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  1. Actually a 50% effectiveness of a vaccine is considered pretty good clinical significance which is also considered in the overall picture and analysis, not only stats . Best case if the data in research is statistcally significant but some aren't. Also the rigur and robustness of the study design are looked at. Most of the flu vaccines we get once a year are less than that. Covid vaccine may be an annual just like the flu. When the vaccines become available they will be well tested. It does not do a pharm company any good to put out a bad, untested product, the company would be ruine
  2. I find it really interesting on these types of comments regarding any handling of an unprecidented global pandemic. Lots of seemingly very uneducated opinions; education by the media is worthless. No one, including any leadership, science, physician experts know. They are really giving educated opinions on what to do and how things should be done. Not one person on this earth knows how this virus will act, decisions can only be made on what is seen on how the virus behaves. To blame those that are willing to step up and deal with this horror is disrespectful and quite shameful. It d
  3. @CSHS1979, this is very funny! These questions are on the same level of the current media; replace ATTORNEY with a MEDIA PERSON. Same mentality.....
  4. Really good point! Can't blame the cruise line for passengers lack of knowledge going into the vacation, it is all well written out for passengers before booking and boarding. 😊
  5. Good summary however this applies to every mainstream cruiseline. IMO; I have cruised with most. Good advice to do your research, there are always people that want everything and don't want to pay for it yet expect others to. Stay safe!
  6. No, the Florida government is incompetent. Look at the cruise ships left floating with people that are USA citizens that needed help. The Florida government made it a totally business and a non-humanitarian situation. Very sad and quite reprehensible. It is still ongoing as proven by the currently reported data on the COVID19 cases. I am sad for you. Please be safe.
  7. Nope. Based on pandemic, epidemic and epidimiological principles and data collection, your rationale does not work. You are comparing apples to oranges. A cruise ship is not the same situation as any of those you listed. Prevention practices of an ongoing pandemic etc. is never really based on the general population either. They are situational.
  8. Nope, none of what you are guessing is based on fact. It is more complex than just the passengers being allowed on a ship, not sure why this hard to understand for some.
  9. I agree. I am in healthcare and quite surprised at the chosen ignorance of quite a lot of people in the USA. I was a very sad thing to watch as NYC went through their crisis with the COVID 19 virus tragedy. I believe many states learned from that; it was having to do with having an infrastructure in place to accommodate the population in NYC. It did not appear there was enough. Lots of misinformation (I blame the media) and blame. Every state has what they have. They also got hit early on in the Pandemic when it hit the USA; really NO ONE knew about anything and how it was to
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