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  1. So sorry everyone is having such issues with this TA. Sometimes the little perks you get are not as great as the personal service you get from a small local TA. I learned a long time ago never give your TA the authorization to automatically charge your cruise payments to your credit card. Hope every one gets the help they need.
  2. We just got off the Oasis on Sunday and we did have to make reservations for the headliners and the comedy shows. We did not have to make reservations to see the movies.
  3. We just got off the Oasis and they where showing NFL, MLB and lots of soccer. We are also NHL fans and do not see much if any on the ships during hockey season.
  4. Hi Radio. Love your live broadcast and can not believe we are going to get to cruise with you. We also have our negative test results in hand. See you on Sunday. Safe travels to the port.
  5. My TA never calls to book a cruise all booked online. The only time they need to call if there is an issue with the booking which is not very often.
  6. I receive a copy of the booking invoice everytime I book a cruise. It comes from the travel agent that I used to book my cruise.
  7. The annual policy do cover many trips but make sure you look at the per trip coverage and the max they will pay per person per year.
  8. The hotel does have a shuttle but it is not the easiest to use to return to the hotel. It may be different if you are going to the airport as we always park at the hotel and drive home.
  9. We also have a final payment due while we are on a cruise. Just going to make payment before we leave.
  10. Did you have a 70's night on your cruise? We always looked forward to that. So glad you had a great time. We are on the Oasis on Oct 3 and can not wait since we have not been on a ship since 2019.
  11. Try applying them on line. Since this pandemic calls to any of the cruise lines have been terrible. If you use a travel agent, they are the one that would be on hold for hours as you go about with your day. I would never book a cruise without using a travel agent.
  12. We lock our phone in the safe as soon as we get out to sea. Take it with us in ports to use the free wifi to check on our family.
  13. We need to have a test for our 10/3 cruise. The antigen test are getting hard to find. We live in PA and the closest CVS that had any appointments when we needed was in Hagerstown, MD 55 miles away.
  14. This is the information regarding the 30 day final payment. This policy is only for cruises sailing from October 1 thru December 2021. Additionally, we understand that final payment deadlines for many of your clients sailing in 2021 may be quickly approaching. So, to grant a little more time and flexibility, the final payment due date on sailings departing between October 1, 2021, through December 31, 2021, will now have until 30 days prior to sailing to submit full payment
  15. I sure do hope Cunard does not change their dress code. The formal and semi formal dress is what we love about Cunard.
  16. Looking for pros and cons for cabin 10607 on Oasis. Was just assigned this cabin for our October cruise.
  17. Baltimore cruising will start up December 23, 2021.
  18. We have stayed many times at the BW on Dorsey Road. It is a nice hotel and many cruisers stay there. The only issue we have is using the shuttle to return back to the hotel after the cruise. They do not have any specific plan in place. You call for the shuttle, go to the waiting area but they give you know confirmation. We have waited up to more than an hour as the people getting to the waiting area after you get in front and then get on the shuttle as you are still waiting.
  19. We did book interiors for the great sleep you get. Now since the virus, we have booked balconies just in case we get stuck. Can not imagine being stuck in an interior cabin for days.
  20. Does anyone have details on stateroom 5151 on QM2? We have that one for our cruise in August of 2022.
  21. So sorry you are having such an issue with your refund and missing you 10th anniversary celebration. I would not want to be in the accounting or customer service field for a cruise line right now. They are so over whelmed and short staffed but yet everyone one I have spoken with have a great attitude. If we would just show a little kindness imagine the kindness that would be returned to us. Hope you get to celebrate. You are not alone as we are missing out on our 50th wedding anniversary celebration, but I look at it this way, we are still here together to enjoy the day.
  22. We had several cruises canceled in 2020 and again this year. The latest being our 50th anniversary cruise. It took 3.5 hours today to get my canceled cruise moved to a new booking. The representative Sigrid was great to work with. It was taking so long that they took my number and called me back once the change was made. The other person should use a travel agent and let them handle all the hassles of this pandemic.
  23. I would call or have your travel agent call Royal and ask them what dates you can use to do a lift & shift. They may have two cruises that would protect your price and cabin category.
  24. The formal dress code is why we like to sail on Cunard. We normally do not get to dress at home so it is a treat to dress to the 9's for several days. We normally do not cruise Carnival due to the lack of rules/guidelines not being enforced. We have seen shorts, sleeveless undershirts, backward baseball caps in the dining room on formal night. When did people stop removing hats at a table when eating.
  25. We loved our visit to PEI. Did a private tour and saw lots of amazing scenery. Hoping Canada soon opens their borders to travelers.
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