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  1. skynight

    Pre booking Princess Excursions

    Yes, but there is a catch. If you book an excursion on line any OBC that has been posted your account, as shown under Payments & Credits, will be used to pay for the excursion. Here is the catch. If you are a couple and one has lots of OBC and the other little to none the on line system does not let you combine the OBC's to pay for one excursion each. In this case you must call Princess and have them book the excursions for you. The other catch is that some OBC is provided by T.A's and does not show on line in the Princess site. This type of OBC can not be used to pre book.
  2. skynight

    Shore Excursion obc

    It is posted as a credit to your on board account. Any on board charges, not just excursions, will net against the credits.
  3. skynight

    Free gratuities question

    I just checked all my 3 for fee bookings. They all show $0.00 balance under payments and credits.
  4. skynight

    Lol synch battle on Ruby

    Go prepared just in case. If it's offered or not is up to the entertainment staff. Since October 27th is the Ruby's first 7 day Mexico of this season no one will have current experience. With 2 sea days at the end, enough for rehearsals, I figure they would have Voice of the Ocean.
  5. skynight

    No Receipt / No Signing & the New Coffee Card

    On our last cruises think you could request a receipt, although we never did. Don't know if it's possible with *****. Regarding the coffee package you basically get 15 espresso drinks for the price of 12. Agree there should be some way to know how many drinks remain. Also think there should be a selection of different quantities, 7, 10, 15, 20, so the passenger can select the package that best fits their requirements or the length of the cruise. While not discussed in this thread, I also think that you should be able to link cabin mates to a single coffee package so the allowed sharing of the 15 drinks does not require the holder of the package to be present. The program can't be that difficult. And while I'm on the subject believe half of the the Elite/Suite mini bar should be tradeable for one coffee package.
  6. skynight

    Free gratuities question

    My free gratuities are clearly shown on the Princess Booking Confirmation - Passenger Copy. At the bottom of the page it states "Complimentary Grat." It is also shown in the optional pre-payment section as zero $$.
  7. skynight

    unlimited internet packages for platinum passengers?

    As a Platinum Captain's Circle Member you will receive 250 minutes of free internet. If you are traveling as a couple and both are Platinum then each one will receive the 250 minutes or 500 minutes total. That's a lot of minutes. The person you spoke with is stating that if you want one of the unlimited packages you can upgrade your free minutes to one of the packages at a reduced price, but you can only do this once on board. On some ships Platinum members are receiving free unlimited social packages, but this was/is for a limited time and may or may not be the case when you board.
  8. skynight

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    I just looked at my February cruise on the Emerald. The TD times that can be selected are 4:45, 5:00 and 7:15. Seems very early. I think a lot of early diners will move to ATD, and some may move to late TD. I don't see these very early times working very well. I believe Princess does not have a good handle on dining.