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  1. Generally no. You might have to book one of the youth with you and then when you board they can bunk with their parents. The mini suite 4th berth is usually an upper berth that lowers from the ceiling above the sofa horizontal to the wall. It blocks access to the balcony when in use. Sometimes you can arrange a roll away when booking. Things to remember There is a door in the balcony partitions that is about 2 feet wide. When open it provides access but does not make one large balcony. If any of the bookings is in a club class mini suite then those passengers will be able to dine in the club class DR area. Family members that are not in club class mini suites are not permitted to dine there. Mini suites on deck 9 have 9ft x 6ft uncovered balconies. The 12 mini suites on deck 8 aft have covered balconies. The starboard minis on deck 8 are above a smoking area on deck 7 below. Right now only fully vaccinated can board. I think you have to assume this will continue. It's reported that vaccine availability for 5 to 11 year olds will come probably in November this year. It is also reported that efficacy information for those under 5 is expected to be filed at some point. You need to follow this as the 3 year old may not be allowed to board if approval does not come in time.
  2. Maybe all of the cabins for the 14 day have been allocated. Princess would have to assign additional cabins or just leave it as it is now.
  3. Fruit delivered on request. Mini suite passengers receive a welcome glass of champagne. Club Class mini suite passengers receive a half bottle of white and half bottle of red wine.
  4. No one has disembarked in F.L. since March 2020 when we disembarked. At that time immigration had global entry lanes. We have global entry, but the wait in other lanes was so short, a few people, that the guides sent us through one of them. Not possible to know exactly how immigration will set things up once cruises begin from F.L.
  5. There is no surcharge to order off the full MDR menus during dining hours. You will be charged for beverages that normally have a charge. If you have the plus fare then beverages will be charged according to the terms and conditions of the beverage package. Example, bottles of wine, cans of soda 25% discount. Mostly any beverage menu priced $12 and under included in the package, but you can only order one at a time for each person. In the past the MDR menu had Crown Grill selections at an additional cost. If you order one of these you will be charged. Believe menus are now available on the cabin TV as well as your smart device. I would suggest for breakfast you go to the special suite breakfast which I believe will be in Sabatini's.
  6. Grand May 11th? Booking as a 14 day b2b not available. Maybe fares have not been determined. Maybe Princess has not determined which cabins to allocate. You can book as two 7 day voyages, May 11th & 18th. In the past we generally always booked b2bs with separate booking numbers. There has been very little or no difference in fares and separate booking numbers offered more flexibility.
  7. The current Princess requirement is fully vaccinated passengers only permitted to board. Your T.A. is not correct. That currently omits those 11 and under. Some have posted on these Cruise Critic boards that their 2021 Alaska cruise had to be cancelled because they had children under 12 years old. Vaccine approval for youth 5 to 11 year olds appears to be on track for November approval, well before before the May 2022 trip. No one knows what the travel requirements will be at that time, but if your child is in the 5 to 11 age group I would arrange for the vaccine when it becomes available. Your cruise will sail from Seattle, and will subject to vaccine requirements from Princess, the Canadian and British Colombia governments as well as Alaska and the State of Washington. If your child is under 5 then I would follow the news on this age group. Current news indicates that data for these ages could be submitted by the end of this month.
  8. Not secrets but some information The Horizon Terrace has nice seating with aft views. There are also tables and chairs there for dining. Probably a good choice for early risers to watch entry into the ports, stern view. Coffee and the buffet adjacent to this area. Retreat adult pool area is nice, fills up early. Covering is netted, doesn't offer much shade. Lounge chairs on deck 17 above the lido pools are less used. Chairs further aft along the sides may be shaded by the structure of the ship, depending on the ship's direction. There are 4 patios on deck 7, 2 mid ship and 2 aft. They had nice lounge chairs, did not get much use and are open to the sky. The starboard aft patio is a smoking area. Alfredo's, open 11am until late evening, waiter served sit down, no charge, nice menu which you can locate on line. Good for lunch or dinner on boarding day or any other day. Don't miss the International Cafe. No charge for food items. Open 24/7. If you enjoy wine try Vines. Adjacent to Vines is the gelato bar. Nice gelato selections, at a small cost.
  9. As mentioned if you already have the mini bar set up due to your loyalty status or being in a full suite that initial set up is no charge. If you do not have the set up and order the small 50ml bottles of spirits, you will be charged. If you call room service and order other items or order through the ocean now program you will be charged according to the terms and conditions shown below. Note that you can only order one item at a time using the beverage package. If you order two at the same time the 2nd is charged. If you do not qualify for the free mini bar set up there may or may not be any mini bar items in your fridge. If your fridge was pre-stocked and if you use any of these items you will be charged. https://www.princess.com/html/global/personalizer/ssv/beverages/disclaimer/
  10. This is a request from the TA to make it easier on them. If you want you can call your TA on the final day and provide them with your credit card number at that time. Our payment was always a direct charge on the credit card from Princess. If you pay in advance you can always cancel up to the final payment date.
  11. Is this the Dec 21st voyage? Probably Wednesday the 22nd and Monday the 27th. Will not be one of the port days, or the 1st or last evenings.
  12. Seems to me that during an 18 month period of basically no income followed by another year or more of reduced income spending funds on a project that offers little in financial return is a terrible business decision and is being rewarded by a promotion. Corporate execs need to spot projects headed in the wrong direction or are not at the proper time, and stop them before they become overwhelming consumers of time and money. Princess should have left all of the pre-cruise and dining procedures as they were. Just implement on board stuff such as Ocean Now. Believe most customers would have remained satisfied.
  13. You can do this, but it is just as easy to call room service. The cabin steward passes your requests on to them.
  14. As I understand it CHAT is answered by a computer. If you have a straight forward question CHAT should work. Anything else it's probably useless.
  15. Agree. Personalized to me means person to person excellent hospitality service. There is no computer program in the world that can deliver a more personalized service. Simplified should not require hours of phone calls to employees that provide little help, data input that only works on certain hardware/software, constant monitoring of your booked vacation for dining, and other on board activities.
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