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  1. Thank you all. I was able to book the 3 night sailing on Seaside in YC in a YC balcony and then the 7 night in a Royal Suite for a total of $5125 all together. I was paying $6900 just for the RS with a discount from my TA so this saved almost $1800 and we get an additional 3 nights in the YC. Not sure if sailings will resume from Florida in February and not making final payment in November if nothing is sure yet but at least I am set if it does.
  2. Thank you. I just emailed this information to my TA. Not even sure cruising will resume in February but may as well try.
  3. My TA said he called yesterday to speak to a supervisor at MSC and non around to confirm my discount so I can move forward to rebook. Is it really this simple? I have used them for so long with so many cruises, changes, rebooking on all mainstream lines but getting this discount for our two cruises in Royal Auite seems to be so difficult. Even if they cant rebook the RS, I will take a YC balcony but they are almost gone too. I am wondering if I should call MSC and book the YC balcony cabins and wait to see if my TA can canc and reget my RSs once MSC confirms we are ready for the discount. So annoying.
  4. MyTA is so feb up with MSC he said he will do my bookings but no longer taking anyone else that wants to book an MSC cruise. We are waiting for them to confirm with my TA that they can use the discount but there arent too many YC balcony cabins left and wondering if I should just call and book. We want to book 3 night and then 7 night. On the above cruises, I have Royal Suites booked but will need to cancel and rebook to get the 50% off. I am very aware we may somehow loose the cabins, which will not be so great, but I would be fine with YC balcony since that is what we usually sail. Should I just call MSC. There are only a few YC balconies left on both our cruises. Thank you.
  5. Thank you. My mom's ID is dated until 2024, which is crazy since she just retired. Thanks.
  6. Thank you. My TA asked that I email them with my mom’s ID and have them confirm since he said he gets conflicting reports from MSC. If they need paystub that is fine too. We have a Royal Suite booked but there arent any others available and although we are flexible with dates there isnt anything for February or March. I am also thinking of booking the three day prior to the 7 day in a YC balcony or interior instead of paying for a hotel and meals and drinks for a couple of nights prior to cruise as we usually do. I will report back.
  7. Hi. Exactly what do you need to show for this discount. My mom and I are sailing in February (hopefully) and she just retired as a nurse working in a hospital for 40 years. She still has her hospital ID. Is this all that is asked when booking? Thank you.
  8. It says "must have been active in 2020". What if I am active in 2020 but retire and my cruise is February 2021? I know I should call but I am also sure the agent will be guessing. Can I be active in 2020 and retired in 2021?
  9. I have Mera booked for February 13 in two balcony YC cabins and Seaside booked for February 21, 2021 in a RS. I will cancel the Mera sailing if my dh cannot sail with us. However, I just looked and we are still not assigned cabins for the February 13 Mera YC sailing (two cabins). My mom really just stays in the YC all day/night so being on Deck 16 is important (and thus the reason we originally booked Seaside Deck 16 before we were moved). We also can get a healthcare discount for being a nurse but not sure how that will work since Mera is saying no YC cabins. The Seaside still has a RS available but my TA in the past, rebooks without canceling when prices go down. This all may be for nothing anyway since my final payment is the beginning of November and I'm not giving the payment if there aren't US sailings confirmed and being from NY, I really don't think this will be happening. I'll be sending an email today.
  10. I plan on doing so. I canceled an August NCL Haven cruise before final payment also and thank God every day I did that and not have NCL keep my $15k. I will wait and see but it doesnt look like MSC will be sailing in US soon and I will just rebook once sailing resume although will be sad since we finally were able to get RS. They are never available whem we want to book.
  11. That is at least good news for you. Are you also sailing in February? I am still waiting. Awful. My TA has called and emailed. Hi. Has anyone on the new Mereviglia sailings from Seaside been assigned their YC cabins for February? I still have not been assigned. I also booked the Seaside for the following week and was able to secure a RS but the Mereviglia sailing the week before my dh can come with us, he cannot come with me the week after. My final payment is in November and I'm guessing I am canceling all so I can get our refund back since I'm not letting MSC keep our money if sailings haven't started in the US by November, and I'm guessing they won't be either.
  12. Hi. Has anyone been assigned their YC cabins that were switched from Seaside to Meraviglia? We had two YC balcony cabins specifically chosen for February 2021 but now still have Guarantee cabins, which will not be acceptable if we dont have them before final payment. I also have booked the Seaside 3/4 nights as well as the week later on Seaside if my dh cannot go with us but had hoped I could see what our cabin assignments were before final payment. This is just awful. Thank you.
  13. Thank you both. When I look on the MSC deckplan, the waves arent shown for my cabin.
  14. Thank you. I guess we have to see if anyone else answers. Thanks.
  15. Hi. When I look at the two Royal Suites on the Seaside deck plan, 16037 has a symbol for “whirlpool” and 16024 doesnt show the symbol. I looked on youtube and it looks like it was on the balcony but has it been removed? Should I keep 16024 or is there a reason I should move to 16037, which still shows available. Thank you.
  16. js

    November cruise

    Thank you. I will be canceling two cruises before final payment and keep one but it all depends on if schools open here and my husband can go and if we are assigned cabins on Mera.
  17. js

    November cruise

    This is very helpful. Thank you again.
  18. js

    November cruise

    Is this correct for the deposits in USA? Are they not refundable? If not, can they be applied to a cruise that would be booked? I have four YC deposits for different sailings. Thank you.
  19. Hi. We have sailed YC on Seaside three times but our next trip will be in a Royal Suite. I know we have a cabana on the pool deck. Do we pay for the cabana on Ocean Cay? We paid for one last year and would want one again next year. Thank you.
  20. Thank you for taking the time to specifically post pros and cons. We are tied to that date since my husband will be sailing with us and he needs to go by the school calendar. So my choices are 7 nights Meraviglia or B2B 4 and 3 night Seaside. My mom loves the Seaside and loves to be in the cabana on the pool deck most of the week well usually all week lol. I wont give final payment in November if cruises arent sailing or we dont have a cabin assignment but wondering if I should just book Seaside 4 and night since we love the YC experience there. Im not keen on the short b2b but that and the unknown of Mera are my only two choices. What would you do?
  21. Hi. I was originally booked in two YC cabins on Seaside for February 2021 and that was changed to Mera. We specifically chose our cabins together since my dh and I are sailing with my mom and she barely ventures our of the YC, even on port days since we purchase the cabana on the pool deck for he week. Now, as many know Seaside was switched to Mera but we still do not have cabin assignments, only showing still Guarantee. Ports do not matter. We love Seaside YC and now wondering if I should move us to the 4 and 3 night Seaside sailing. I would only do so if I can get the same cabins for both sailings so we will not have to move. I am aware we will need to get off the ship in Port Canaveral but can we get right back on or do we have to re-wait again? Is it a big hassle? Does it not feel like a week-long vacation? We would much prefer the Seaside since we have sailed it three times but if the Mera is just as nice I will keep it but if not too much a hassle for the back to back, I may look into that too. Any comments or suggestions I would appreciate hearing. Thank you very much.
  22. Thank you. I thought when I looked at the deck plans, Deck 16 started YC proper.
  23. I had two cabins in YC Seaside for a February sailing changed to Mera. Both balcony cabins in YC. It shows both of my cabins getting $50 OBC not the $100 others are getting. Both cabins are Diamond members. Really wanted to do Seaside for our fourth time and my dh was finally coming since I usually just sail MSC with my mom. If we dont get Deck 16, I may cancel. My mom doesnt venture out of the YC so the location is very important to us. We love the second cabin in from the Seaside YC lounge “secret” door and book in advance to get our exact cabins. I do not want Deck 14 and not be in the YC proper.
  24. Sorry it should say both my February Seaside YC cabins are now showing Guarantee cabins on Mera.
  25. Both of my February YC Seaside cabins are now showing Guarantee cabins. My TA called MSC yesterday and was told they cannot assign me cabins yet and he also sent them an email. My husband and I are sailing with my mom and she really doesnt venture out of the YC so our locations is important to us. I want Deck 16. I also wanted my TA to see if there is a Royal Suite available. Also, the last three Seaside sailings we book a cabana for the week since my mom rather stay on the ship most port days and I see there is only one available for the whole YC to try to grab. So, is it correct that I seem to be the only one that doesnt have an actual cabin assignments yet. Thanks.
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