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  1. On 11/28/2006 at 11:42 AM, flowerchild said:

    My first cruise ever was out of Miami on the Caribe in July 1985 when I was 18 yo. It was my parents and my sister and I in one cabin and although I remember it to be rather small, I dont remember much else except for bunk beds! I remember it as being elegant, sophisticated and oh so grown up...the itinerary included San Juan, PR, Port Au Prince, Haiti, St. Thomas, and the DR. Living in Miami most of my life, docking in Haiti was very exciting for me as I saw my first mountain landscape!! Does anyone remember this itinerary? You never forget your first cruise...

    We did this cruise in Oct, 85! See my post here....

  2. On 5/1/2018 at 5:28 PM, Jerryfriendly said:


    I worked as a photographer in 1985 most of the year. First stop Cap Hatien, Haiti excursion was up to the Citadel on donkeys. Tuesday was San Juan, Wednesday St.Thomas, Thursday Puerto Plata, DR. Fell in love every week for a week until the next cruise......Fond memories

    Wow, you might have taken pictures of my girlfriend at the time (now my wife!) and a large group we were with! It was 1985, same ports as you listed above! My 'wife' and I won the dance contest, lol! It was during October, I loved Octoberfest on the ship! Free beer and Schnitzel's for an hour!! I would love to be 18 and have free beer again, lol! And be able to dance all night, lol! My wife's older roommates would get upset when she got in at about 2 am, lol!!


    Funny, I just found a pic of us!!




    Referred to as the “International Urban Cruise Ship”, Princess Kaguya was supposed to set sail in 2012, but constructions never even started. Developed by Ocean Silk Road, it was to be built at Aker Yards under Japan Contents Network's supervision. Princess Kaguya is a project for a 1,640 foot long ship, the length of five football fields, accommodating 8,400 passengers in 3,610 cabins, and 4,000 crew members on its 20 decks. The 450,000 tons ship was designed with diesel electric propulsion that would ensure a cruising speed of 20 knots. Princess Kaguya was meant to be a floating hotel, with three independent hotels onboard, a shopping mall, convention hall, sports events hall, concert hall, and 50 restaurants, but the project was abandoned due to size and cost.


  4. ....And the cruising continues, lol! I'll be on the Symphony in May! Have to make up for the lost days on the Allure! And yes, my friend is going, however my son is now 21 and won't need a 'sitter', lol! We'll be going over this post to make sure that we are ready!


    So glad that this has helped many, I no longer feel that I wasted my time in telling this story. I had so many flamers in my original post, that it was starting to become a chore in writing about this ordeal. Now I know that writing this was not a waste of my time.


    Thanks all, and happy and SAFE travels!

  5. On 3/23/2019 at 6:15 AM, bobmacliberty said:

    Great review so far.  Our kids are now 23 and 21, so I'm about 10-12 years ahead of you.  I had forgotten about picky eaters and 9 year old logic. Made for interesting challenges when on vacation.  My daughters now eat (and drink) almost anything, which makes for a very different vacation experience.  They grow up fast.  Looking forward to the rest of your review.

    Funny, my boys started cruising when they were 3 and 9. When we went on cruises, we had them try foods that they would never, ever order nor try. Fish, escargot, frog legs, alligator, etc. Because of this, my kids have always tasted and loved ALL kinds of foods. They are now 20 and 26 and still enjoy cruising and eating, lol! I also tell my newbie cruise friends to widen out and try new stuff that they would never order in a restaurant while they are cruising, you never know what you might like!

  6. Our last cruise was our first time on NCL (approx 20 cruises)... We loved the late night dance parties! And, the bars open all night! We too have noticed that the bands have disappeared on CCL.. I hope we're not disappointed in May when we go on the Symphony... If we are, then I think we found our new go-to cruise line, NCL!

  7. 23 hours ago, tennislvr8 said:

    I went back and re-read those. Again I don't see flaming, I also don't have thin skin. The comment about the age, that was plain idiotic. The others weren't the nicest. 

    I'm not thin skinned either... I guess this is just the way people speak to one another these days and it's become the norm... 'Say as you please' instead of 'think before you speak'... I'll get off my high horse, lol.... 😉 Any move to another thread.

  8. 2 hours ago, tennislvr8 said:

    She wasn't flamed. No one was rude to her. Since when did we become a society that can't have a conversation or disagreement or question respectfully? That's what was done here, no one has been mean or rude to the OP, some have respectfully questioned her story. If anyone feels that's flaming, then perhaps posting on social media isn't for you. 

    I'm not going to go thru each posting, but if you feel that 32, 34 and 37 are not 'flaming', then IDK what to say... I guess rude/mean has a different meaning to you... I agree with you 100% on having a RESPECTABLE convo/disagreement. But that's not always the case here on CC.   

  9. 11 minutes ago, RedwingHockeyFan said:


    Nice, but you would have to adjust the prices per drink to NCL prices because some of them are too low.

    Yuuup..... I guess users can just update the prices to their drink of choice... Or there might be a NCL spreadsheet out there...

  10. So sad that as to what CC has become (not CC in general, but some of the people on CC)... Fellow cruisers go out of there way to report issues for the sake of others... and then they get flamed! If you don't like what's being posted, move on to another thread! No need to flame someone that has taken the time to help fellow cruisers! How many of us have seen something that isn't right and never said anything?! I know I'm guilty of this!


    Anyhow, thanks Op for the heads up! I'll be on SOS in May and I'll definitely be looking out! Glad that your mother is feeling better. My mom is 71 and she has another 20/30 years of cruising left in her!


    Cruise on!

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