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  1. skynight

    Internet and number of devices question

    Yes, if you want to change your free minutes and use an unlimited package you must do this on the ship.
  2. I noticed if I select a thread, open, read and then close it, the font turns from bold to not bold. Note, I would like it the other way around and would also like to get the red font back. But now to the question. I also noticed that the first unread button to the left disappears once the thread is opened and then closed. Anyone have any information on how to find the first unread?
  3. skynight

    How to search Princess board

    I read on these boards not too long ago, this month, that the 90 day rule is back. The posting indicated that stock information submitted before 90 days is no longer posted to the cruise. I'll be faxing in for my February cruise soon.
  4. Our long cruises are mainly b2b's of 30 or more days, but we have been on a 31 day from Sydney to L.A., 28 day RT South Pacific, two South America plus return to the U.S. plus some Trans Atlantics connected with Med and Baltic voyages. We enjoyed them all. Most had legs that were not port intensive. Don't know if I could handle a long port intensive cruise with lots of tours. Would get to tired. We love the routine of the ship, the relaxing time on board, on b2b's the ability participate in on board activities at you pace, dining at all the different locations, not just the DR's. The staff gets to know you and you know them.
  5. skynight

    Sing-a-long Piano Bar?

    Crooner's? Crooner's is never quiet once entertainment begins. People are always singing, not true sing-a-longs, some get up and dance in the small areas. If it was Kory Simon he has a unique following and kind of like a show, which we did not enjoy. He plays lots of really old songs going back 100 years or more. He has been on the Royal Princess.
  6. skynight

    Cruise Certificates

    It is the same as the conditions for the booking. If your booking has a refundable deposit then the FCD is placed back into your account if you cancel before the deadline. If your booking has a non-refundable deposit then you lose the $100 if you cancel. Sometimes if you cancel a booking with a non-refundable deposit and then re-book at the same time the T.A. can arrange for you to not lose the deposit. It has happened.
  7. skynight

    Sing-a-long Piano Bar?

    Always plenty of karaoke, most likely Voice of the Ocean and Princess Pop Choir.
  8. skynight

    Majestic / Sky Princess theatre shows

    A few years and tens of millions for shows like Magic to Do, Secret Silk and Born to Dance.
  9. skynight

    Dining Room Table Numbers

    You have to visit the maitre'd on boarding day. I have seen table numbers change as they move some tables around to accommodate the current requests.
  10. skynight

    My TA just went above and beyond the call of duty

    Very sorry for your loss. You are a great CC friend.
  11. skynight

    On Board Loyalty Credit

    Loyalty OBC is awarded as follows: After 20 cruise credits $25 After 31 cruise credits $50 After 41 cruise credits $75 After 51 cruise credits $100 It is one credit per cabin unless the cabin mates are not related. Yes you should continue to receive the loyalty credit on every Princess cruise.
  12. skynight


    Almost all the minis on the Caribbean Princess are on deck 9, Dolphin. They all have 9'x6' uncovered balconies. The mid ship cabins, Cat. M1, are Club Class. There are no minis on higher up decks. There are 12 mini suites all the way aft on deck 8 with covered balconies. Unclear what you mean by eye level, they are 7 decks up from the water line.
  13. skynight

    CB internet

    It should be faster than before. You should get more internet for your minutes.
  14. skynight

    Anytime Dining

    Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Depends on the maitre'd and the demand for ATD. The maitre'd will have hours on boarding day. It will be posted in the Princess Patter. Arrive early, there will be a line. On most cruises you can call the dine line in the morning and request an ATD reservation. A limited number are accepted. In the past there were set reservation times, for example 5:30, 5:45, 7:30, 7:45. With the new TD time changes don't know if this will effect ATD reservation times.
  15. You already know the Crown Grill SHARE has a new menu and new price, $29/pp. Look at the menu in the cruise personlizer. I didn't like the original menu and price, but we may give the new one a try next cruise. Crab Shack isn't really a restaurant. Very casual. It's set up in a section of the buffet seating area, and they only have it a few times a cruise. Once on board there will be tables in the Horizon Ct. where you can see the menu and sign up. It's basically buckets of shell fish. Salty Dog - It's big burgers in the Wheelhouse Bar at high tables. For me the burgers they serve for free at the Trident Grill on deck satisfy my burger requirements.