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  1. How does a person know the dry dock schedules? Where are they located so a rookie knows? I have been cruising over 30 years and do not know this. 😏
  2. This is fantastic!! My thanks to all, especially Steff79! She looks beautiful, I know I saw my cabin.☺
  3. Hi OP, I am in the same camp as you are. I have been booking cruises for about 30 years and have never found a TA that worked for me. I have tried quite a few, you are not alone. That said, I have really not found a TA that gave me the perks that people have stated on here. I believe the variables are all different and that makes a big difference. Have booked with a big on-line agency with good perks but had to pay for any changes; they never watched for price decreases even though they were asked Have tried to book with a big-box store; I do not need store gift cards Have tried to book with an online agency that wanted me to lie to the cruise line to get the price and the perks; not doing that! When and where the cruise goes to makes a big difference in offers Worked with an agency that said they were the lowest (military) but refused to match even though they said they would When I worked local, had to chase OBC they 'gave' to us after the cruise A well advertised here online agency was so bad they were never able to find my cruise in their database; I worked directly with the cruiseline which indicated this is a usual problem with that agency I now work with the cruiselines which has been great in my experience. IMHO, a no hassel experience if something goes wrong, and I have had major issue with a cruise (Oasis of the Seas crane crashing on the ship), has always been good. I now feel that the risk of not being able to rely on a TA is not worth it; not worth the hassel. Best of luck OP. 😊
  4. I am still not sure why the money was put back into the bank account in the first place; did I miss that? Was it not accepted for payment ever? If not, why not? Seems there are some background issues. Good luck....😊
  5. We booked a hotel in Miami through them and then were told they were going out of business. Had no trouble getting our money back through our CC. I know this is old but want people to know it turned out well for thise who were doing business with this company, in case there are still challenges. It may be your credit card.
  6. Sorry, this is a bit off topic... We are on the Star to Hawaii this Dec over Christmas/NY. We get there over Christmas; did this happen to anyone else? If so what was open? Like restaurants, bars, shops? Any help is appreciated.
  7. I agree with cherylandtk. Thank you very much for bringing this up! Even though it was discussed before not everyone sits on CC (not sure why not though 😊) and would know this change. Some on CC are not happy when topics are repeated but I am in the boat of any information, no matter when it is shared, is good information. I don't believe any poster here is in charge of whether topics are repeated or not. 😎 Safe sailing!
  8. Thanks for the update OP. I am glad you followed through here to help others that also had questions. It does appear that some posters have comprehension issues. I am not convinced that the PCC behavior is not reportable to his superiors. This could be construed as some sort of fraud and more than likely the company does not want this type of behavior going on in their business. I know I would not. Very poor customer service, the onus is on the customer to cancel it even though they did not order it. Some times the NCL receipt does not get sent, it just happened to me. You would have never known. JMHO.
  9. I would be curious too. IMHO this is not really blowing this up. There may be some misinformation on her account that needs to be clarified. Thank you OP for sharing this concern as it may help others.
  10. I just found this offer when I went on line to check to see if my cruise price had dropped. I was very pleasantly surprised!! I saved $1600 on a PC cruise Nov 2020 and added the DP as a perk. I am thrilled....😊 I came to CC to report this if it hadn't been mentioned and low and behold I am the one out of the loop! No double points but am PP so no matter, no OBC either. I am ok with that considering how much I saved. ETA- I booked the cruise online and called and cancelled the original booking. Safe cruising all!!
  11. Oh my gosh, a world cruise is on the bucket list! I am jealous...very nice price! Have a great time, I have read that every world cruise cruise line does a great job.😊 How special for you. I have been on a Oasis class ship, it seemed crowded all over to me but not to that extent. I am sure it was an event which I would not attended.
  12. I am Platinum Plus so we use the free dinners each cruise. Have never had an issue. I do always ask the waiter what is included because I know it can vary with the restaurant and the waiter. They are always willing to tell me and we often get extras.....😊 YMMV.
  13. I am thinking the $20 difference between the drinks total when in port.
  14. Hi OP, So sorry that this happened to you. When I read your post you did say you tried to solve the issue on board and believed what the NCL people told you. You were basically lied to by the Guest Services desk people, sad to say this is not uncommon. Not sure how you would have known that. Also, I have cruised many times and been charged in port drink taxes, never $20 for the tax no matter where we were! I have been given upcharge booze but how would you know if you did not get a tab/receipt? I challenged the bartender immediately and then mentioned this on my post cruise survey, with his name. The bartenders name would be on the charge to you, in the computer so NCL would be able to tell who it was. I hope you get this resolved and take the good advice that some here have given. Please ignore the unsolicited comments which are not related at all to your concerns, you will easily recognize them. This is an ongoing issue here on CC and new members are, unfortunately, disparaged because they do not know everything already. I hope you give cruising another chance as it is a very great time....good luck.☺
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