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  1. So, I am returning to Princess after a few years away cruising on other cruise lines. My question, what is left in the room for passenger comfort and convenience? No coffee pot (I did not remember if they had them or not), no chair, no table in the cabin. Seems they are stripped bare other than a bed, a small desk and a desk chair which is not really for comfort when sitting. Lots of standing room I would imagine. ☺ Safe sailing all!
  2. I usually bring some type of chocolate candy for the cabin.😊
  3. Your writing style is enjoyable, well done. Very glad you and the other passengers overall did ok with the ship listing. Looking forward to the rest of your review, cheers. ☺πŸ₯‚
  4. Yes, that was an option too. The line was too long at GS for me....😊
  5. That's about right, they told me 4-6weeks. Got it in 4.
  6. No offense, you are only expressing your opinion. Totally agree, there are cruise lines we will not take and others that are next at the bottom of the list. Princess is that for us, no offense. It isn't just about the food. The whole thing is not for us. IMHO. ☺
  7. I have had 'shameful' food on every cruise line I have been on, even in the up-charge venues; I did say food was subjective. There is always something to eat; we do not expect gourmet level food on a mainstream cruiseline. The vanilla comment was made because we thought there was not much to do on sea days and what was offered was weak entertainment, again subjective. ALL mainstream cruise lines charge extra for things. In fact the first up-charge restaurant we ever went to while cruising was on Princess. We had never run across that before. When we cruise on NCL we usually do not have anything on our ship bill so we do not believe we need to buy extra things to have fun. Safe sailing!😊
  8. I have been both cruise lines and both ships. I would take NCL but that is my preference for type of cruising. We call Princess the 'vanilla' cruise line. Not much variety in things to do and the last time the quality of food had deteriorated. Now I realize that food is very subjective so my opinion probably shouldn't matter. That said the food on NCL is the same as Princess, IMHO. The cruisers on Princess also tend to be elderly and sedate; not sure what you are looking for. IMO, in regards to cost, Princess is very over priced to pay for vanilla. 😊 Good luck with your choice.....
  9. You are a very kind person. ☺ Very glad to read this here today, I recently read some nasty posts toward some cruisers that were put into a tough experience through no fault of their own. May you be reward ten-fold.
  10. Hello Mr., (poster from the NCL board here)! I read your fantastic review. It is a heart warming tribute to a good friend. 😊 This is very relevant to me because I will be taking my first Oasis class cruise this April; the Oasis TA. I now will go and find your other reviews. Really looking forward to the cruise more than ever! You are a gentleman and a (cruise) scholar in your willingness to share all of these cruises with others. You are also a good writer...…. Enjoy your next cruise, as I know you will. Many of us wish we could live your life and cruise frequently. My thanks! Caron
  11. Thanks for the first hand knowledge! How was your ship, isn't it a new one?😊 Hope you had/have a great cruise.
  12. I still like reading a paper book so I bring 2-3 with on a cruise. Yes, I leave them for others. They are not thrown away, they are left in the libraries for others to read. I do not like the e-readers at all. Way too much screen time that put a strain on my eyes. Especially with all of the other screens we look at all of the time. I'd rather have a book in my hand then a tablet. Just my preference and comfort level. To those who insist on the tablets for reading are the only way to go - No need to disparage people because you are not in agreement with their choices. (This is how it is coming across in your posts.) There are still a good amount of people that read paper books. 😊
  13. No brand loyalty here either. We look at itinerary and price. Also, not all cruise lines go every where. Have sailed all of the main stream lines so we know what we are getting when we book. IMHO they pretty much all are the same; one not more outstanding than the other. Enjoy the perks when we get them but do not choose cruise line based on them. 😊
  14. OT comment... Hi Glenn, I say good for you! I am also a solo traveler and do not go the frugal route simply because I don't want to or have to. I am also low key when I travel even though it is higher end. As an example that you also do, I always fly first/business. 😊 Go and enjoy, the Med is a great cruise!
  15. IMHO it is subjective and depends on what you like. Some of the perks on some lines, I am not interested in. And all of the perks on each line are not listed here either. ☺
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