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  1. The "blank" space to the starboard side of the dotted path is part of the casino. The dotted path just indicates the route through the casino from/to the elevators/theater.
  2. Look for them in your cabin on boarding day. Go through them page by page. The ones we had last year had a Buy One Get One Free specialty dining coupon for use on boarding day evening. I have also seen a free bottle of sparkling water in the specialty restaurant and one time a free small bottle of wine. So don't forget to look through the books for things you may have to do right away.
  3. They have a few repositioning cruises between L.A. and Vancouver, and yes they can be choppy at times. The cruises between Vancouver and Seattle are 1 overnight, not really time to get too rough.
  4. If you ordered them, even by accident, then your credit card would have already been charged. I would ask Princess or your T.A. what it's all about.
  5. Normally the Crown Grill is set aside for cards and other games during some afternoon hours. There is no organized bridge or bridge director.
  6. Princess does not have any 20 day single loop cruises from Ft. Lauderdale. It has to be two 10's.
  7. For two 10 day cruises b2b you receive 250 minutes/qualified person on each voyage. Any unused minutes carry over. I went to the internet manager to have the new ones added. My experience is that it does not matter how you booked the cruise, single booking number or two booking numbers.
  8. MUTS will be cold. Bring warm clothing. The screen is bright enough that it can be seen during daylight hours.
  9. Don't just no show. Even if it is the last minute call Princess and tell them you will not be on board. You are required to pay a cancellation fee (including 3rd and 4th berths) if You cancel Your Cruise, Cruisetour or Cruise Plus package. Cancellation fees are based on the fare paid, excluding Taxes, Fees and Port Expenses, transfers, surcharges, shore & land excursions and most pre-purchased gift(s) and/or special service(s). You are not entitled to any refund, payment, compensation or credit except as otherwise provided in this Section. Any refunds will be made directly to the method of payment You used at the time of booking or Your travel agent and You must receive Your refund directly from these sources. You may cancel by telephone or electronic advice via a Carrier-approved Computer Reservation System, provided Carrier immediately receives written confirmation of cancellation. In such case cancellation shall be deemed effective as of the close of business Pacific Standard Time on the date You communicated such cancellation. Since a cancellation likely means a diminished opportunity to sell space on other cruises/cruisetours, the cancellation fees in the schedules below apply regardless of whether Your space is resold. You hereby agree that losses sustained by us in the event of Your cancellation would be very difficult or impossible to quantify, and that the fees set forth in our cancellation policy represent a fair and reasonable assessment as liquidated damages. The amount of cancellation fee varies based on length of sailing for cruise/cruisetour and timing of cancellation for cruise/cruisetour and Cruise Plus package, as illustrated in the schedules below. Sailings 5 days or less Days prior to Cruise or Land Package Departure Item(s) Assessed Cancellation Fee 75 days or more None None 45 to 74 days Cruise fare Deposit^ Amount 29 to 44 days All Items 50% of Total Charges 15 to 28 days All Items 75% of Total Charges within 14 days All Items 100% of Total Charges
  10. Not just medallion ships, all ships. No more cards on any ship. The coffee package is recorded in your on board account. Doesn't matter if the ship has medallions or cruise cards.
  11. There is a Love Boat disco deck party in Princess' inventory of deck parties. If they have it it is nice. We had one on the Emerald this past February. No need to pack any special clothing, wear whatever you normally wear. Very few, if any, passengers wear period clothing for the themed parties.
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