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  1. Don't be confused by all the above posts. Posting #2 is correct. It is San Francisco.
  2. https://www.princess.com/ships-and-experience/princess-luxury-bed/
  3. No one has been on this ship yet, but most likely the same as the Royal. Port side by Tradewinds Bar, deck 17 Section of the promenade deck patio starboard side aft. Churchill's cigar lounge deck 6 port side forward. Some casino slots while playing. table games are smoke free. Maybe another outside area on deck 16 or 17 aft.
  4. Strange question. I have never seen passengers that were not "correctly & properly" attired.
  5. I assume you are referring to the Getaway promo. This promo does not apply to singles. You will have to book both passengers to get the promotion benefit. If you want the OBC that goes with the Future Cruise Deposits you have to apply the deposit when booked. If you book as a single now you will get the singles fare. If you change later you could lose your deposit and will receive whatever promotion is available at that time. Quote from the fine print: "These fares do not apply to singles or third/fourth-berth guests."
  6. On the Sky the price is $115 with wine and $100 without wine. It's at a special "Lumiere" table.
  7. The New Grounds Coffee Package includes 15 espresso/specialty coffee drinks plus unlimited brewed coffee, hot chocolate and specialty teas (mighty leaf). Brewed coffee, hot chocolate and specialty teas are available at the International Cafe but may not be available at all locations that prepare espresso drinks. You can bring on as much soda and other non-alcoholic drinks as you wish. They can be used anywhere on the ship. Complementary beverages in the DR's, buffet and around the pool areas include ice tea unsweetened, lemonade, a nice selection of tea bags including Twinnings, herbal, Lipton, and a selection of juices in the morning. The Royal & Regal also have free hot chocolate in the buffet area. Depending on the ship free coffee quality can vary. Royal class ships have their free coffee prepared from grounds. Grand class ships have their free coffee prepared from a liquid concentrate. The liquid concentrate coffee is kind of like vending machine coffee, drinkable.
  8. One of the better benefits is the mimosa breakfast and the club class dinners and lunches on sea days. Walk in almost anytime the club class DR is open and you will be seated. These benefits are shown in the Princess PDF.
  9. Is your cruise being sold as a b2b, this is common. When sold this way some cabins are reserved for those booking the b2b as a single cruise and some for those not booking the b2b. Try checking room availability by searching the b2b. Work with a T.A.
  10. When arriving at the pier in Ft. Lauderdale I found the bag handlers had their hands out, literally. When we checked in in Quebec a few weeks ago no one was looking for a tip and in fact the way the operation went it was not easy to tip. This past winter in San Pedro my bags were grabbed so fast there was no time and no place to tip. No one had their hands out.
  11. Are you asking these questions? Yes, some passengers do wear robes to and from the pools. Yes, every Princess ship I have been on only has plastic glasses in the pool areas and at the buffet. They certainly don't want broken glass around the pools with passengers walking around in bare feet.
  12. Port Everglades. The progressive boarding is just a suggestion. I have never seen it enforced. Arrive around 10:30/11:00am after you have breakfast. You should be on board by noon or before. If you are on a medallion ship and are Ocean Ready you pretty much walk right on once the ship has cleared. Important note, if your ship has just arrived from Europe, South America, or another location and your cruise is the first from the U.S. for the season, then boarding will almost certainly be delayed for more intense immigration, Coast Guard and other regulatory inspections. Water, as others have stated you can carry on or check as much water as you want on boarding day and at any port. Note that in the cruise personlizer you can order 12 bottles of water for $7.08. While not the least expensive price it may be worth not having to bring it on board. This promo is not available once on board. You can also bring on as much other non-alcoholic beverage as you like.
  13. Yes, most items marked with a fairly easy removable tag. Look for the tag on the bottom inside for shirts, inside waist band for underwear and some other locations on other garments. I have not seen socks marked. items are not in a washable bag. Dress shirts, T's, slacks, and similar items are returned ironed and on hangers. The steward hangs them in the closet. Underwear, socks are returned in a paper bag. I have never had a issue removing the tags, which sometimes I don't find until the next cruise.
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