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  1. There is a thread at the top of the Crystal forum here about Thoughts for first time Crystal Cruises - written by Keith. I'd suggest reading that and many of your questions including those you haven't thought of yet will be answered
  2. We were lucky to do millennium trip on Symphony and got 2 New Years Eve's one of each side of the dateline. First was a formal night and the second was informal Star Wars themed. Surprised that there aren't more West to East Pacific trips similar to celebrate New Year Eve. This is pic from informal.
  3. I like having a photographer when you want one - great picture of both of you. They also sell pictures taken of sites you may have seen on a tour or from other tours. Again, they don't bother you about them but they are there if you want them.
  4. OK, growing up in NYC I remember going to Dodgers games at Ebits field and Giants games at the Polo Grounds - I think there was another team in NY also but can't remember its name😃 I was at the only game - at that time - that was called due to fog. At Ebits field heavy fog but they let them play - then a ball almost hit an UMP and the game was called immediately. Great memories.
  5. I enjoy them. My object on a Crystal cruise is to spend as little time as possible in my cabin since there are so many great things to do around the ship. Probably also depends on where you are cruising to see if looking out the window for periods of time are worthwhile I'd rather save money on a cabin and thus be able to take more cruises. Thus, sometimes, we go for cheaper cabin. Again, depends upon where cruise is going, etc.
  6. I had an outstanding trip in Alaska in 2019. I've been there on 2 other cruise lines and I think the Crystal experience was the best
  7. Just thinking a couple of years ago we would have been thinking the WC 2024 would have been on one of the new Crystal ships. People were even talking about 2023 on new ship. Events have changed the world and expectations.
  8. Sept 21 of 2018 - Symphony leaving Portland, ME. I spent some time talking to the crew.
  9. Have also found I could do it on phone when on board.
  10. Did the TA refund come from the TA or from Crystal? I would think, in a sense, that where the refund came from would make it totally different issues
  11. Don't expect that it is still true but when we did middle east cruise you had to go to Israel last because if you had been in Israel the other middle east countries wouldn't let you in.
  12. We were getting off a cruise ship in Dublin on 9/11 - supposed to fly home to the US the next day. We had checked into our hotel in Dublin and went to a museum and then I didn't feel well (a ripple in the force) so went back to hotel and turned on the TV to see second plane hit World Trade - thought it was a remake of the Towering Inferno for a bit. We didn't get home for 5 days - flew to London and waited. People in Europe were ultra nice. We flew into Halifax just after the people stuck there had finally left - couldn't ask for nicer people or nicer treatment. Ferry to US when immigration/customs barely looked at passports and luggage. Then drove home. Wonder if anyone was on a Ship on 9/11 and what were there experiences on the ship? Did shipboard life change for a day or so or what? Thanks
  13. A few years ago - we flew into Miami and rented a car because I spent many summers at Miami Beach and wanted to see the old sites. The car rental return location (in Miami - not at airport) provided transportation to the docks where ships docked. This was Hertz and don't know if they still do but it worked out great for us.
  14. You mean things such as not getting out of dock because the winds were too strong and Crystal hadn't arranged for tugs - sat for 5 hours waiting for tugs. Or missing Halifax because of the delay leaving Iceland but having actually passed Halifax hours before we were to land. Or getting to NY and waiting for hours to get ship cleared, etc.
  15. I've said this in the past - the Passenger Vessel act (or whatever it is called) that requires foreign port stops should be cancelled or at for some period of time (as it has been for Alaska). I think cruise lines could be doing East Coast trips with various city stops and avoid going way out in the ocean during hurricane season. The rule is, to me, stupid anyway and there are ways to protect the small ships that currently do those cruises.
  16. It should not be allowed to post pictures such as those unless only viewable to those on one of the ships. I think I gain a pound every time I look at this board. Yes, I'm jealous
  17. Roy, Ocean certainly didn't look like that on our trip back to the US. But weather is one of the uncertainties of ocean voyages.
  18. Thanks, you summarized so much of what makes Crystal so great. In spite of all the challenges these days the staff still delivers the fantastic Crystal experience.
  19. Not in L.A. but we've done the hotel and transport in several cities. We've also booked the hotel on our own (cheaper) and the transportation from Crystal. Where we did that there was a Crystal desk at the hotel to check into. Even though we weren't staying at part of Crystal we were treated the same. Notices to our room, took luggage from us when we were going to check out, etc. It was a typical Crystal experience. This isn't always available since sometimes the hotels are sold out other than via Crystal but doing the transportation via Crystal is worth it to us.
  20. Great news. Now I wonder when, on the bottom link on the website when you click on live views it still says the fleet is "sleeping". You can get to each ships live views from each ship section but not from the link on the bottom of the pages. Oh well the web site has never been the Crystal strength
  21. People should also be aware that the seas can remain quite rough even after the storm has passed by. Not impossible but can certainly limit moving around and activity.
  22. We did the millennium cruise from Auckland to LA (hard to believe more that 20 years ago). Due to great planning we had 2 New Years days - one on each side of the date line. Crystal did totally different celebrations with different decorations etc. One was formal and one was casual. They were great and made a special trip even more special.
  23. We have those plates - from last picture bought them on the ship. Now I'm going to have to find them.
  24. Whether it is gouging or not - or worth the price or not for many it is just too expensive for them. We all make decisions about what we do with our lives and can we afford want we really want to do. Obviously, I haven't done the Endeavor yet but would I want that experience vs. 2 (or more) regular Crystal cruises. It is a decision we have to all make. One of the reasons we don't do PH cabins is because we can do more cruises in a regular cabin vs. PH. We spend as little time in our cabins as possible so we don't suffer. Whether it is worth is is a decision unique to each and we will all make that
  25. Sounds to me as Crystal has done an excellent job and the crew is the best part as always. I wonder what level of management decides on the size of toilets?
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