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  1. Terminal is in a old industrial area so Sunday early should be good. Other roads and bridges should be ok too. Going home should also be good as your on your way by 8am. Pay no attention to those check in times. We are taking same trip in May, have a great trip.
  2. I don't remember any loungers in this area, just tables and chairs. Yes, it gets very crowded in cold/bad weather. There is a large bar area, a few hot tubs always full, table tennis tables and the pool.
  3. Sailing out of NYC in the winter is taking a chance. Going south at best the first and last day and half will be cold and bad weather could be around. I think it should be at least 14 days to make it worthwhile. May to November are best but be on the watch for hurricanes.
  4. Went in the YC from Brooklyn end of October. If your driver takes the road marked Clinton Warf past the front of the terminal get out at the last turn left. Tent was on the right in front of terminal. They escorted us to the YC waiting area which was a long walk however right inside the terminal was a desk to request wheelchair assistance.
  5. Have traveled in the YC a few times from NYC. The only draw back for me is the crowds and chaos on the rest of the ship. A butler will help you avoid this. The YC service desk is very helpful with everything. I believe it's the best value among the ship within a ship market.
  6. If the Manhattan terminal is full the overflow goes to Brooklyn. Looks like Serenity will be in Brooklyn 10/29/2023. You can look at NYCruise.com for the schedule of both terminals.
  7. Thanks for the info. I was on this ship when she was first in NY at the Manhattan terminal. It was chaos with no YC anything. We're going again in Brooklyn, I feel better about it, thanks
  8. Can anyone describe the Yacht Club experience check in at the Brooklyn NY cruise terminal, thanks.
  9. I think it will be a good trip, NCrystal will provide a nice product. That said I also believe many will expect a duplicate of OCrystal and that is where the problem might arise.
  10. All cruise lines offer their own insurance. I have found that it is always a bad deal comparing coverage vs cost. That said now the NC has an insurance plan, take it or leave it, there are many options.
  11. The NC has so so trips as they were late booking ports that are very busy. They have old ships that are being rebuilt somewhat but nobody has been on. They have a whole new ship and shore side staff that has never worked together under the new company. They have a whole group of suppliers and shore trip providers that were stiffed by a cruise line with the same name and management. They have a large group of TA and customers who were stiffed by a line with the same name and management. For me a wait and see seems prudent while I believe it's hit or miss if the NC will succeed. Interest rates are going up, inflation is stubborn, world upheaval is on the rise, people are questioning the global banking system. Who is really ready to put big dollars down on an unknown?
  12. I don't know when these trips are but usually the telling date is the date final, non-refundable payment is due.
  13. Sounds like a good deal because if you expected to get back nothing and now you can get something back, if you want to sail the NC, it's really found money. Something for nothing.
  14. The trip I took was six years ago. My SS rep told me they changed the deal so I am glad it's better. Six years ago when the ship and Manfredi Lefebvre plan was new it was terrible IMO.
  15. Much talk about A&K trips. Check out their web site, how many here would pay their price for a shore trip? Manfredi Lefebvre seems to be put on a pedestal here, I took a trip on the Silver Muse when it first came out before RCCL got involved. His new plan was no main dinning room, just specialty restaurants that changed their menu every five days or so. It was terrible. He doesn't walk on water.
  16. I think it's funny, no passengers have been on ether ship but we already have dress code and smoking threads.
  17. In the end the only place to find out the facts is the cruise line. Why would anyone come here to find out if a trip is sold out, to find out what a policy is?
  18. I believe this just a place holder until they can get someone to run a casino.
  19. This is really a turn off for me. As we all have been told over and over the present Crystal is a new Cruise line with nothing at all to do with the old Crystal. If they want to have a status match like MSC roll it out don't tell me that someone who sailed 100 times on some out of business cruise line who stiffed passengers, crew and vendors is superior to me.
  20. I had lunch there often and they made anything I asked for. There were so many options for dinner I never thought about them.
  21. That's my point, those things are not important to me so I can spend my money on what I really enjoy.
  22. The Japanese restaurant is included for lunch and it's great.
  23. The same as many here are speculating about a shipboard experience no one has experienced Crystal is making rules and guidance that nobody has tried. I am sure things will change after Crystal gets feedback and people take trip. I have found the only way for me to get 100% of what I want is to charter a yacht.
  24. Carnival had a no smoking ship years ago however they abandoned the idea.
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