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  1. We had to book day 9 out of 12 to get our time in Eden. Plus booking in advance the gratuity was included in the price paid.
  2. We are sailing APEX to Scandinavia next month and have pre-booked dinner at Eden. The final price included gratuity, so am I correct that nothing further needs to be paid after dinner?
  3. Could I see a screenshot. Thanks
  4. Recently my husband and I were on the Reflection with a classic package. Our taste in wine is not cultivated, however we do like a Moscato. I asked the sommelier if it was available. He said no, we would have to buy it by the bottle (price unknown). We politely declined to add more money to the price we paid for the package. Just wishing the selection would grow just a little.
  5. Just off Reflection ABC’s cruise, and it was wonderful 🛳🛳🛳
  6. OK how many have booked the inaugural cruise for the XCEL. US👍🏼👍🏼
  7. Never did see it online, but our Travel Agent found it. I would suggest calling the Captains Club number 844-418-6824, they are usually very helpful, and hope to see you onboard.
  9. For some reason it’s not listing, but out travel agent found it.
  10. We are doing 13 SEP 2024 6 NT COASTAL VANCOUVER TO LOS ANGELES b2b with a Panama Canal on the Summit.
  11. I do believe Celebrity is a premium brand, but I also believe they are trying to appeal to a younger family demographic. As we got older we moved away from RCCL and the amusement park atmosphere. Hope Celebrity can find a good middle ground.
  12. It’s the reason we book Aqua .
  13. I find it a cheapening of the experience, even while they continue to raise the daily gratuities fee. We have always added extra for our room steward and our restaurant staff, but when I am being charged over 300 in crew gratuities, the word gratuities looses its meaning and we become someone forced to offset Celebrity’s labor costs. Our extras will also disappear.
  14. That’s the day we get off the TA…maybe they will introduce it🤞🏼🤞🏼
  15. Did the Magic Carpet have a specialty restaurant, or only extra Raw on 5?
  16. I just have one question, as the price that the cruise lines say are gratuities continues to rise, are we still supposed to tip extra to our room steward, restaurant waiter and sommelier. Gratuities were added to our speciality dining package. Who gets that, and do we leave an extra 20 for our speciality waiter? We do as they perform services for us, but I think there will come a time that all has to be included into the set gratuity.I have never seen a breakdown of who gets what?
  17. No just a tour ride up and ride down
  18. Does anyone know if Celebrity keeps tenders running all night when they overnight in Maui. We are booked for a Haleakala Sunrise with pickup at 2:30AM. Many thanks.
  19. On APEX, will they punch a hole in your key card to attach to a lanyard? Thanks.
  20. My husband could not use a carry-on for an overnight stay🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳
  21. Hi: we are on the Apex in October and have purchased the 5 night speciality dining package. Does this include dining at Eden, Magic Carpet and Raw on 5?
  22. We have purchased a multi-night dinner package on the APEX, however I See that Sushi on 5 is A-LA-CARTE. How does that work?
  23. I am still a believer in masking in crowds, one of the few in our supermarket. However, I believe that a Covid test is still only a snapshot at that time. For our upcoming cruise in October we will test Saturday morning. We will then take 3 flights to get to Rome, a car ride with a stranger to Civitavecchia, overnight in a hotel and at least 2 restaurants, and that’s before we get on our b2b. 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼
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