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  1. There is an app ‘ROME AIRPORTS’ as we will have to test at FCO since we are going directly to Civitavecchia.
  2. In October we are flying out of Florida early for Monday cruise out of Civitavecchia… is there somewhere on Sunday when we arrive at FCO to take a test if still required by Celebrity?
  3. We have always put a 20 in the bill folder for the waiter, but I am not going to pay 40% tip.
  4. Let me get this straight…we are on Apex in October Rome east to Israel b2b with Rome TA to Ft Lauderdale (home). So if you tested positive on the first portion, they would allow you to continue on the 2nd cruise to the US? Now I am wondering if my Doctor would prescribe to have Paxlovid just in case?


    If you use an FCC as a partial payment, and then cancel the cruise, are you permitted to put the FCC toward another sailing?
  6. Our next cruise on Apex is in October,so I think by that time we will be on our 3rd booster.
  7. Was trying to book a 5 night speciality and received this at checkout. Order summary Subtotal$402.00 Gratuities$72.36 Total due$474.36
  8. We bring our Dixie bathroom cups…end of problem.
  9. Does the barnacle problem resolve itself with sailing of the ship? We are scheduled Hawaii to Vancouver May of 2023.
  10. Anyone doing the b2b Apex from Rome October 17?
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