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  1. I hope that somehow the crew on Crystal ships knows how much we care about them just as they obviously care about us. That caring is what makes a Crystal experience so great.
  2. Admitting I haven't read it for a while but if electric plug type information isn't in your information for first time cruisers, Keith, it probably should be. With more and more devices keeping things charged becomes a very important issue for people. A few years ago I had a friend who worked at Best Buy and he told me that when cruise ships were in port here the number of passengers and crew who showed up to buy what they forgot or broke was amazing. Probably you could make money parking a electronics equipment sales van outside a port entrance.
  3. Unlike some cruise lines where inclusive beverages only means at meals in dining rooms it really means anywhere at Crystal
  4. One of the things I like about the Crystal tours is that you don't spend half your time at a store where you are pushed to buy (and the tour operator gets a cut). You do get time to buy things on most if you want but no push and no significant time. We tend to do the Crystal ones at places we've never been and other at familiar places where we know more about where and what to do.
  5. The two ships seem to jump back and forth between places so who can tell - they aren't doing New England / Canada this year and they have for several. Maybe it is good news - that Symphony won't be doing Alaska but when it is Symphony's turn again it will be one of the new ocean vessels.
  6. One of the great benefits to Crystal is that they try to never say NO. So even if there Is a list and not on it ask. They can’t get you if they don’t have but if you want something on Crystal ask. They will do their best to say yes
  7. Is the panoramic camera along with the bridge, port, starboard, computer room new on for the Serenity live views or did I miss it? I knew there was another link to panoramic but adding it to other live views is great.
  8. Looks great. The ones I’ve seen recently in the US just have the personalized statement with 2 people on wall of China with no mention of ships or cruises.
  9. One of the reasons I mentioned the TBD issue was I was hoping it was just a web site issue and the details would mysteriously appear but they didn’t.
  10. The other side of these issue to me - is that there are things Crystal should do as part of the agreement between passengers and cruise line. Before the required date they should have to complete all the information about the cruise. For instance on our Tokyo to San Francisco cruise a little more that 2 months from now which is a Theater and Film cruise - the Theater and Film program is still listed at TBA - as are the destination lecturers. Knowing Crystal's totally up to date web site it could be just they haven't bothered to update the web site.but that is no excuse and I shouldn't have to contact on board services to get information about the cruise I'm taking. What if I don't like what Crystal is doing for the theme of the cruise or changes it? Maybe I only took that cruise because of the theme. If and when they announce it should be required before final payment is required or penalty for cancellation. Sure changes might be required but there should be no requirement until full information is available from Crystal. New management certainly hasn't fixed or prevented some issues.
  11. Seems to be frozen in time again - unless it really is March 3 and 4 where the ships are and the exact same people are in the computer area sitting in the exact same seats and walking by the same window in Serenity.
  12. Haven't heard much from you or others about Churrascaria - a place whose name i can never remember and without copy and paste couldn't spell. Is is a try once place and then not really go back to or? Not that anyone would be lacking for good food but just curious. Or does that really depend upon the type of food you like.
  13. Thanks I was aware of these other web sites that provide this information - I just thought it would be great if Crystal provided it with along with other information.
  14. I've had problems searching for specific cruises also. I sense that even though a cruise might include several areas the search only includes one. So, theoretically, a cruise that might start in Europe and end up in South America might not be found if you search on "the wrong " one of those areas. Probably we and it will get better. I find amusing the suggestion for similar cruises.
  15. What I think would be great is a globe / world view with the current location for each of the Crystal ships on it. Seeing all the locations graphically would look super. I know there are size location issues with the river vessels vs. the ocean ones but even two different globe /maps one for each would be great.
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