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  1. We have been to Nassau so many times probably won’t get off the ship… we will just go where the ship takes us.
  2. Sounds like the ship is empty… no covid cases?🤞🏼 we just got out e-docs for October 20, and they still have Nassau as the first port of call.
  3. Did they advise how many covid positives were on the cruise?
  4. We will be doing Aqua to the ABC’s in October. Will follow along. Thanks
  5. Good idea to peruse the MDR menu. We will be in BLU in October but once in awhile nothing quite hits the spot.
  6. Big brother is watching… guess will have to bring a wide brimmed had and dark sunglasses
  7. Since they are not using tracelets is there any follow up for exposures?
  8. We are on the Oct 20…will be interesting to see if they extend the testing requirements.
  9. Not really worried about getting symptoms we have even gotten our booster, it’s being locked in jail for 2 or 3 days because my traclet went off. We love the Celebrity “S” class ships, but if we are on our Oct ABC cruise and only get to see A, that’s would put a real damper on the experience . I seems those 4 people did not infect, but affected alot more.
  10. Honestly before this happened to goofysmom99, I had not realized that you really can’t protect yourself. Even having the booster shot, and masking, if that tracer says you have been in contact, you go to jail. Can understand why Celebrity would keep that number secret…cause that a bummer.
  11. I have to say goofysmom99 sounds very calm. We are doing this same cruise in Oct, and if I were locked in my cabin to miss Curaçao and Bonaire, I would not be a friendly passenger.
  12. Sounds like you should try Carnival…should be just right for you.
  13. Glad to see we will be able to get off even with a mask. if I can wear one in South Florida, I can wear one anywhere.
  14. The price for “Le Petite Chef” for our Oct cruise is $55pp which is supposed to be the pre travel discount. Is that the price onboard, or are they discounting more onboard.
  15. B143CA65-E91A-4C02-B451-660E61575E7F.MOV
  16. Is that everything or is there more possibilities for the classic limit of $9
  17. For those of us sailing with the classic package, are there drinks in the $9 range?
  18. Planning for our October Equinox cruise…Walgreens has 3 different tests. Does Celebrity accept all three, and which is the easiest?
  19. Aruba and Curaçao are open for cruises, but currently “Bonaire's Port of Kralendijk is currently closed to arriving cruise ships due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  20. Hope so, we are on the Equinox to the ABC’s in October.
  21. We are still supposed to join the Eclipse in Honolulu on May 4, and it is still on sale. With the current cancellations, including the cruise just prior to ours, does anyone know where Celebrity is planning to reposition it to get it to the middle of the pacific. Hate to have another Cruise cancelled.
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