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  1. Hopefully we will learn more as and when bookings are taken for the UK residents only cruises.
  2. Curious that Royal has just announced Anthem to offer UK residents only cruises with a fully vaccinated crew.
  3. Celebrity Silhouette ex Southampton sailings are now showing sold out for June to August. This is consistent with unofficial reports of new 4 and 7 day cruises around UK.
  4. Just scanned the German site, June-August sailings coming up as being sold out.
  5. Yay. Someone posted on the Silhouette Roll Calls board that their TA/cruise advisor has said that an announcement would be forthcoming this week.... to be continued!
  6. Morning Chemmo, what do you make of the unofficial reports of Silhouette offering British Isles cruises from July to August? Very curious if the present planning is to keep the original itineraries from September onwards...
  7. See posts on X board unofficial reports that X Silhouette will be sailing from Southampton from June to August. Maybe there will be an imminent announcement from Royal?
  8. Guernsey have announced not accepting cruise ships for 2021 season 😞
  9. Posted elsewhere (Royal board) that announcement imminent...
  10. ^ But only the Edge and Constellation cruises are referenced for European sailings?
  11. Is that irrespective of length of cruise? I wonder if this is a factor in making the call to cancel on cruises from Southampton which I am guessing have a higher UK /US ratio of bookings.
  12. P&O UK have just announced cancellation of all international cruises through August 2021. The plan is to replace with short round Britain cruises.
  13. It's certainly tricky to make summer holiday plans. At the moment we are being cautioned not to book a summer holiday aboard but I wouldn't rule out some EU countries will want travel corridors in the summer months of July and August.
  14. And the Netherlands have ordered 7 m. We are very behind with a vaccination roll out ...
  15. Sorry, question to Emma's Gran, how do you assess the chances of the Silhouette sailing in September?
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