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  1. skynight

    Refund of Refundable OBC

    A Vista Suite is a full suite. Passengers booked in the full suite will receive 2 cruise credits per voyage. What ship & date is your 25 day cruise? I ask this because most, not all, cruises of this length are actually a combination of multiple voyage numbers.
  2. skynight

    Emerald Princess 2019 Drydock

    That would be good news to us also. We enjoyed the Caribbean Princess buffet layout, seating and selections better than on other Grand Class ships. The Caribbean also added Planks and Steamers which we thought were nice. Wonder if the Emerald will also do the same or similar.
  3. skynight

    Refund of Refundable OBC

    No. It will not be erased. All promotional specialty dining must be reserved on board. Do this on boarding day. Here is the fine print from the dining web site: Any reservations using onboard credits or promotional specialty dining credits must be made onboard the ship. Additional dates and times may be available onboard. Once onboard, please call the DINE line to inquire about additional times, or to use an onboard or specialty dining credit to make reservations
  4. skynight

    Regal Princess Dry Cleaning

    It's called "Cleaning" vs. laundry. I guess it's technically dry since no water is used, but the old dry cleaning chemicals are also not used.
  5. skynight

    USB ports on Caribbean Princess

    I did not see any when on board, just regular plugs.
  6. skynight

    Refund of Refundable OBC

    T.A. OBC may or may not be refundable. Depends on how the T.A. purchased it. Sometimes T.A. OBC can actually be part of a group promotion and that is not refundable. Other times it is purchased by T.A.'s using their points. Check the cruise personlizer under payments and credits.
  7. skynight

    Emerald Princess 2019 Drydock

    Routine stuff. Probably will follow the pattern of changing the pool side grill, pizza & ice cream.
  8. skynight

    Will UBP be available for April 2020?

    In previous years the Sip & Sail promo covered most spring sailings in the following year, but not all sailings were included. You will just have to wait until June to see if Princess has the Sip & Sail, to see if your sailing is included and to see if the cost makes financial sense to cancel and re-book.
  9. skynight

    ez air search

    The search button on these boards is in the upper right hand section under your screen name. But, searching these boards will not get you accurate answers to insurance issues and questions. You need to research the Princess insurance policy information mentioned in post #3. You can also research any non-Princess insurance travel insurance of your choice to compare. Policies may differ by State or Country where you reside. Some credit cards do cover delays or cancelled flights. Look there also.
  10. skynight

    Can I book this b2b?

    Go for more. In Feb./Mar. 2015 we sailed b2b2b from S.F. on the Star, 10 night Sea of Cortez, 15 night Hawaii, 7 night CA Coastal.
  11. skynight

    Can I book this b2b?

    Two RT S.F. cruises b2b. No problem.
  12. skynight

    Horizon Court Royal Class vs Grand Class

    That is because the OP's question was about the Royal Princess. The OP already has information regarding the Grand Princess, and mentions same. The Grand Princess does not have the same variety of selections as the Royal Class ships, access is more restricted with an in and out and two separate sides, it's tighter around the serving lines, no extra Cafe Caribe space like on the Super Grand ships, less seating, limited outdoor seating, but of course less passengers. There is some seating in the indoor pool area. I'm sure you will find something you enjoy on the Grand, but there really is no comparison to the Royal Class' World Fresh Marketplace.
  13. Probably Sunday, January 6th and then either Tuesday, Roatan or Wednesday, Belize. Formal nights are not announced in advance. They will be shown in the Princess Patter when you board. Formal dress is only for the Main Dining Rooms, Specialty Restaurants are smart casual every night and the rest of the ship is casual. How formal? Most men will be in jacket & tie, jacket no tie, shirt & tie with no jacket. Some, maybe 10/15% will be in tux, and some just shirt with no tie. Most women will be in a nice dress or slacks with nice top. Very few, if any, in gowns. What can you get away with depends on the maitre'd, but generally no shorts and no frayed slacks or jeans.
  14. skynight

    Upsell on the Crown- help with choices please!

    Just a question? Do you get to choose your cabin with an upsell?
  15. skynight

    Card room

    No card room on the Sapphire Princess. The staff normally reserves a DR or specialty restaurant for certain hours for open, non-hosted card and game play. Times and location are shown in the Princess Patter. You can not book a location in advance or at any time. Other locations people play cards when not otherwise occupied with planned activities: Wheelhouse Bar*, Explorer's Lounge*, some side sections of Club Fusion*, Skywalker's, Crooner's, tables around the main pool, indoor pool and conservatory above it. The buffet area is not a good place to play. Your fellow passengers required these tables to eat. *these lounges do have planned daytime activities.