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  1. I have done the 10 day twice now and there has been family's onboard both times ...not a lot but enough to notice.
  2. They denied me when I booked through the Casino offers, 5 different cruises... my Siblings were denied as well... but I will send in the request in every time just in case, you never know, I hope you get some.
  3. casino and shops are closed and about half of the bars... food is open as usual...pools and spa are open....shows and games like trivia is pretty close to nothing. I enjoy staying on the ship during ports Catalina I dont get off and Ensenada i go grab some tacos for lunch then back on....
  4. well I guess you can say the last 8 cruises were free from the casino that alone is a huge win.... but the gambling part from all of these cruises, im about even after all expenses... thanks to a few straight flushes on Face up hold em.
  5. I just did the 1/30 sailing and I missed Deon! SO SO much...I felt sorry for Alex he just looked so awkward all the time...
  6. https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/6519/kw/pepsi products Beverages Included in Bottomless Bubbles Package Pepsi Diet Pepsi Pepsi Zero Sugar Caffeine Free Pepsi Diet Pepsi Caffeine Free Sierra Mist Sierra Mist Zero Sugar Mug Root Beer Mountain Dew Diet Mountain Dew Bubly Lime Sparkling Water Bubly Blackberry Sparkling Water
  7. on the Radiance 2 weeks ago 8 cartons for $330 they were the buy 3 get1 deal
  8. the expiration date was today 2/18 for 10 of the 17 i had... I think they took them off a day early...Tomorrow or Monday we will get a brand new list of deals I just hope there better then the last
  9. I was looking today at the VIFP Club info and this changed from the last time i noticed it First off I got off of the Radiance today, and I am Platinum. Since they started sailing again from covid, they have been giving $25 cash or free play chips or $25 in free slot play. instead of having Tournaments. I have sailed 7 or 8 times since they started up again not all of them Platinum, but i have been with Platinum and this has always (including 4 days ago) been the same. Today i am looking and it reads Casino Buy one Get one free Tournament. Blackjack or Slots Only... instead of free Tournament Entry When did they change this? sorry if i missed the posting I was on a cruise...lol
  10. fun play chips play until you lose them on tables, and on slots the winning can be cashed out when ever you want but the remainder of the free play credits will remain on your card until you play them off.
  11. AARP has them $500 for $450 or $100 for $90 there is I think a 5 limit per month and you have to be a member. Allstate has a discount also but i am not sure how it works, I do know there is a hoop to jump threw to get it and it is the same price as AARP.
  12. Yes .... all names that are linked will show up when you put your ready to eat info in the hub. it will list the names just check the box of who will be eating with you...
  13. If you have not been to San Francisco before go there...spend time before or after the cruise.. there one of my favorite places on the planet....Long Beach ehhh! ...lots to do In Los Angeles and the surrounding areas but not even close to the beautiful sights of the Bay
  14. I was on the 6th floor and loved the location...
  15. Miracle is a little smaller and like 2100 to 2500 full and the Radiance is 2800 to 3400 full... and the Radiance is not very user friendly very chopped up and hard to get around...the Spirit class is by far my favorite... I've been on the Radiance twice since it has been in Long Beach.. neither one a bad cruise but far from the best.... first was a complete booze cruise 3 day weekend ...second during the week 4 day and much better... I will never do a 3 day cruise again...... I've been on the Miracle 4 times since the start up and once after the dry dock, they did a great job on her all new carpet and changed the Casino around a bit...im sure you will enjoy the Miracle on future cruises... but dont rule out the Radiance in the future ...plus the Panorama out of Long Beach is awesome! but even bigger... it has more dinning options...
  16. if you are booked with one of those free casino cabins you will not get the OBC... I got it on the Plan now and Play later deals.... but not the Jackpot deal or the free cruise deals
  17. Family Reunion cruise coming up and I am trying to help family members, its there first cruise. When I checked in my last cruise 2 weeks ago i noticed that they allowed State Enhanced Drivers license as a form of ID they don't have there passports but they do have Birth Certificates. I advised them to bring it, and they will. but my question is.. you guest it... can they just use the state ID now on a closed end loop cruise? and if so has anyone done this yet? Carnivals website says it is an approved WHTI Compliant document. if this topic has been talked about prior sorry i missed it. Thanks in Advance....
  18. they had the triple zero wheel for a minute before the pandemic, I saw it on he Inspiration, and I never saw a player play on it.. they also had the roulette machine and it was packed every night...it had the normal 0 and 00 I have been on 3 other ships since and not seen it again, I asked a host about it and they said they threw it overboard.. lol
  19. the Texas hold"em game is actually called Heads up Hold"em.. played pretty close to the same only 3X before flop instead of 4X... two different sides bets one is a ace face it pays 5 to1 on a pocket pair, 10 to1 on ace face. 20 to 1 on ace face suited, and pocket aces get 25 to 1, other side bet pays on a full house or more cant remember the name but it pays well on quads or better 100 to1. I dont normally play that one but did have $1 on a straight flush and got $500 bonus...
  20. from my experience and not 100% sure how Carnival does it. your rated on your average bet and time played so $50 is $50, now with that said some casinos will not allow that action, but 90% will... because each section IE red and then Black have its separate set of odds if green hits you lose both...I am a Casino Pit Manager and would not encourage anyone to ever bet that way... its a ass kicking in the makin... were I work we do allow players to bet both sides on roulette and craps but not Baccarat if the casino did not have a house edge they would not allow it...if you win it is because of luck... pure and simple. If your doing it to get a higher rating with less risk your playing with a loaded gun...
  21. it will show you the people that are linked to your bookings and you just click the box of the person you want to chat... what i have done in the past is one group chat for everyone to let people know what time is dinner etc. and you can break it down from there to whomever you want to chat with... well worth the $5 for me. Question 2 sorry not sure.
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