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  1. Lol. Jack of all trades of master of none.... 😉😉
  2. Joe817, There is a huge difference in submitting required SEC filings and giving detailed ship-by-ship breakdowns of specifc profits and earnings. But you already knew that if you had scoured those SEC filings that you posted. Anyone with any business sense and half a brain of knowing how to balance a checkbook would know that you don't let the competition know where your exact profits and losses lie. That is business sense 101.
  3. I doesn't matter what jimbo thinks. Carnival would not release detailed info like this. Nor would any other company without some sort of deathwish.
  4. No way. The competition would love to get their hands on that type of intel.
  5. No. Everything is either swiped or your folio # is input manually.
  6. Also you can book 2 relatively cheap 4 days or 3 cheap 3 day cruises for weekend getaways on the Liberty or Elation out of PC and get your count up as well.
  7. He is currently on the Conquest. He just signed on this weekend.
  8. All Carnial ships almost always use Puerta Maya. I have docked at the International Pier once with Carnival.
  9. Yes. Your picture comes up everytime they swipe your card.
  10. It will be either port or starboard side. You won't know until you pull alongside.
  11. No. The other side of the world -- Panama Canal
  12. Actually the Legend is currently sailing in Alaska out of Seattle right now.
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