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  1. Thanks. Must be using my phone that is my issue.
  2. Decided to cancel last Saturday for October 3rd cruise. Request handled very well by CCL rep. Given a full refund, no hassle at all. Then the next day received an email stating that our excursion was also canceled and we would be getting a full refund for that as well. Everything well done from CCL.
  3. Just checked on October sailing out of New Orleans on the Glory. No longer shows. Only shows sailings out of New Orleans starting in December on the Valor. I used my phone so don't know if would impact anything. We had to cancel this cruise last Saturday so will not impact us but was wondering.
  4. Thank you, that is our plan.
  5. I just spent a total of maybe 15 minutes on the phone with CCL. 2 with the rep who answered the phone, 7 on hold waiting for a customer service supervisor and the last last 6 minutes with her. The service was great. We were given a FULL refund back to our credit card. I was stunned but very happy with the results. We will definitely be booking with them again .
  6. I am sure this has been asked but cannot find. Given al the restrictions thinking of canceling our October 3rd cruise. Are the penalties the same as pre pandemic times or different now? TIA
  7. Kathy I am on another forum with many people who live in New Orleans . We were there in March. Taxi from airport to hotel was a fixed rate of $36.00. People who live there are saying it remains the same at this time. We always take a taxi rather than share a shuttle and have to make multiple stops. Enjoy your trip.
  8. Yes seems we have a doctor here in northern California that has been writing a "medical exemption" for anyone who wants one. State medical board is now looking into his practice. Also have a pastor of a large church writing religious exemptions for anyone who wants one werther they attend his church or any church. There are people out there willing to give folks what they want based on their own beliefs.
  9. Are they doing the rapid test for sure? Most CVS in our area are not. Very disappointing and stress causing.
  10. May I ask where you are in California? We are up outside Sacramento and having trouble finding CVS or WALGREENS that are doing rapid testing. Was referred to one about 40 miles away and was told it would cost $138.00 for each of us. We get all our meds at WALGREENS and we're told they do not do rapid tests at all in California.
  11. Yes we went to 3 different CVS in different cities and no Rapid Test. One finally gave me the address for a CVS at least 30 miles away that does them with an appointment and a cost $138.00. Walgreens where is get all our meds filled said that none of them are doing the Rapid Test. They also said that the test is not legal in CA so not trusting their information. We don't need until September 30th so will keep looking. We could wait until we get to New Orleans but I am not sure I want to take that chance.
  12. Now you are talking. It is so hard to tell from the computer pictures. We are in GS on the Glory in October but I think the ships are much different so not sure that will help. We do Junior Suites on RC and suites on Princess. Those are the three lines we had been sailing before the plague took over.
  13. Thank you all for your responses. We started cruising 1988 (I know we are newbies.) We have sailed several lines. Some that have even long gone out business. We pick different lines based on different reasons. I don't want to get in trouble here but it does appear that maybe the loyalty perks on RC are a bit better than CCL. Although RC seems to maybe lowering theirs. RC has always had a loyalty ambassador on board so that is why I asked about CCL. Again thank you and Happy Sailing to everyone.
  14. We are thinking of booking a cruise for next May. Wondering if we are better off booking by calling direct or if CCL has staff on board that do future booking with added perks? Have done this on RC but not CCL. TIA
  15. Thinking of booking a cruise for next May. Know nothing about this ship but embarkation fits in with other travel for us. They have so m any different types of suites. Wondering if a suite over a balcony would be worth the money? Any input to the differences pro and con would be helpful. TIA
  16. Sounds like you got a good deal and great TA. Many of us are not that lucky. My objection is that RC post perks like balcony and suite discounts for D and above loyal customers but then refused to give them based on what is happening at the time. Therefore IMHO RC D and above member perks are more like the Pirate Code. More a suggestion than a reality. Makes me think hard about where my next cruising dollars are spent. Maybe not spending with RC for more perks I cannot receive.
  17. When I called was told no to OBC AND earned balcony discount. RC withholds earned perks depending on what they feel like. The good news is many here are receiving lower prices and OBC with re bookings. For them I am very happy. As for me thinking of pulling the RC plug.
  18. When I called I was told you cannot get OBC AND your earned balcony discount. Makes RC "perks" not so perky. They want loyal customers but refuse to honor perks you have earned by being loyal. This is my opinion. I am fully aware it may not match others.
  19. Just spent over an hour on the phone with a very nice C & A rep. We have a 10 night booked for April 2022. We had cruises booked for July and Dec of this year but RCL canceled both of those. The July one would have given us D+. Anyway I called about getting the $300.00 OBC. After much trying on his part I was told that the only way to get it was to cancel my current booking, do a new booking and I would get the OBC BUT I would be denied my earned D balcony discount of $326.00 so the price of the cruise would go up more than this OBC. Major frustration here . Then he was transferring me to a supervisor but after a lengthy time on hold (he came back every three minutes to tell me he was on hold still). I told him I needed to move on. He said he would send an email to the supervisor but for me to know it would take at least 48 hours for them to contact me. I want to say that he was very patience, and understanding. Tried his best to help but had no authority to actually do anything. RC is becoming a huge disappointment. I am tired of earning benefits I can't use. So the "WOW" sale is a big NO WOW at all for us. Feels more like a scam. I know many of you will not agree with how I feel but that's ok cause this is just about how I see things and feel about them.
  20. Do you know which test CA does not allow? I live here and have not heard this before. TIA
  21. Does CVS/Walgreens or other places ask why you want to be tested? Do you say "going on a cruise and required"? Does insurance cover that? Does Medicare cost testing? We are sailing October 3rd and I am thinking we will still need pre cruise testing then.
  22. We are out of New Orleans and there is a Walgreens two blocks from our ore-cruise hotel. I will call them Thank you. I am from Illinois but now live in California. Hope all is well there.
  23. Our local Walgreens says 2-5 business days for results. May I ask what your embarkation city is?
  24. Thank you. When reading it I notice that the cabin we upgraded to this morning says it has two arm chairs but does not mention a sofa of any kind. Truly hoping that does not turn out to be the case. Does anyone know for sure if suites have sofas?
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