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  1. That is yet another pilot joke. What is the difference between God and an airline pilot? God doesn't think he is an airline pilot.
  2. Lol actually we do! There is an old joke. How do you know if there is an airline pilot at your party? Don't worry, he will tell you. Lol. And I know I have said this before but I always appreciate your humor and get a good chuckle out of your posts. My humor in real life tends to be very sarcastic and can often be taken the wrong way.
  3. With hindsight always being 20/20 that is easy to say now and I would agree with that in retrospect that it was a bad decision. A year ago that was not the case. But I do not think it rises to the level of "mismanagement".
  4. Cabotage has nothing to do with foreign ownership of airlines. Those are 2 completely separate issues.
  5. In no way am I trying to get into an argument here and I hope this response isn't taken or misconstrued as such. But what lesson are you referring to? Do you have any idea the cost to operate a single flight between LAX and JFK? I can tell you that airlines operate on razor thin margins and rely on volume to make profits. The economics of airlines are very fragile and always have been. Anyone that flies recreationally knows how expensive the costs are to fly for fun are. The costs of flying an A321 or a B737 is exponentially more expensive. Airlines rarely charge what it actually costs to fly one person in one seat per mile known as CASM, or Cost per Available Seat Mile, from Point A to Point B. They make that gap up from ancillary revenue like charging for bags, on board alcohol and food sales, upgrades and credit card programs. Everyone complains about the "nickel and diming" but in reality the actual fare that was paid probably did not nearly cover the cost to get that passenger where they needed to go from A to B. Also, airlines are highly regulated by the FAA, DOT and DOJ which makes it even more expensive to just abide by the regulatory environment. As you can imagine, airline travel is a highly price sensitive and cost competitive market. When revenues go away like we have seen the past 6+ months the entire system is unsustainable, no matter how well managed the airline is. At the start of the pandemic, I was flying airplanes around with only 5 to 10 people on them. Load factors have slowly picked up but it is no where near pre-Corona levels and likely will not be for a long time to come. Just like many industries, the air transport system is vital to our nation's economy due to the need to transport cargo, mail and of course people. I am more than happy to go into a deeper dissertation on airline economics if you would like. But calling the airlines in today's world as "mismanaged" is a bit unfair.
  6. I work in a different sector of the travel industry and we are facing furloughs and layoffs numbering in the tens of thousands industry wide in just a few days on Oct 1. There will likely be thousands more facing the unemployment line over the next 6+ months if things do not begin improving soon.
  7. I got that reference right away. Nicely done!!
  8. The only truly memorable CD that sticks out in my mind (and not in a good way) is Cookie. It was like nails on a chalk board with every PA he began with "This is your cousin C-C-C-Cookie".
  9. It isn't a loan since the money will never be paid back. Like @ProgRockCruiser said, this is how it has always been done with every cruise line. They release sailings a couple of years in advance, accept deposits and then set final payment deadlines 60 to 90 days prior to the sail date. There is nothing nefarious or inconsistent with past practice going on. Prices may be higher but that is typical with new builds.
  10. I doubt that she is making the trek to Turkey for a Sunshine/Sunrise makeover.
  11. According to the email I got from Carnival, bookings for Celebration open in October.
  12. While I do agree with this post that I, too, have never cared who the CD was and they usually are more of a game show host announcer on the PA, especially on Carnival, but I do have to concede that Matt was one of the better ones. We went on a charter cruise last year on Royal and the only time we heard the CD was during the lead up to muster and debarkation. Otherwise we never heard a peep.
  13. You should have done a B2B2B last year when you were out in Long Beach for your Hawaii trip. I guess technically that would have been a side2side2side. 😜
  14. There may not he any adjoining or side by side cabins available. I know @xDisconnections said to escalate it but if there arent any available cabins...what can they do? Ask for extra OBC or just get a full refund and rebook on another sailing.
  15. I got a random Cabin Confirmations email today for this cruise. I scoured it up and down and didnt see any changes.
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