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  1. Beautiful picture jimbo5544! Thank you for posting May they all stay safe and healthy!
  2. Jimbo5554 I'm not trying to be rude, I really thought his name was John Herald and trying to make sure that the quoter wasn't reading something from a fake poster.
  3. isn't his correct name John Herald? Why all the tweets from John Heald?
  4. Speaking if the hidden ducks.....I found a tiny pink embellished duck on my trip two weeks ago on the Conquest and it was taken from my room. It was the tiniest and cutest little duck! I left it on the shelf by the tv and the next morning it was gone. I have an idea of who might have taken it......not the Room Steward or his helper, as they were great. There was, however, a female crew member that commented on my collection of ducks (she mentioned that she also collects them) and the next evening it disappeared from my room. My suggestion would be to put them out of sight to insure that noone is tempted.
  5. the cost is way higher for the ultras than the premier and getaways cruises. Do they think we don't know they are building their cost of the ultra gift into that? not that stupid. also, now that they don't display all the gifts on your given day/time, who knows how many of each gift there really are, could be mostly $300 cash which is the minimum.
  6. or $8.88 depending on which machine you are playing at max bet LOL
  7. Question for anyone who has gone on a cruise with the Hot Streak Offer. Did you get the DOU card in your cabin for use on your cruise? The wording is a bit strange on the offer and I want to clarify if anyone has in fact gotten the card. Thank you in advance for your response.
  8. we have used Cortrans shuttle in the past and they are awesome! We stayed in Orlando and they picked us up in the morning and took us to cruiseport and then from cruiseport to MCO after cruise. Our ship arrived very late and Jaime (the owner) arranged for a different shuttle to take us to MCO for no extra charge to get us to the airport on time! I would trust them again any time! I am not sure if they go directly from MCO to Cape Canaveral hotels or just from Orlando hotels so check website, however they have been great with customer service for us!
  9. is it possible to take an uber from a hotel in fort lauderdale to/ from the port of miami? i am wondering if this is cheaper and easier than one of the shuttle companies (which restrict which hotels they pick up from)
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