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  1. Congrats on your first Crystal - what you will find on Crystal is that there is so much great things going on you will spend less time in cabin than you might think.
  2. Seen the Crystal news on several sources from what I’ve read there are plans in TX where pay whatever the cost of power is so when goes up you pay more. In normal times that may sound great when costs are falling but when disaster happens you lose
  3. At this time I wouldn’t go on a cruise that didn’t require vaccine and some sort of testing. one thing I’m sure of is that things will keep changing
  4. When cruises happen we need to be prepared for itinerary to change mid trip as it did on last world cruise. I’m sure line will take into account visa issues
  5. As I have said several times - write to your members of Congress (US citizens) asking that they suspend the PVSA for at least 2021. That will allow US only ports for the suspension period.
  6. Think it is ironic - after years of most people wanting open dining we probably will have to back to fixed/reservation dining again. I would think that not only would your only be able to have cabin mates at table but 1/2 tables wouldn't be used at all or taken out and stored to keep proper distancing. Although we are ones who enjoyed the shows from many years ago vs. the more recent ones I'll miss going out and being entertained.
  7. Which is why I've said in a couple of threads that we all need to write to our Congress people that they should pause the passenger vessel rules requiring a foreign port for at least this year. Allow East and West coast voyages with only US ports at least until things return to "normal" - write your Congress members
  8. The question, to me, is not only when but where will we be allowed to go.
  9. But I think the reason people want to go to conventions in LV is because of the gambling and social life. I've been there for conventions and while there other talk about what they did after hours and not the convention. Great for both
  10. For cruises we must remember, and has been stated, it isn’t just where you come from but every country you plan on visiting needs to be vaccinated and healthy. I’m sure we will have ports cancelled and a lot of changes after trips start. Hopefully this won’t last long but people must be prepared
  11. If I'm not mistaken - one of those aft decks allows smoking - that could have been years ago but..
  12. Was an article from Cruise Critic that I read that said entire 2021 Alaska season is in jeopardy. One of the reasons given was due to Canada still and continuing to be reluctant to allow travelers in. As I've written before I think we should all write to our Congress members (US citizens obviously) to have them suspend the passenger vessel act that requires a foreign port for at least 2021. This would allow east coast cruises and west to Alaska and Hawaii without the foreign stops. I wrote to mine and got the standard thank we'll consider it letter but one member might actually
  13. maybe the job title and description needs to change - they really Crystal to passenger contact and help people - should be both genders - who help on shore excursions, evening entertainment, etc.
  14. If I have read the news correctly, here in Maine you aren't getting any card to indicate you've had the shots - I guess they haven't figured out yet, what and how to do cards - our government at work.
  15. For us who cruise it isn’t just our home country but any we would want to visit. Would Australia let visitors in? I suspect when cruises really start itinerary will be very limited for a while
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