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  1. Got the offer on 1/19 and made the payment the next day. Received e-mail confirmation from Chase today confirming the credit and stating it would be applied to my account in 7-14 business days. One on my account and one on my wife’s.
  2. The offer just showed up on my Sapphire Reserve. 5% back up to $240. Making additional deposit of $4800 on our January 2021 cruise. Not as good as 10% but still....
  3. Sorry to contradict my good friend Bitob but we are on Seabourn Quest now and there are no daily prizes at Trivia.
  4. Julie is one of our favorite CD’s as well. We were recently on Nautica and had a CD, John Ekin, who was new to us. His announcements were minimal and his favorite phrase was “read the Daily Current.” He was good at running trivia, no nonsense and a lot of fun. He also did a magic/comedy show one night which was quite good.
  5. We are on this cruise. O made it very clear that they would refund Kenya visas which were sold on board for $99 p.p. As to Mozambique visa, yes, O did send inconsistent information. Our TA told us they were required so we prepaid $99 p.p. to O. When we got onboard, we told reception that we did not plan to go ashore in Mozambique and the visa fee was credited back to us.
  6. Overnight in Cape Town was always scheduled.
  7. Your analogy to the anti—vax movement is erroneous. The anti-vaxxers have a false fear with no scientific basis that vaccinations cause autism. By refusing to vaccinate their children, they put the children at risk as well as the general population. Witness the current measles outbreak in the Portland area. Yellow fever is caused by mosquito bites and is not contagious. A person’s failure to get vaccinated puts no one else at risk. The additional problem on this current cruise is that Oceania did not notify us in advance of this requirement. Their pre-cruise information said the YF vaccination is recommended, not required. Furthermore, the CDC recommends that YF vaccine should be “given cautiously” to persons over 60. There is a much greater risk of serious side effects and even death. I would venture to guess that 80% of the passengers onboard are over 60..
  8. And yet you persist in sailing with O.
  9. I believe Oceania now has two happy hours a day - one is late night - after the show.
  10. No, you do not have to put your luggage out. Your butler and cabin attendants will take care of the move for you. Everything hanging in your closer can remain hanging and will be moved on hangers. Your luggage should be packed and will be moved as well. Don’t forget your safe.
  11. Registry is Majuro, not Liberia.
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