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  1. I booked this cruise a while ago and had forgotten about the perks (they show up on the confirmation from my TA but not on myNCL page). I suppose I should have checked my confirmation prior to paying NCL but I didn't. I will call my TA today and hopefully she can get the money refunded. Thanks for all your replies!
  2. So I got the e-mail from NCL about the increase in DSC and pre-paid it on the NCL site. But I just looked at our reservation and see that pre-paid gratuities is one of the perks from my TA. Is there a way I can get NCL to refund the money I paid?
  3. Our butler was not very responsive to my request for a cheese plate. He stated (in no particular order) that: a) that snacks are standardized; b) that they are cookies, sandwiches, etc.; c) it would take an extra 20 minutes for the kitchen to put this together, and d) do I really want this every day, while furiously scribbling in a notepad. By this time I realized that he really, really really didn't want to go out of his way, so I said "never mind." (But I should add that we were in an aft penthouse suite, so that might have made a difference.) And, by the way, we did get not one, but two cheese plates one day. But when I had asked for a cheese plate I envisaged all those delicious cheeses that DH prefers in lieu of desserts. What we got was a chunk of blue cheese which was OK, and a couple of triangular slices of what looked like American cheese (not OK). But since I had insisted on a cheese plate I felt that I had to eat these for my butler ...
  4. We have been doing an annual anniversary/spring break (because DH teaches the spring breakers) cruise to FL/Bahamas for some six years now, and will probably do it again next March. Since we live in NYC it is a no-brainer, and this year we tried the Escape, a new ship. Next year the Bliss will be sailing this itinerary, so that will be a new experience. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with repeating something or going somewhere that you have already been, if you enjoy the experience. We also own a timeshare in Aruba and have spent many happy weeks there, in addition to exchanging to other islands.
  5. Different ship -- Escape -- but on our 3/17 cruise we were offered La Cucina in addition to the Haven for lunch. However, the lunch menu was a very stripped-down version.
  6. Or you can go to any dollar store and get a whole pack of plastic champagne "glasses."
  7. When sailing out of Manhattan I'll have a manhattan -- staright up, of course!
  8. Cagney's has oysters Rockefeller.
  9. As of last week the Haven restaurant still had shrimp cocktail on the menu, with no surcharge. However, that is not true of Bayamo. Their surcharge was $6,99 I believe (did not order it). Not only that, but their ridiculous $10 surcharge actually becomes $12 because -- wait for it -- they charge 20% gratuity on the surcharge!
  10. La Cucina has pastas, tortellini, vegetarian lasagna (at least they did, but the menu may have changed), minestrone soup, salads, and side vegetables. For meat eaters I highly recommend the filet mignon.
  11. The OP did not book a GTY, s/he booked a SAILAWAY rate, which is a BX category, according to NCL's wording: "Promotional rates and offers are excluded on this category (BX). My friends specifically booked this category because they did not need all those "free" perks that come with the higher priced categories. Of course the downside is that they did not get to pick the location of their cabin, but since this is their first cruise location didn't matter to them.
  12. Friends of mine just booked a sailaway to Bermuda on the Escape this past weekend. They received their cabin number at booking, a balcony cabin on deck 14. (I think some people confuse the sailaway category with the guaranteed category, where you may not receive a cabin assignment until closer to the sailing.)
  13. I always leave cash, along with a thank you note, on the last morning of the cruise.
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