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  1. I know Miami is an important port for cruising but I was hoping none of the cruise lines would accept Florida's refusal to allow proof or vaccination before boarding. I know it is almost impossible to make plans more that a day or so ahead but it is getting to be - show up somewhere, some ship may or not pick you up, you may or not go to certain ports and you will disembark somewhere.
  2. Our first cruise on Harmony in 1993 - when coming on board the captain greeted us with a "welcome home". We thought it strange but it didn't even take a whole day to understand what he meant and to feel being home (wish my home had such great food and service).
  3. Do I like people not following the dress codes - no but I wouldn't let it ruin my cruise or even that meal or day. People are who they are and I just won't let that ruin my day.. Crystal is so much more than dress code at dinner or tea
  4. It has been many years but last time I did Crystal to Venice they did dock at the industrial area and Crystal provided shuttle service. It was no problem at all docking there
  5. Also, if you haven't already, read Keith's "some thoughts for first time Crystal cruisers" at the top of this board. Totally, useful information there
  6. I've occasionally seen jeans in Waterside even back in the days of much more formal attire on Crystal. No one prevented them from entering. A lot of people stared at them when it happened
  7. New Yorker's aren't picky they just know what tastes best. I remember there was a Pizza place in LA that advertised that they imported water from NYC so their pizza dough was great tasting.😀
  8. That is what the Crystal crew is like - ok maybe it takes 2 visits but whether by the pool or at a restaurant you sit down and your favorite beverage appears a minute later. Sometimes you get on the ship after 6 months and you are greeted by name. We aren't multi-hundred travelers such as Keith and Anne Marie are either.
  9. Sorry there is NY then the rest of the world. Katz deli.
  10. Sounds as if when on the ship things are going very well getting there etc no so much for those on this as second have you seen any process changes for Crystal from fist cruise? Sounds as if first went well
  11. I renew all those things early because who knows. I remember the days when you could go to an official passport office and if you had the proper travel documentation you could get renewed right there and then. Even if still possible not smart for planned ahead type traveling but if it was for an unexpected business trip it was helpful for some. I never did that but did go to passport office for regular renewals
  12. Gee if Crystal wants great lobsters they should use Maine ones (yes I live in Maine and can take a short walk and see lobster boats at work). I am so happy to hear how well things are going. I was concerned that it might take a cruise or two to adjust things but it seems as if they have gotten it right from the start. A great crew makes that happen.
  13. Ok there may be some good reasons but it also causes a lot of issues normally let alone theses days. I would think California to Hawaii without a “phony” stop in Mexico would be popular as well as East Coast NE to Florida. at least this needs to be modified, I think.
  14. It is too bad that along with allowing Alaska from the US this year, Congress didn't in general remove the passenger vessel act provisions for at least this year (although I think forever). Then cruises could just do the east coast and gulf without having to do the foreign port. I wrote my members of Congress but only got the "thanks for your input" reply. Those laws don't make any sense anymore since they were designed to protect the US ship building industry that went away anyway. There could still be provisions that protect the small ships that do regular itineraries but eliminating the
  15. I smile at the whole wipes idea and think of the TV show Monk. Wonder what he'd do in this day since what he used to do was COVID-19 good. I'm a tech guy in my mid 70's - my concern with using QR codes is more security related that technical. But it is better that passing germs so I use them the rare time I'm out somewhere.
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