Med cruise in 3170 oceanview, right near the Passport Bar.  Can anyone tell me if there is a door closing off the corridor from the bar, as I can't remember this detail.  Thanks! 

    There is but can't remember it ever being closed except late in the evening if there is a function in the common area.  Thus - no noise problem in your cabin.  Even with the door open we never had a noise issue.   

  8. We have been on 3 cruises (25 days) on the Equinox and Reflection and have always been on the port side very near the lobby area in an ocean view cabin on deck 3.  Loved the cabins and never had a problem with noise.  Currently have a B2B booked in Mar/Apr '22 in the same area.  Always used to do balconies but since finding cabins similarly situated on an RCCL ship we look mainly for the OV cabins like the ones being discussed.  The location and ease of access to "things" is great.  I am pretty sure the inside cabins would also be a great choice.

  9. We have only done one B2B on X and that was in FLL in Feb 2020.  The only thing different we experienced was that there was no luncheon involved.  It was a smooth process and the crew handled the process well.  Our only other B2B had been on Carnival Vista out of Galveston in Nov of 2019.  There were 24 of us.  Then, 3 months later on the Equinox, there were just under 250 in our group.  That was quite a few more folks than we expected to see.  🙂  

  10. Have not sailed from NY/NJ so I cannot comment on the "PITA rating" for those locations.  We have sailed on one or more occasions from Ft Lauderdale, Miami, NOLA, Galveston, and Long Beach.  The only real difference is the length of the ride from the airport to your hotel.  Depending on your choice of hotels, the ride to the terminal is minimal - except NOLA.  Our only experience there was not wonderful.  Stayed at the Embassy Suites and could see the terminal from our window.  Took about an hour to get to the terminal.  Have been out of Galveston over 15 times - most times getting there by air but have driven at least twice.  Never have had a bad experience.  The folks on Galveston and Houston are always inviting and we have always enjoyed ourselves.  There have been times we spent the evening before sailing in Houston rather than Galveston and that also worked very well.  The only negative we have ever identified about sailing from Galveston is the limited number of different itineraries.  To each his/her own, so to speak.  I can say, however, the worst cruise we have been on was wonderful.  🙂 

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