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  1. A new lagoon, called Sky Lagoon, located in Kársnes Harbour, Kópavogur, just a few minutes from Reykjavik is slated to open this Spring. I have never been there. It's another option for spending your free time if it opens by the time your cruise takes place. It's a different experience than the Blue Lagoon.
  2. It has been a while but we used Oceania air with the deviation and chose our own flights arriving early and staying on Moorea afterwards. We came from the east coast on a domestic flight and transferred to Air Tahiti Nui in Los Angeles. Those that used O air came in late the day of sailing. At that time time, O put you on Air Tahiti Nui or one of their charters. Response to the charter wasn't great. As previously mentioned, if you can do it then come in a day or two early and get acclimated. All of this may have changed. Also, flight back home from Tahiti leave late at night. The
  3. Oceania has always had astronomical excursion pricing compared to what you can do on your own and other cruise lines. However, many cruisers enjoy the security of a ship tour and getting back to the ship on time and I can understand that. If the ship cruise is delayed, they will wait. Prior to to Olife, the roll call boards were very active and you could always find independent tours to share.
  4. I was wondering the same thing. Where will all these cruise line ships stay for the non-sailing duration?
  5. My friends were due to cruise on the Celebrity Millennium in April to Japan. They received the following communication from Celebrity and their TA.
  6. We flew in and out of Reykjavik from JFK on Icelandair. Icelandair is pretty basic in economy but for us the flight was not long. This was a land trip and we rented a car and stayed 12 days. Iceland is spectacular and if your timing and resources allow, you should stay longer and drive the ring road. So many people just stay in Reykjavik and do day trips and it doesn't do justice to this beautiful country. As previously mentioned, Icelandair allows you to stay up to 7 days in Iceland as part of the layover. All of Icelandair flights lay over in Reykjavik. There are other carriers that go in
  7. We took a private car service from San Basilio to the airport. Getting from San Basilio to Maritema is another matter. You can take the vaporettos. The small ships (like the R ships) do not necessarily always dock at San Basilio anymore. Ships like Windstar, large private yachts etc will go there and if the pier is full the smaller ships go to Maritemo.
  8. I took pictures from the train. I just open the window and slid it down. The weather was good so no rain or snow coming through. I also took pictures from the section between the cars. I have no pics through glass.
  9. Thanks for the advice. That's a lot of work to find out arrival and departure times for a cruise.
  10. How does one find out the arrival and departure times of the ship when looking at the Viking Oceans web page for a specific cruise? They list only the day and not the times? How long we are in port is of importance to me but I can't find it anywhere for cruises in 2020. Thanks.
  11. Wonderful review. Please accept my sympathy on the loss of your wife. I too lost may husband and travel partner March 2018. Traveling now is different but still a wonderful adventure. Just completed a 12 day road trip in June in Iceland with 3 friends and had a magnificent time. I am glad you a had a great time and hope you continue on this travel journey.
  12. I think you accurately and very well summarized the situation. When I started sailing on Oceania in 2008 I raved about the line to one and all and it was our go to cruise line. Times have changed and so has Oceania. It is in the mix but no longer a first choice. If you look at the reviews on CC over the years they tell the same story. In the beginning, all the reviews were stellar and now they have declined significantly. Today it it a matter of itinerary and value before I consider Oceania whereas in the past I wouldn't have reason to really look at another cruise line. I have noticed cost cu
  13. Florence is a lovely city even if the museums are closed. There is an express train from Livorno if you wish to take the train. Just make sure it is not a holiday since the trains runs on a different schedule. Our first trip we took a "Florence on your Own" tour from Oceania that left us off at Santa Croce and of course a leather shop. Not worth the money. The second time we took the train to Pisa and then Lucca which is very nice.
  14. This is where we stayed as well. Not on Circular Quay but we liked it a lot. Lots of restaurants etc. Apartment had washer and dryer and full kitchen.
  15. We stayed at the Manava Beach Resort twice in a bungalow with a small private pool (not over the water). You can walk to "town" from here and to other restaurants. We stayed in an apartment in Sydney so can't help with that location.
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