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  1. skynight

    Milestone cruises

    I think going to days only is a better way to measure. Cruises/Cruise Credits gets messy with customers receiving 2x and 3x cruise credits for 1 night, 2 night and other short cruises. Also, with Princess many of their cruises are not the historically typical one week kind. Princess determines the most traveled passengers with days only, no multipliers and no cruise counts are considered.
  2. skynight

    Help deciding if Princess is right for us

    Further comments. On the Crown you will get sessions of ballroom dancing. If they have a group or duo in the Wheelhouse they will be there most evenings from around 8pm onwards. They usually play soft ballroom music, lots of Latin, Fox Trot, and some waltz. There are soft leather chairs and sofas to sit between dances. On the Royal this past February there were a number of very accomplished dancers in the Piazza every evening. There was usually dance music from around 5pm to 9pm. Although the floor was marble, they didn't seem to have any difficulty and looked like they enjoyed themselves. The Piazza is a large dance floor area. Since the Royal & Regal are sister ships, I'm thinking it will be the same on the Regal. It's always difficult to predict exactly what kind of live music you will find when you board. It depends on which groups have been hired for the time you are on board. There has always been some ballroom dancing on every Princess ship I have been on.
  3. skynight

    Open front deck on Crown, etc

    No standard passenger access.
  4. skynight

    On Board Loyalty Credit

    By this I think you are referring to the most traveled passenger lunch or cocktail party. Invitations are to the top 40 most traveled passengers counted by days on board, not cruises or cruise credits. Most times the cutoff is 500+ days. I have seen it as low as 421 days. So at 40 cruises you are getting closer. If you go on an Alaska voyage the cut off should be lower. On longer voyages the cut off spikes up.
  5. skynight

    Would appreciate your opinion on Hawaii selection

    Star or Emerald. Both are similar. Star has an indoor pool and a second show lounge, Vista Lounge. Star has 500 less passengers than the Emerald. Both have the larger closet space. Emerald has Club Fusion which is good for many activities like Zumba, Bingo, parties, karaoke and more. Emerald has more outdoor pool space and one of the main pools is MUTS free.
  6. skynight

    Help deciding if Princess is right for us

    Royal & Regal and other Royal Class ships do not have any lounge for ballroom dancing. From our cruises on the Royal Princess most ballroom dancing was in the Piazza, marble floors, and most of it was in the early evening. The Piazza has multiple uses and only is available sometimes for ballroom dancing. On our last Royal Princess cruise there were some sets in the Vista Lounge with a wood floor, but not every evening. The Wheelhouse Bar on the Royal & Regal does not have a dance floor. Grand Class ships do have the Wheelhouse Bar where there is normally soft music suitable for ballroom each evening. There is a wood dance floor. The Crown, Emerald & Ruby have installed high tables in a section of the Wheelhouse for the Salty Dog Pub. On one cruise either on the Emerald or Crown I noticed they only had a guitar player as an entertainer. Grand Class ships also have some dance sets in Explorer's Lounge and Club Fusion. Both have wood floors. Lots of these sets are with the party band.
  7. skynight

    Elite Status Pursuer Question

    Take the cruise if you want to take a cruise. Don't do it to become Elite. Only big financial benefits are laundry, and maybe the mini bar. If it's a short cruise that you like book a full suite, you'll receive 2X cruise credits.
  8. skynight

    exchanging mini bar for coffee card

    No gelato. Look here for package details. https://www.princess.com/learn/cruise-gifts-celebrations/gifts-and-services/culinary-delights-wine/
  9. skynight

    Is Embarking Without Entire Party Possible?

    Every adult can check in and board individually as they arrive. You mention something about having the relative's passport. You can not check in the relative that is not present. The relative will have to present their boarding pass to get on the pier, and is required to present a valid passport to check in and board the ship. The boarding pass is easy. It can be printed out by the relative. But, the relative will require the original passport. If you can't get the passport to him/her have them call you upon arrival at the pier. At that time you can exit the ship with the passport, meet him/her and then once checked in re-board.
  10. skynight

    NYC: what time do you go under the bridge

    The statue is on the right as you sail out. The distance to the bridge is around 10 miles. At harbor speed I would say around an hour or less.
  11. skynight

    Super Bowl on the Crown Princess?

    Yes to MUTS. Also, game may be aired in Club Fusion, Skywalker's, Casino Bar, Cabins. Check with passenger service the day of the game to determine all the locations. Be aware of the game time. Your local time may be different from U.S. EST.
  12. skynight

    Milestone cruises

    Believe Princess no longer uses cruises or cruise credits to mark milestones. Milestones are counted as days on board. Believe the first milestone is 500 days and subsequent ones are 750 and 1,000. Also believe you meet with the Captain's Circle host to decide how you want to celebrate.
  13. skynight

    Good morning

    They are in California. Believe they open 6am Pacific time, but you would probably do better if you wait until around 9am Pacific time when more staff is there.
  14. skynight

    A .... Timely Question to Fall Back on....

    Ship time follows local time. On the first night you will set the clocks back 1 hour.