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  1. Just happened upon this article, https://www.seattletimes.com/nation-world/nation/new-zealand-volcano-erupts/?utm_content=bufferf2659&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=owned_buffer_f_m&fbclid=IwAR3CfxLvsgq4L0Jy1a5US_u25xICeSEHnGRBkmrKdBn8R9YyHMs5_883x1c, that a volcano on White Island erupted today. White Island sits about 50 kilometers (30 miles) offshore from mainland New Zealand. The volcano is on White Island, northeast of the North Island town of Tauranga. I doubt it will affect upcoming cruises but thought I'd share. Jamie
  2. I'm in the U.S. and was talking to a couple today who live in Hong Kong (he's an American pilot for Fedex) and she's a Russian. They told me that I should not be concerned at all about going to Hong Kong - that there are no reasons to worry for personal safety. They said there might be some inconveniences due to transportation closures but other than that they said not to worry. I also have a friend from Hong Kong who currently lives in Australia. She arrived in Hong Kong last week to spend the month with her family. So far she's seen peaceful protests and graffiti but nothing else and nothing to be concerned about. Jamie
  3. Tell me about Benoa. Are there beaches or resorts near by? We have 2 days in Bali, docked at Benoa, and for one day I'd just like to go to the beach and/or go snorkeling. Options? What else is in Benoa? Jamie
  4. Thanks Lana, that's very helpful. And I'm from Seattle area - so we're sort of neighbors.
  5. Here's a link to RSSC and Luggage Forward: https://www.luggageforward.com/partners/regent-seven-seas-cruises/ I am planning to use Luggage Forward at the end of my cruise as I'll be traveling onward in Asia and don't want to lug it all. My cruise is 40 days. Should I be scheduling this before I leave the U.S.?
  6. I’ll be on a 40 day cruise on the Navigator and want to bring my electric toothbrush. From past cruises on other lines, the only outlet in bathroom is only for shavers. Can toothbrushes be plugged into that outlet or is there another one in the bathroom, and is it 110 or 220. Thanks.
  7. I've thought about changing my flights - I arrive in HK on 2/29. But haven't for the following reasons. My cruise line is still running their post-cruise tour (I'm not on it), and so they're not overly concerned. I'm booked to stay down by the harbor, and my plans are: 2/29-cruise ship tour to Lantau Island; 3/1-disembark ship, go to hotel, and private tour of parts of HK I haven't been to before; 3/2-tour to Macau; and then 3/3 I fly out. Lantau Island and Macau have not been affected by the protests and if there are problems on 3/1, I'll just stay at the hotel and enjoy a relaxing day. My hope, of course, is that everything will settle down by then.
  8. I have a day and a half in Sydney in January. I spent a week in Sydney this year and did most of the touristy type things. I've been a full day tour to the Northern Coast for my full day, but am struggling with what to do on my half day. Right now I'm thinking the Taronga Zoo with the behind the scenes with the animals. But is there somewhere/something you've done in Sydney that you'd recommend? Something out of the box? Thanks, Jamie
  9. Has anyone done a day trip from Hong Kong to Guangzhou? I'd love to find a guide or tour that starts and returns to Hong Kong, not one where you have to get yourself to Guangzhou. Any suggestions or experiences?
  10. I'll be in HK Feb. 28-Mar 3. Arriving on Regent Seven Seas Voyager - the 28th I'm doing a ship tour to Lantau Island. The 29th I disembark the ship and have a hotel on my own on Hong Kong Island until the 3rd. These latest posts are making me nervous. My plane ticket is for Mar. 3rd and there's a change penalty. I was going to do a day tour to Macau on Mar 2nd, so the option of just going to Macau on the 29th would be a possibility. Are there other areas around HK that people would recommend besides Macau? Thanks.
  11. Absolutely buy trip insurance and beyond what the cruise line offers. I was injured on a Princess New England/Canada cruise in 2016. I didn't have trip insurance and thankfully my health insurance covered a lot, but trip insurance would have made my life a lot easier and would have saved me money on rebooking plane tickets, the part my health insurance didn't cover, and possibly would have paid for medical airflight. Now I always buy it, and go to either www.insuremytrip.com or www.squaremouth.com to compare plans. Go for the highest medical coverage you can afford.
  12. Thank you all for your feedback. The ship does not offer an Australian Zoo excursion so I'm going to pass on that. I wish the ship offered the river cruise with Lone Pine - the excursion that is included is bus tour with Lone Pine. Deciding if I will do that, or will pay myself for the cruise/Lone Pine tour.
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