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  1. Since it has been a couple of months and.. I believe either when you board or in documents there are instructions to go to Connect.Crystal.com where one choice is connect to WiFi where they "walk" you through steps - this is also the location to go to for menus, Reflection etc.
  2. Yup Whisper. I got off you got on. Must have been an interesting cruise not totally knowing what you were going to. We even considered trying to get back on figuring it might be a quicker way back to USA although I agree we can do so much more ourselves these days a great TA can still provide options you might not think of.
  3. Symphony looked great earlier this year. There were a couple of hall carpets that looked warned but those were replaced at a port stop. if I remember correctly Harmony was retired because it could no longer meet all the safety regulations for many countries. As things change as in so many more ships countries will tighten regulations. I live on the bay in Portland Maine and many days this time of year we have 2 very large an a smaller ship in a small area. There are battles these days since Portland is also a lobster and fishing port with discussions about how much is too much. if I remember Crystal also got in trouble in CA years ago for dumping not far off shore
  4. Gosh I guess I need to switch from Crystal, Regent, Seabourn , etc since I like to eat early I guess I’ll head to mass marketing cruise lines. Will I still be allowed to be at the gym at 5am?
  5. On a cruise this May/June several ports didn’t have excursions listed until a few weeks before where other ports had them months out. Unfortunately seems somewhat normal these days.
  6. My feelings about TA's is that when you need them you NEED them. We had just gotten off a cruise in Dublin on 9/11 and were to fly back to the US the next day. Obviously, that didn't happen - our TA found us hotel in London, and several days later a flight in to Halifax, a 1 night hotel there - then ferry to Bar Harbor, ME then car rental etc. I'm fairly certain we would have never been able to do it as well with a great TA. Hopefully, none of ever experiences those days again but when you need you NEED. Unfortunately, our great TA retired a couple of years ago and I'm certain we haven't found an equal yet.
  7. First I'm one of those old people who eat dinner at 5:00 pm when home (ok maybe 5:15) so eating at 6 on our last cruise (May- June) was late for us but really not a problem. We saw some lines at 6 when Waterside opened but not as long as the picture indicates but everything moved quickly. After we had "picked" our wait staff and table we asked for it a few times and then when we got up to the front of the line - we were told which table - our pick. Worked out great. We weren't in favor of open seating but after the first few cruises it seemed to work out great. A typical Crystal experience where great staff just makes things work
  8. ctjon

    asia cruises

    There was a National Geographic article published today in Apple News that talks about traveling to HK these days. Author basically said -to keep checking on events but he was able to see all the sights etc. with no issues. So far demonstrations are only on weekends and in certain areas. I'm sure cruise lines will keep checkin
  9. As has been said it is a good thing that those who run the website don’t run the ships
  10. The Theater and film cruise we were on earlier this year had some great theater lectures and presentations by both actors and "behind" the scenes people - I'm sure these will be great.
  11. I get the sense from this board and from talking to people that Crystal does a lot more upgrading than they used to but that certainly isn't a statistical study or facts.
  12. Gets even more fun when you walk the gangway and actually board.
  13. To add to this: On our last cruise a few months ago we were talking to the Crystal society on board person and in looking up our account apparently we had missed a couple of rewards - credits type - which he got applied to the cruise we were on. Crystal wants to give you what you have earned so again asking may get you unexpected benefits. The staff is there to help
  14. At least in the non-PH they also aren't the biggest fridges so there is limit to what they can hold and putting a bunch of non-cold stuff causes whole fridge to warm up somewhat for a while.
  15. Like everyone and every company Crystal isn't always perfect. The fact that "bad" experiences make "news" on boards such as this is an indication that bad experiences are less common than great ones. It is worth a second try. Several people on this board were on a cruise 7 years ago that if it had been my first it might have been my last Crystal one. Bad weather (not Crystal's fault obviously) so 1 missed port - then they couldn't pull out of a dock until they got tugs 5 hours later which caused them to say they had to miss another port (which they passed 5 hours before supposed docking time) - new to all inclusive so there were nights we couldn't even get a glass of wine since they thought they wouldn't need wine staff. etc. But those that I know of from that cruise continue to sail Crystal and every other cruise I've been on since has been great. I do agree that responses to bad feedback should be better.
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