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  1. OP, you probably will get the correct answer if you contact the TA that you booked with.
  2. Got my refund from cancelled 3/15 cruise on 6/12.
  3. I'm not sure, but I doubt it. I bought mine last March (3/19) and they show an expiration date of 3/23.
  4. The cruise next certificates that I used for my cancelled 3/15 cruise are back in my NCL account.
  5. I received the above letter at 11:31 PM est last night. My cruise was the Bliss, leaving tomorrow (3/15). I suspect that NCL is prioritizing sending e-mails to those with the earliest sailing dates.
  6. Last year I booked the Haven as a surprise for my husband for our annual anniversary/spring break cruise (hubby is a teacher). When we walked past the rabble in the NYC terminal into the Haven check-in area his expression was priceless--he kept on mouthing "the Haven" as if he had just won the lottery. This year I have booked the Haven again. Haven't told him yet. I hope the element of surprise will still be there!
  7. "When in Rome ... do as the Romans do." Perhaps it is time for someone (perhaps your son?) to tell your in-laws that they are not in Nepal and need to use cutlery when eating in public (and hopefully chew with their mouths closed). End of problem.
  8. I always carry nutrition bars with me and it has never been a problem.
  9. I'm very sorry to hear about your wife's cancer but I am glad that she is doing well, and of course eating right is even more important when having such a serous medical issue. That is why I suggested that her doctor/medical team should be the ones to plan her dietary needs. If she has special dietary needs she can contact NCL and they will customize an appropriate diet for her. I wish your wife continuing good health and both of you happy sailing!
  10. April, I'm really sorry about your cancer! But yours is an example why diets are not a one size fits all, but should be tailored for each individual's needs. I was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol and my physician prescribed Lipitor. Of course it would have been nice if she had told me first, and we could have worked out a way to lower it naturally. (I am not a big fan of pharmaceuticals.) So I did my own research and came up with foods that lower cholesterol -- fruits, vegetables, nuts, oily fish, but less animal and dairy fats.
  11. I agree-- let's not get into a food fight -- but the OP's wife's physician suggested healthy eating, which is rather broad. Can we agree that we all should eat healthy? While it is true that the cholesterol in eggs is not the same as that in meat based foods such as bacon or sausage, if someone is trying to lower their cholesterol for example, neither choice is very good. That is why I suggested that the OP's wife might want to check with her physician what kind of diet she should follow. What is good for one person might not work for someone else.
  12. OP, did the doctor actually suggest a specific diet? Low fat, low sodium, low potasium, etc.? If, so, your wife should probably ask her physician for more details. But generally, you can't go wrong with the Mediterranean diet, which is rich is fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, olive oil instead of butter. Fish rather than meat, but stay away from deep fried fish (or deep fried any thing -- I'm talking to you, french fries!) Salmon is an excellent choice. And as for breakfast, eggs, bacon and sausage are a heart attack waiting to happen. It's alright to have it occasionally, just not every day. We usually go to the restaurant for a sit-down breakfast and always order the fruit plate as part of it (it's also the only time I can get my husband to eat fruit). The yogurt parfait is also quite good. Just remember: salt and fats are not your friends!
  13. When my husband had to go to the medical office on our last cruise I noticed that there was a vending machine outside the door which had OTC meds. It might be worthwhile checking it out if the shop runs out.
  14. I agree. We did it once or twice, but we found it embarrassing and stopped. (FYI, we do an annual anniversary cruise -- nothing like tradition ...) The cake is a small, square white cake with white icing -- boring, and hardly worth the calories. But again, this is just my personal opinion. Others may like it, especially the first time.
  15. It looks like your transaction never went through. You were told that they "only provide the gift card after it is ordered." If the transaction had been successful an email would have been generated. Furthermore, no money was deducted from your bank. I don't know why the service that sells the gift cards would tell you to call NCL customer service since it s not NCL that sells the cards. You might want to call your bank to see if there is a charge pending from this company, but usually it is generated at the point of purchase. So, in other words:no purchase. You probably don't want to resubmit this purchase, since it takes 10-14 days to receive the gift cards.
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