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  1. or $8.88 depending on which machine you are playing at max bet LOL
  2. Question for anyone who has gone on a cruise with the Hot Streak Offer. Did you get the DOU card in your cabin for use on your cruise? The wording is a bit strange on the offer and I want to clarify if anyone has in fact gotten the card. Thank you in advance for your response.
  3. we have used Cortrans shuttle in the past and they are awesome! We stayed in Orlando and they picked us up in the morning and took us to cruiseport and then from cruiseport to MCO after cruise. Our ship arrived very late and Jaime (the owner) arranged for a different shuttle to take us to MCO for no extra charge to get us to the airport on time! I would trust them again any time! I am not sure if they go directly from MCO to Cape Canaveral hotels or just from Orlando hotels so check website, however they have been great with customer service for us!
  4. We had a 12:15 flight last year and almost missed it. Our ship was late coming in and our shuttle time was missed. Thank goodness our shuttle company (Jamie @ Cortrans Shuttle) paid another shuttle to take us and that driver drove 80 MPH to get us to the plane on time! It all worked out and we made our flight but I would never book a flight that early again out of MCO when cruising from Port Canaveral.
  5. If the offer is expired then no however if you both had the offer originally then you should already be signed up for the cash and perks even though technically it was booked under your husbands offer. If you still have the mailer or the email take it with you on the cruise and show casino host and hopefully it will be fine
  6. I typed ship name and emergency telephone number and nothing. Maybe too much criteria? thank you all for the help!
  7. I have searched the boards and carnival website and can't find a phone number for family member to reach ship in case of emergency. Does anyone have one? thank you in advance
  8. Can someone who has stayed in this cabin please give the pro/cons of this room and location?
  9. If the Premier block is already sold out then the casino will not let you join the group and get the perks. We booked a cruise last year after the Premier block had closed. We paid full price for the cabin (last one available) as it was 2 weeks before sailing. Our PVP spoke with Casino Services on our behalf and asked if we could join in the gifts, drawings and drink card (didn't ask for the reduced room rate). Casino said NO, that once the Premier room block closes they do not allow any more guests to join. Turned out that when we entered our cabin the first day there was the black Premier gift bag with all of the info for the week (with the original guests names on it). So it appeared that we got a cabin that a Premier guest had cancelled (pretty ironic). That was it for the rest of the week, no more goodies. Oh well, we still had a great time and enjoyed the trip completely!
  10. What is a Premier Plus cruise? I have been invited to Premier Cruises but haven't heard of Premier Plus?
  11. When I was given casino cash I played $50 at a time and would cash out whatever amount I won off that $50 In the end I actually cashed out for more $ than the amount of casino cash given to me
  12. The Premier cruise had to have been taken between Jan 2018 and May 2018 to qualify for the Fall 2018 Ultra, not sure when you took your Premier Cruise Also the Premiere Getaways do not qualify for an Ultra Cruise offer
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