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  1. Lol. Im an airline pilot and have been flying around just fine. Guess what?? Still alive!!
  2. The cave river tubing excursion never disappoints in Belize. We have done it twice now and love it.
  3. If you want the latest and greatest ship, I would go with Mardi Gras. For itinerary, I would go with Horizon. Depends on which matters more to you.
  4. Very awesome and entertaining! Thank you for sharing!
  5. For all of you Royal Princess fans, I was able to catch a pic of Royal Princess in between Catalina and Long Beach this morning during my flight into Orange County. It isn't the best or most detailed ever and looks more like a silhouette.
  6. Me too. Just like the mysterious RU2 code for Cheers where all I get is the useless RU9, I always read about casino offers for Drinks on Us on the entire ship but can never seem to get one of those offers either.
  7. I just looked at July 2022 and see several itineraries with Ocho Rios on Sunrise and Horizon.
  8. That is true to an extent. But when someone argues just for the sake of arguing it is best to just not feed the trolls.
  9. Im not sure why you continue to engage this person. Just ignore him/her/nonbinary self like I do. I am an airline pilot and dont engage with people that think they know more about flying or the airline industry than I do. You are clearly an expert in the maritime industry and are well respected here on these boards. Just ignore the armchair quarterbacks like I do.
  10. This is true. We did a 2 week road trip last summer to the Badlands and the Black Hills in South Dakota and to Yellowstone to fill the void of our cancelled summer B2B on Horizon. We rented a beach house in the Outer Banks, North Carolina next month to fill the void from our cancelled Vista cruise. I think people are ready to "get out there", to quote an old Royal Caribbean tag line.
  11. We dont cruise to be social. We cruise to have drinks at the lido bar and relax on a lounger or on our balcony and watch the world go by and let our worries melt away. We have been to almost every Caribbean and Mexican port multiple times and rarely get off the ship anymore. We cruise to cruise.
  12. I wouldnt consider the hairy chest competition going away as a bad thing. That would be a plus in my book.
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