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  1. Not since this past August when we were in both ports and enjoyed several adult beverages.
  2. No tax in the Bahamas or Great Stirrup Key. I think you meant Port Canaveral not Orlando, but I don't recall if the drinks were taxed. I do recall having to pay tax on our drinks when leaving out of Miami, however.
  3. Nope, no receipt. However, the tax will show up on your account. I don't recall being charged a tax on drinks in Bermuda when we were there last year.
  4. There is a 20% gratuity added to the beverage package. It is not a tax. You will be charged the NYC sales tax of 8.875% on drinks as long as the ship is in local waters
  5. In my original post I mentioned that we were on the Getaway. I must have had a senior moment because the ship was actually the Escape. However, I stand by everything else I wrote.
  6. The fact that everything that was done to my husband (all 19 pages of it) was documented was certainly not meant as a criticism, quite on the contrary: we submitted them to our health insurance (not travel insurance), and two weeks later we received a check in the amount that we had paid. On the other hand, Mt. Sinai initially rejected our claim but again our health insurance went to bat for us and we only had to pay $250 for the hospital admittance.
  7. Last March on the last day of the cruise my husband went to the Medical Center on the Getaway because of abdominal pain , intestinal blockage and vomiting. He was admitted and was kept overnight for observation. He had a number of procedures done, all of them documented. He was in the Medical Center for 22 hours (from 8 AM Saturday to 6 AM Sunday) and we were given 19 pages of documentation of every procedure done, meds given, etc. Along with this there was a menu of procedures and the charge for each. The cost was just under $5,919 (the largest single fee was a consultation with the Cleveland Clinic, at $499). The following morning he was transported, via ambulance, to a local hospital. (Here I must say that as unfortunate as this was, the one piece of luck was that it happened on the last day of the cruise so that he could be admitted to a hospital in NYC.) So he ends up in the ER at Mt Sinai, and has basically the same procedures performed as at the Medical Center on board. The ER doctor admitted him to the hospital for observation overnight. The bill we got from Mt. Sinai was all of one page and the bottom line showed $18,567. This was our experience with the Medical Center, and both my husband and I were very impressed with their level of care. And to those who say the the Medical Center is open only three hours a day -- they do an awful lot of medical stuff behind that door the rest of the time!
  8. Regarding Teppanyaki: when we were on the Escape last March, our chef in Teppanyaki spent a lot of time joking/bantering with the diners. I'm not sure how comfortable a group that doesn't speak English would be in such a situation. While it is true that the chef puts on a show there is also interaction between him and the diners.
  9. We had it in Miami when returning from or non-Cuba sailing on the Sun this past August. There were two lines, one for passport holders and the other for those without passports. It was also in place in Aruba where we went through American customs before our flight back to the US.
  10. I thought your question was about wearing sundresses, not dresses on the Sun ... 😁 Anyway, whatever you wear you might want to bring a sweater/wrap. Those restaurants tend to run cold.
  11. We stayed at the Holiday Inn by the port. The rooms are small, as is the bathroom. However, the location can't be beat, it is just across the street from Bayside marketplace with shops and restaurants, and Bayfront Park. We booked a package that included breakfast and shuttle to the port. However, the walls are paper thin and you will hear your neighbors in the next room, so if you are a light sleeper you might want to take that into consideration.
  12. Thanks! I was hoping for that, since I already made reservations for Cagney's and le Bistro.
  13. We booked the Sky because it was scheduled to go to Cuba, We did not book a "booze cruise". We are also platinum. Perhaps someone else can answer if we still get the two platinum dinners. TIA.
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