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  1. Yes I would have your travel agent request embarkation help prior to you boarding. You should also remind the staff at terminal.
  2. shippmates

    Cruise Documents Needed for Travel

    If your friend is going to apply for her passport before the cruise remember she will need a copy of her birth certificate. She needs to send her original to the passport office.
  3. Island Lady the last time we were there we did the tour of Kennedy Space Center. If you have not been there for a long time it is an interesting day. It had been years since we were there and we enjoyed seeing all the added displays.
  4. We will be sailing on the 25th. Once we return I will let you know my thoughts on this cabin.
  5. No we have not sailed on the Anthem yet.
  6. shippmates

    Uh oh Husband fell off roof

    The ships have wheelchairs that will take you from the port to the ship. Most ships do not have a supply of wheelchairs for passengers to use when they get off the ship. We rented a wheelchair from Special Needs at Sea and it was so simple. The wheelchair was in our cabin when we got on board and you just leave the chair in your cabin when you leave. Hope your husband is feeling better until you cruise.
  7. shippmates

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    We were also changed to 5PM dining from 5:30. It also is showing waitlisted #1. Does anyone know what this means. 5PM is a little early but then 7:15 is too late for me to eat. Will just wait and see how it works once we get on the ship.
  8. shippmates

    BIG questions! I need BIG answers!

    Did you use a travel agent to book all the cruise cabins? If everyone is staying at the same hotel, your travel agent maybe able to get you a group rate for the rooms. Call the hotel direct and speak with the group department and tell them what you are looking for.
  9. FunBobby68 you will love that cruise on the Grandeur. We have done that same itinerary for several years and have it booked again for March 2019. I also would recommend an upgraded cabin or a cruise to Europe. Enjoy your cruise.
  10. shippmates

    First seating questions

    One of our cruises we had table mates that were 15 to 20 minutes late every night for dinner. The first night the waiters waited until they showed up and after that they started taking our orders when everyone but the late comers were there. The one night they were 20 minutes late, they could only order an entree .
  11. shippmates

    B2B Cruises - Why do you do it?

    We are doing our first b2b in March on the Grandeur. One is a 9 night visiting heading to Bahamas stopping along the way in the US and then a 12 night to the Southern Caribbean. We love the Grandeur and we will not have to change cabins. The longer the cruise the better we like it.
  12. shippmates

    To Suit or not to Suit

    We have watched the formal attire decline over the years but we still bring our tux and dressy dresses. We enjoy dressing for dinner as we do not get the chance at home. You can wear what you want. The only thing I wish the cruise lines would do is not allow shorts in the MDR for dinner. Just my thoughts.
  13. Just got off the phone with Royal and the March 16, 2019 cruise has been cancelled and the information has been sent to the travel agents after 6PM tonight.
  14. shippmates

    Formal Nights, Tuxedos, Thoughts?

    Several years ago my husband went to a tux shop and was able to purchase a tux for a reasonable price. Dressing to the nines is one of the things we like about cruising. Wear what you want and enjoy yourself. A formal picture is always a great memory.
  15. So glad to see 3/16 back on the schedule. I also noticed the price jumped a good bit since they put it back on the schedule.