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  1. skynight

    Shareholder OBC Benefit Form?

    I just make a cover letter that has the required information: Name, Ship, Booking No(s)., Date of Sailing. I fax that along with the proof of ownership.
  2. skynight

    Royal to Princess

    2. Yes, different selections each evening. On the Royal & Regal the buffet area is very large and there are many more selections. Buffet is open from 5am until late evening every day, never closes during that time. Just about every ship has the International Cafe, grill and Pizza. These are other no charge dining options. The Royal & Regal, Grand and Sapphire also have Alfredo's, also no charge and waiter served. 3. Not really. Very seldom have difficulty finding a seat. Since the buffet is open all the time there isn't really a rush at a particular opening time, although there are peak periods, such as breakfast just before docking on a port day. One DR's is open every day for breakfast and for lunch on sea days. Never an issue with seating. 4. Good entertainment including production shows, singers, instrumentalists, comics, magic. All shows are open seating, no reservations. Arrive 30 mins. early for mid evening shows and some more popular productions shows. Late evening shows tend to be less crowded. Live music all around the ship in various lounges, including pop, piano/singer, classical, easy ballroom. Theme nights, trivia games, game shows, karaoke, deck parties, balloon drop parties, all the normal stuff. Comic in one of the alternate show lounges or lounge draw large crowds. 5. There are only a few draft beers available, around $7. Wine $7/glass and up into the teens. Bottles of wine from mid 20's up to $100. All beverage purchases have an automatic 15% gratuity added to the price. Basically 95% of all beverages offered on the ship are under $12. Only exceptions are some wines and some special whiskeys. The $12 limit on the beverage package is the menu price, not the menu price plus the 15%. You pay the 15% when you buy the package. It takes about 6 to 7 cocktails per day every day to break even. 6. Some ships have the new fast wi-fi with unlimited packages, some do not. Really have to know the ship to answer this question. If you mention the ship you can receive more pointed focused replies.
  3. skynight


    Here is the fine print and the exclusions. * This letter has been issued from the Future Cruise Sales Department for a Future Cruise Deposit (“FCD”) in the amount specified above. The FCD is available to use on new future bookings only and is non-transferable. The FCD currency is non-changeable. The FCD will be automatically refunded if not applied to a new booking created within two years from the date of purchase. The FCD may be combined with most publically offered fares and promotions. Once applied to a booking, the FCD is considered money and is subject to the terms and conditions in the Passage contract. Shipboard credits will be applied at the time of booking and applies to the holder of the FCD only and is not applicable to 3rd and 4th berth guests. Shipboard credit may only be used on a single voyage and expires at the end of that voyage. FCDs are not applicable to bookings 45 days or longer.. For those bookings a 3% cruise fare discount is given and reduced deposit requirements may vary based on booking date. To make your next booking, please contact your Travel Agent, or Princess Cruises at 1-800-PRINCESS.
  4. Generally on formal nights passengers that dine in the DR's dress up somewhat. Most men wear jacket and tie, some jacket no tie, some no jacket no tie, and maybe 15%/20% in tux. Women generally wear nice dresses or other outfits. There are some special menu selections like lobster tail. There may be a Piazza event like Captain's greeting, champagne tower, balloon drop. Other than the DR, specialty restaurants are smart casual every evening, and the remainder of the ship is casual. So you get a mix of dress throughout the ship. Normally there is a production show of a formal night, but not always.
  5. Specialty Restaurants, Pre-book and pre-pay on line, directly to your credit card, or wait until you board where charges go to your on board account and net against any OBC. Normally two specialty restaurants on each ship, there are some differences by ship. Prices are generally $29/pp, but some experiences are less, like $12, some experiences more, some like Alfredo's are no charge. Additional dining experiences are available like chef's table, Crab Shack, Balcony Dining. There is no need to dine in a specialty restaurant. DR selections are pretty good. There is no dining separation or preference by loyalty status and cabin type except for full suites and Club Class mini suites which are entitled to Club Class dining, same menu plus an additional entree as the MDR. Club Class is a section of a MDR, not a separate DR. Full suite passengers are entitled to special breakfasts. Princess has basically three different classes of ships that service the U.S. market, Royal Class (newest ships), Grand Class and the Sun Class, Island and Coral. They also have a small ship, Pacific Princess, and a few others in Asia and Australia. You can see deck plans of them on line at Princess.com. Many like the Grand Class over the new Royal Class. Drink Packages. Search https://www.princess.com/learn/cruise-gifts-celebrations/gifts-and-services/culinary-delights-wine/ and you will see the drink packages with all the fine print. Prices are the same on board or pre-purchase. The last few years the Premium Beverage Package was offered as a promo, Sip& Sail promo, in the June to August time frame. Cabins have lots of storage. Most balconies on Royal class ships are small, 9' x 4', with some exceptions shown on the deck plans. Balconies on Grand Class ships are larger. Princess has lots of live entertainment every evening. You can't do or see it all.
  6. skynight

    Found Ocean Medallion

    Silly question. If you are dishonest would you admit it? What do you do now if you find a cruise card?
  7. skynight

    Priority Tender - How Does it Work?

    Elite status is not a concern when on a Princess tour. Report to the location on the tour ticket, and you will be escorted to the tender and on to the bus. The only time you go ashore yourself is when the tour ticket specifically mentions to meet ashore. This is normally only for late departing tours. Note, there really is priority, Princess tours have first priority. Elite priority is for when you are not on a Princess tour and when you are tendering during high demand times.
  8. skynight

    Unlimited Soda & More Package?

    Maybe around four 12 oz glasses of soda/day is the breakeven. Mocktails are around $5.
  9. skynight

    Are Princess transatlantic cruises fun?

    All the same types of things on a Princess T.A. Lots of trivia. Sometimes the lectures are good, some not so good.
  10. skynight

    Are Princess transatlantic cruises fun?

    Normally no. But it's good to purchase Future Cruise Deposits while on board, $100 each. They have the benefit of OBC and can be used for almost any voyage with some world cruises excluded. We always have some FCD's in our account. FCD's are fully refundable if not used.
  11. Crooner's, Wheelhouse are the more comfortable bars. If you go every night at the same time the waiter will get to know you. The Princess Patter will have an entertainment schedule showing which group or individual is playing in which bar. The Piazza always has some live entertainment starting around 5pm. Regarding tips, we never add anything to the bill. In fact, there is no real bill to sign or add anything to. We also don't tip cash as we go. The 15% gratuity is automatically added to each beverage purchase. At the end of the cruise if a certain bar waiter provided nice service an extra cash tip is nice, but none expected.
  12. skynight

    Priority Tender - How Does it Work?

    Wow, this is a very old thread. If you are on a Princess excursion you report the location mentioned on the tour ticket, usually the theater. A staff member will escort the entire tour group to the tender pontoon. You will not require a tender ticket. Once on shore a tour guide will show you to the bus(es).
  13. skynight

    Classis California Coast

    There will be ship tours offered. Princess probably just hasn't completed the contracts. Keep watching the cruise personlizer. When we took this itinerary the ship did dock in Long Beach right near the Queen Mary. The Aquarium and Shoreline Village are also nearby. Over in San Pedro you can find the USS Iowa. If you want to see sights in L.A. you will have to arrange some tours. I would check to see exactly where it the ship is scheduled to dock. Normally Princess sails from San Pedro, but on the coastal cruises they usually dock in Long Beach.
  14. skynight

    Island Princess 3rd and 4th Sleeping

    Normally the 3rd berth lowers from the ceiling with the lower berths in the twin configuration. The 4th berth either lowers from the ceiling or is a roll away. If you mention the cabin number someone will most likely have a photo.
  15. skynight

    Emerald Princess Bar menu

    Cocktails are around $10.50, most beers around $7.00, straight whiskeys around $8.00, wines around $10, espresso drinks around $3.50/$4.00, sodas, $2.30. It takes between 6 to 7 alcoholic drinks per day, every day port and sea, to break even.