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  1. Went for a walk on our favourite local-ish beach on Thursday. Beautiful weather. Even a few people swimming. Probably one of the last warm days now, weather forecast is predicting rain and cool temperatures for the next two weeks Sue
  2. 😂hubby had a baseball cap years ago with a very similar acronym to the last line
  3. As far as I know this is the first season it's been charged ex UK. Will be interesting to see if they continue the charge when it back to USA
  4. Hope you have a lovely cruise. Come back and tell us how it went
  5. My first one next March. Women use to get it at 60 but state pension recently changed to same as men at 66 so I've had to wait an extra 6 years before I get my first credit
  6. Not covid but similar story to ours. Hubby was trying to get his commercial pilots licence, had over 1000 hours as pilot in command in his log book . Was a flying instructor, but we ran out of time and money. It was the early 90's and because of a bad recession nobody was hiring pilots. Children came along and we had to give up his dream, but ....... It all came good as the criteria for flight planners was (then) either to have a professional flying qualification or aviation qualifications, which he had both. So it helped him get a job he always wanted. Airlines are beginning to hire, but unfortunately in the airline business a lot of its who you know . I hope she finds her dream job soon
  7. Its been very bad for aviation everywhere. That and events, hospitality and live music and theatre. But airlines are starting to rehire now, though usually on worse terms and conditions.
  8. I lived there as a very young child for three years, and my eldest had a summer job there between school and university, so we visited then. But its been more than 10 years ....
  9. Yes ours is on Beyond, and it was Malta that swayed it for us too. We booked with our airline interline travel agents (your son who works in airlines may know) they offer the basic cruise without the 'Always included' extras, though we did prepay gratuities. We get the Elite happy hour drinks, otherwise we'll just pay as we go. For a brand new ship we were happy with the price, much better than Wonder OTS which we were also looking at The airline travel agent doesn't offer refundable deposits though.
  10. Talking about cruising @dani negreanu We booked a couple of cruises yesterday for next year, and I think one is the same as you are on (according to the roll call). Will be lovely to maybe meet you and your hubby after all this chatting, covid willing 😊
  11. Us too, a trip down under (our first) was a dream retirement holiday but retirements' come and gone and we spent it in the UK...
  12. Spent the weekend on the Thames. Probably only one or two more trips out until we put the boat away for the winter. Found out yesterday that both locks either side of our marina are going to be closed for work from 01nov till march so nowhere to go even if we get a mild winter
  13. Still wonderful, I would love to live by the sea Our nearest beach is about an hour and half away The weather forecast is for one more week of autumn sunshine and then into bad weather and winter not far away.
  14. Nala, Alex has a close African connection and its an African name. I think it was the name of the cub in Lion King too
  15. Our youngest son and DIL brought home their newest member of the family today, a golden retriever pup
  16. Fabulous that you had some good weather, think it's going to be good this week too. But worrying that darn covid slipped thru the protocols , wonder if they caught it in one of the ports. Wonder if RC have a system to report cases once the cruise is finished . Even if just for their own records
  17. Thanks for another great 'live' thread John. Hope everything goes OK with the sale of your condo. Are you buying another?
  18. Wow, like the church on top of the hill in mama Mia. Can't wait to see your step count today 😀
  19. Great pictures Crystal, stunning scenery. It's crazy there are so many wonderful places in Europe on our doorstep and we don't go enough. Though I've has Greek stops on cruises its probably been 20 years or more since we had a holiday there and yet it's so close and easy to get to from the UK
  20. Sorry you had such a bad crossing, was the weather bad, big waves? Or do you think its always a rough crossing. How did you pick which islands to go to ? Did you have a prearranged itinerary or do all the research yourself. Its something I would like to do but it's a bit daunting knowing which islands to see
  21. Ha ha, that was my old boss's answer to everything. Enjoy your cruise, will follow with interest
  22. It's usually on the first page of the Royal Caribbean boards
  23. We were also very happy with them (celebrity cruise). Professional covid secure test at hotel near Heathrow, results through within 24 hours
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