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  1. Celebrity’s wine list has always been spectacular! They just don’t actually have any of the wines on said list!
  2. I don’t understand their up charges. Macallan Quest is $16 up charge and Highland Park 12yr is $17? The Quest sells for around $110 and the Highland Park $60. Makes no sense. Yacht Club would actually save money it they let us bring our own bottle onboard! Will be boarding Seascape in 2 weeks and no matter the liquor choice in YC I will have a fabulous cruise!
  3. I bought some Macallan scotch and some Royal Salute scotch. I ran out of both so had to book another cruise. I had quite a bit of OBC.
  4. I was also on the Divina in late 2021. I also thought Arthur and Kulnal was an outstanding combo!
  5. You can’t always get reservations. On the Beyond they told me Eden and the steak restaurant were not available.
  6. Simple solution is to just stop selling dining packages or let you make a reservation when you purchase them.
  7. Then they shouldn’t sell these dining packages if you can’t make a reservation. If they let you make the reservation when you purchase the package that would be different.
  8. When I asked for a refund they somehow found availability at the two restaurants they told me were booked solid. I don’t know why they sell these dining packages knowing full well half the restaurants will be sold out or you have to eat at 5. When we did go to the ‘sold out’ Eden there were at least 7 empty tables and we were there for 1 1/2 hrs.
  9. If you get a dining package you can’t make reservations till you board. By then some restaurants have nothing available and some only 5:00 available. I don’t know why they do this but they do. I told them to cancel my 5 night package on a 9 night Beyond and then they called my room and they had miraculously found availability.
  10. Thank you for this wonderful live report! I was on for the 12 night Mardi Gras in February and was pleasantly surprised how good the MDR was. Happy future sailing!
  11. I think Michael’s Club as is is ten times nicer than the grey and white blah retreat lounge.
  12. I wear white, black and blue jeans in the Caribbean at night on all my cruises. Never hot while inside a cruise ship. Their AC makes it cool every night.
  13. Because it is one of the most fun things to do! Try it, it is called silent ‘disco’ because of the headphones. Only a handful of disco songs.
  14. They told us that too but we went between 7 and 8. Got a beeper some of the time, had a cocktail and it the beeper would go off.
  15. Concierge cabins aren’t necessarily in the best location anymore. I had one that was far from everything. It was the last Concierge I did. It was a $25 dollar bid up but I should have stayed in my original veranda.
  16. I grew up in New England and we always had lobster, corn on the cob and Wise potato chips. I still have those as sides. I ate at LPC on the Constellation last month and the lobster was delicious!
  17. The only benefit of concierge class that I could tell was the embarkation lunch. The cabins aren’t in great locations anymore. The YC is comparable (and in most cases such as not Edge class) so much better than the retreat. Concierge class is the biggest rip off of any cabin.
  18. My husband and I both have nasty colds (not Covid though, had that at Christmas). I will say I really enjoyed this cruise and the MDR food was fantastic. Nice surprise!
  19. I went a few times but they never did have the Kale Martini which is actually very delicious. I do like the ice top much better than the Edge Class.
  20. I thought about Silversea but will not give Royal Caribbean Group any more money. It’s like switching from Celebrity to Royal.
  21. I drink scotch and bourbon but no way will I pay those prices listed on Cellar Masters menu! Not one decent scotch or bourbon in the premium liquor package range. I have 2 more cruises booked (number 43 and 44 with Celebrity) and that is it. First time I have more MSC YC booked than Celebrity.
  22. We bought the 5 night specialty dining package on our 9 night Beyond last October. It was a nightmare trying to get reservations once onboard. I finally told them to cancel the whole package and they miraculously came up with availability in all the specialty restaurants. Originally they said Eden was completely full for the whole cruise and all others had 5 or 5:30 times available. We ended up eating at each restaurant at 8 or 8:30 which is our preferred time. And Eden was only 1/2 full during our 2 hour meal!
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