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  1. Following along. Thank you for the live reviews. We will be on the Escape in less than two weeks! Our first with NCL. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself so far!
  2. Excellent review. Thank you for sharing all of your insights and great pictures.
  3. Thank you for the awesome live reviews. I’m glad you all had a great time, despite the crowds. Can’t wait for our December cruise! Hopefully we’ll have less people. Lol
  4. I loved your review. Very detailed and interesting. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip and your solo cruising. I can’t wait to go in December! Thank you!
  5. So very sorry for your loss. I'm happy you had some kind help for him on the ship. My heart and prayers go out to your and your family. It is a blessing his last days were doing something he loved, with the love of his life! 🙏🙏
  6. Thank you for the detailed explanation. It will be very helpful next month, since we haven't been to Port Everglades for a few years
  7. Thanks for the great and thorough review. Completely agree about the plugs and the shower curtains. We are going on Regal in December when she's back in the States. Can't wait!!
  8. Did you reserve your chairs and umbrellas directly through Palm Court Gardens? Thanks in advance!
  9. Ugagal07, I am interested in this answer as well. I hope you receive some answers soon. We leave next week!!! Thanks for asking the question. Following
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