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  1. I keep watching for Iceland. But that may be for 2025.
  2. I have felt so welcome here when I first booked with Virgin back in May of 2021. All the questions I had but no one had sailed yet. We were all waiting and excited. And then when I sailed I loved the experience. I totally agree about some of the other lines. Some times the search feature doesn't produce what you are needing. Here folks jump in with answers. On another line that I sailed with late last year I just got some snarky responses. So what I see is that VV has brought not just a novel and fun product but it has brought together folks who appreciate each other and want to help.
  3. I just looked at my cruise the end of September next year. It has doubled for the Sea Terrace. A friend who said "oh let me think about it" when I booked when they were released is now kicking themselves. I'm hoping that in December they have a good sale like they did last year. Their precursor to Wave season.
  4. When I was on Scarlet back in December 2021 there were no decoration up at that time. I did a back to back for 9 days and nothing. I missed that because on Princess and NCL they do decorate the day after Thanksgiving.
  5. @TheDarkestBlue just opened the app and it was sitting there in a lovely white limbo. And then the clouds cleared and I was able to book the Wake at 9:15. Woo hoo. Due to American messing with my flights I don't depart out of Miami until 3:45 pm so need to kill some time before I head to the airport. I will go to their club at the airport so I can be comfortable once I get there.
  6. I'm on Scarlet on the 5th of December. I got on at 10 minutes before Miami midnight and got all my dinner reservations and brunch reservations done except debarkation day. It wouldn't open for any time on that day. I'll keep trying.
  7. I thought I was weird because everyone raved about it and like you I felt it wasn't that good.
  8. I booked this cruise last month for a Sea Terrace and the price has doubled since I booked. So I would look at grabbing it. I love all that Virgin offers. I lasted sailed on Scarlet Lady in December of 2021. I had two cruises booked with Princess - one in 2022 and one the first part of this year. With work, that pretty well tapped out my cruise time. After the two sailings on Princess I doubt I will go back. Virgin has better food and overall is way cheaper then Princess with all that Virgin includes. Now it is just finding flights. I will probably pay for R/T what I am paying for the cruise. I could do Economy but will probably opt for Premium Economy since the flights are going to be really long hauls.
  9. Airfare has been horrible but I'm a farther then Atlanta. I paid over $400 to go from here to Miami for my cruise in December. Price has come down a bit but not much. I have been checking air for my VV cruise next September and that will be about what I'm paying for the cruise if I don't want to fly back in Economy. That fish sandwich looks awesome!
  10. Looking forward to your new review. I'll be on Scarlet in December. Hope your shirt arrives in time!
  11. A friend of mine just said she got hers. She is booked on a cruise next February using an MNVV. She called in and asked. She said she was so confused about the rules and what originally was shown. The rep couldn't add it but she went to her supervisor and it was added on. So try calling in versus email.
  12. As much as I love to go to Hawaii I would be all over a trip to Hawaii. And to meet the foreign port they could stop at Cabo rather then Ensenada (ugh).
  13. Well there are way more of us that would like to see sailings from the West coast due to the high cost of getting to the East coast. Thank you for your thoughts though.
  14. A ship to do that cruise it has to be built in the US. There were exemptions given for Pride of America and Pride of Aloha. Pride of America was about 50% completed at a US shipyard before NCL purchased and moved it to Germany to be finished. A ship could do from US to Hawaii and back with a stop somewhere to meet the foreign port requirement. Another option would be to do complete passages through the Panama Canal doing a back and forth.
  15. I didn't get one recently. At least they are continuing to check interest.
  16. And now my flight out to Miami has been changed. Arrrg.
  17. Thanks everyone. I was thinking the same thing. I'm going to be on the phone today to get this changed over. This is the third time American has moved my flights up. Last year it moved an 8:15 AM flight out to a 4:55 AM flight. There is no one at the airport other then the folks at American gate and check in. I ended up with a 6 hour layover at DFW. So I complained when I called American and they kicked in a pass to their club. Thanks again - you're the best.
  18. Please don't kill me. I know this has been covered a lot but the search feature didn't pull anything up and I am dealing with a sudden schedule change with American. I was slated for a flight out to home at 1 PM arriving Colorado Springs at 5:15 PM. It appears that flight is off the books (and people complain about cruiselines) and I am now on a flight departing at 10 AM arriving in the Springs at 4:05 PM. My other options are at 2:02 PM or 3:30 PM both arriving in the Springs at 8:07 PM. I live an hour and a half from the Springs and have to be at work the next morning at 6 AM. I have checked all the other airlines going from both FLL and MIA and nothing is showing up close to what would be ideal. Now all of these are also looking at what will the weather be in Colorado on the return? So if the stars all align and the tides are just right - the cab driver hits 90 to the airport - well you get the picture. Can I make it for a flight that early?
  19. They are very firm and as Walter said very thin. When I asked for a topper or something back in 2021 they just brought a couple of the comforters and folded them up on the bed. Didn't really help a lot. I cruise again in December and have thought about shipping a small memory foam travel pad to my hotel so I could carry it on. I have joint issues and firm beds are not fun. I will say this though as firm as these beds are they are comfy compared to the beds I had on Princess - one was in a concierge mini-suite with all the new bedding and the other one was just a balcony.
  20. I just booked that one on Tuesday. I have never been outside of the Western Hemisphere or gone from home as long as this one will be, but have to take that jump at some point in life. I was complaining about airfare from airports in Colorado to Miami. Well never again after pricing to Europe, although there are many sources that feel airfare to Europe will be coming down over the next few months. I am going to plan on going into London about 4 days early to do some sightseeing. When I look back to the day I started this thread it has been a strange road we have all traveled on. And now that we all know "What Happened to Brilliant Lady?" do you think we could sell the movie rights?
  21. That's what I thought. It's part of a multi cruise for repositioning.
  22. I was just looking at one on Resilient Lady that is a 12 night from Portsmouth to Barcelona with a stop in Casablanca that looks interesting.
  23. I have been booked on 3 NCL cruises that were then chartered and I got absolutely nothing for two of them. They offered one cruise option but even their staff couldn't move the bookings over. The third one came with a $50 obc and a list of sailings that weren't even close to what I wanted. So it can and does happen across the cruise realm. Some cruise lines are worse then others for chartering out their whole ships.
  24. Take care DrSch. You were a wealth of information.
  25. Wow. Teach me to have work issues tie me up this morning. Things look like the are blowing up.
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