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  1. Chris was Assistant CD on an Adriatic cruise we took on Odyssey in Sept/17. I don't know his surname. Very engaging British chap. Wonder if it's the same guy?
  2. Our thoughts exactly. We reach the 100-day milestone on an upcoming Encore cruise and have decided to skip the club party event. The recognition bit is not our thing, although I'm happy to get the pin, if only for the Tiffany box!
  3. Something's not right. We're on the same cruise and we received our final docs on Jan 18 from our TA. It includes a descriptive booklet and luggage labels preprinted with our names and suite number. The booklet isn't particularly helpful but it does provide info on the embarkation terminal as well as details of any OBC you have. You'll only need the Seabourn ePass to board, but you may wish to follow up with your TA on the missing docs.
  4. Hi Keith! Sounds like you're having a wonderful time in Sydney with your daughter and her family. Continue to enjoy! You captured a lovely shot of SB Encore. It was docked at Circular Quay, is that correct?
  5. Stickman, enough already! I'm kicking myself since we considered that Serenity cruise but chose Encore instead. Oh well, we really do prefer the itinerary. I'm also looking forward to eating at Sushi which is not on the O-class ships. I'll try hard not to compare it with Umi Uma.
  6. I'm inclined to agree with you, even though there are some aspects of dining on SB that we prefer over Crystal. Sadly we've noticed service levels on SB have indeed declined since we started sailing with them in 2014. Your Crystal posts, especially the photos from Umi Uma, are making me envious.
  7. Seabourn and Crystal are our favorite lines and we sailed both relatively recently: Crystal North Cape in July/18 and Seabourn East Coast Canada in Sept/18. Things we prefer on Seabourn: Seabourn Square Ventures by Seabourn Caviar on demand Shopping with the Chef Suite accommodation More interesting itineraries Loyalty program with tangible benefits Things we prefer on Crystal: Magic Castle at Sea Fabulous enrichment Computer University at Sea Specialty restaurant Umi Uma Outstanding cocktail list and excellent bartenders Wrap-around promenade Free wifi All our SB sailings have been on the O-class ships. We will soon venture onto Encore and our opinion may change! Isklaar, looking forward to reading your review of Ovation.
  8. AFAIK, the street art walk doesn't go near Baldwin Street but we hope to tackle it by ourselves later. Thanks for the suggestion of Larnach's Castle. It's on our radar as well as the Chinese Gardens and the Toitu Settlers Museum. We're actually there on St Paddy's Day so a pub visit may be in order as well!
  9. Have a blast Stickman. Looks like you're off to a great start. Our adventure in your neck of the woods starts soon, but sadly without the joy of an Elderflower Fizz or Jade Martini!
  10. Thanks again Leigh. We're all set for our visit to Phillip Island. Rain jackets and layers are packed!
  11. Fantastic Java Spot. Looks like we're now docked at Brisbane Cruise Terminal next to Portside Wharf rather than the Grain Terminal. "Always subject to change" worked in our favour!
  12. Hi Java Spot. That was me! However, I posted on the RC that we're scheduled to dock at the so-called Grain Terminal in Brisbane, not Melbourne. It's 25 km from the CBD.
  13. Isabel, we also sailed Bach last year and we did have Elod as bartender! I agree he kicked it up a notch. He was very creative and always tempted us with special concoctions. However, he didn't have the ingredients to make a Jade Martini, which I thought was odd given that it's a signature cocktail on the ocean ships. I'm hoping Ravel will have an expanded spirits selection when we're on later this year.
  14. Stickman, you're killing me! How I'd love to work my way through that new Gin Menu on Crystal, with Fever Tree as the standard. Good on you to take on the challenge! Is your Serenity cruise Auckland-Perth? We considered that but liked the SB itinerary just a touch more. Our next Crystal is another river cruise and I hope their bartenders will be as skilled as on the ocean ships. I'm glad the SB teddies survived. Look forward to the photo. I agree we have an excellent Encore itinerary. We spent 6 weeks down-under almost 30 years ago. We were quite young and it was our first major trip so we jammed as much as possible into every day. We saw a lot of both countries such that many ports on our cruise will be repeats but there are enough new places to make it more than worthwhile. We plan to adopt a more leisurely approach this time around, so we don't need a vacation after our vacation like we did all those years ago! I hope Ross will still be onboard. He was CD on our Quest cruise this past September and we really enjoyed his style. Not to mention his wardrobe of glittery jackets!
  15. Thanks for all the comments. Leigh, I appreciate your advice to dress warmly. My research shows that the average low temps in Cowes are 11c-13c in late March. Does that sound about right?
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