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  1. August 31, 2019 providing there is no printed expiry date on the card. Bring a copy of the Princess coffee fine print with you, in case you have difficulty.
  2. skynight

    Question about how dining choices “work”

    No charge for food at the International Cafe, except for the few ships have gelato at this location which has a charge. Royal Class ships have a separate gelato venue. No charge for any food in the buffet. No charge for soft ice cream by the pool, but shakes and malts have a charge. Room Service is no charge, except a pizza which has a $3 fee. Some ships have Crown Grill selections in the MDR that have an extra charge, this is fairly new. Some ships have the new expanded menu at the grill by the pool. No charge except for the Salty Dog Burger which is $5, $8 with a beer. Espresso drinks, specialty teas, hot chocolate at the espresso bar(s) do have charges. Coffee & tea in the buffet are no charge, and on the Royal & Regal hot chocolate is also available in the buffet at no charge. On these ships the coffee is prepared from grounds.
  3. skynight

    Priority check in WITHIN progressive times???

    You should be able to check your baggage with the porters around 9:30 or so. There is a nice walk along the harbor that can take about an hour. If you require supplies you can walk up to W. 6th St. to S. Gaffey St. There is a Rite Aid to the right and a CVS to the left. These are large pharmacy/other merchandise. There is also a Vons supermarket to the left on Gaffey St. a few blocks from the CVS.
  4. skynight

    Priority check in WITHIN progressive times???

    If you have a full suite there is an excellent chance your cabin will be ready, if not you may be able to get to your cabin when you board to drop your carry ons. As a full suite passenger you will be one of the 1st to board. If you can't get to your cabin you can bring your carry on into any location on the ship.
  5. skynight

    Priority check in WITHIN progressive times???

    Not enforced. Princess has been sending out these announcements for years. If you show up around 11am, you will most likely be on board by 12:30. Priority boarding usually begins around noon, sometimes earlier. You will board shortly thereafter. Once boarding begins it goes very quickly. Your cabin may or may not be ready. No big deal, just have some lunch. If you decide to show up around 1pm you will probably go through check in and be on board very quickly and you cabin should be ready.
  6. skynight

    Pub Crawl on Regal?

    Have never seen a pub/bar crawl on a Princess ship organized by the ship's staff. Only time I heard of them is via the roll calls. Why don't you try to organize one? Would have to be late afternoon when all the bars are open. On the Regal you have The Wheelhouse Bar, & Crooner's as lounges. There is also the wine bar, Vines, Club 6 open late evening, the Casino Bar and the Piazza Bar. Outdoors on deck are the Seaview bar and Mermaid's Tail both next to the Lido pool, Outriggers bar all the way aft and the Retreat Pool Bar by the Retreat Pool. There is also a bar by Princess Live, but not a real drinking area. I have never seen martini samplings, but Crooners does have a fairly large martini menu. There may be a martini or other drink demonstration during the cruise, not really a class. Princess also has done the bar wars "competition" which is a poolside game. It's pretty good if offered as an activity. Watch the Princess Patter for times and locations. The Wheelhouse might have a single malt tasting event.
  7. skynight

    Did I make a mistake?

    You can take advantage of an upsell if offered, you can not if not offered. I think you already know this. We generally book b2b's a single segments to make us more flexible, even if there is slightly more cost. We also book the cabin we want and mark it no upgrade. We don't like to switch cabins mid cruise.
  8. skynight

    No More All Inclusive Drink Passages?

    The packages are basically like they have been in the past, but adjusted by Princess. The All Inclusive Beverage Package was changed to the Premium Beverage Package back around June 2017. The price was increased, the $ limit is now $12, there is now a 15 alcoholic drink/day limit, but there is still unlimited nonalcoholic beverages, and there are a few other changes. Fountain sodas: The soda and more package is still there, but without milkshakes. The plain unlimited soda package was eliminated 2 or 3 years ago. There is no package for unlimited cans of soda, just 6 cans for the price of 5. As far as I remember this package has been around for years. There is no limit on how much soda you can bring on board. We carry on our own soda at embarkation and sometimes at ports of call. Are mixing up Princess' packages with another cruise line?
  9. skynight

    Regal Princess. Tips

    I never remember seeing serving trays at the buffet on any any Princess ship. They have large plates. Flatware is on the tables.
  10. skynight

    Regal Princess. Tips

    Alfredo's waiter served, no charge open from 11am until late evening. Extensive buffet, open 5am until late evening, never closes during that time. Scan entire area before making your selections. Horizon Terrace, nice seating area. Free, coffee from grounds, hot tea and hot chocolate in the buffet area. Seating for shows, especially theater production shows and comics in the Vista Lounge, arrive 30 to 45 minutes early. International Cafe nice option for cont. breakfast, lunch and any other time. No charge for food. Crooner's late evening piano entertainment, may be good, may be not so good, depends on the entertainer.
  11. skynight

    Shareholder OBC in casino or gratuities?

    Shareholder OBC is just another credit posted to your on board account. The credits in total are netted in real time against every on board expense including daily grats. and any casino costs charged to your account.
  12. skynight

    Emerald Princess Question

    We are sailing in February and there is the option to pre-book these restaurants. Maybe you're just to close to the sail date, or maybe all the pre-booking slots have been filled. There should be times available when you board. Call the dining line or visit the restaurant(s) on boarding day.
  13. skynight

    Cruise personalizer for our kids?

    Go to the Princess home page. Select Booked Guests and then Cruise Personlizer Login. Then select Access Your Booking Without Signing In. This should work.
  14. skynight

    Another Princess Cays questions..

    The last two times we were there we grabbed something, tacos & chili dogs if I remember correctly, at the street wagons over the bridge to the right. There was also a great fruit table on the left hand side with no lines. No fine dining at Princess Cays.
  15. skynight


    I'm sure you have seen younger people glued to their smart phones or tablets. These are the future cruise vacation customers. That's the advantage for the cruise line and for the younger demographic. They are able to take a cruise vacation and still remain in their comfort zone. As far as real tangible benefits, there may be a few small ones, but can you really see many over the current system? Personally, when I'm on the ship I enjoy not having to carry anything around, especially a phone, laptop or tablet. We use the tried and true, meet you at 10am by the pool near the ice cream bar method.