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  1. Considering it as the benefits are better than what I normally get for a little less price.
  2. I have done numerous cruises out of Florida and New Orleans and have enjoyed the sea days in warm weather. What can I expect leaving from Galveston in Mid-March? Will the sea days be too cool to sit out and soak up sun at the pool? We are looking for a trip with lots of relaxation and soaking up the sun along the western Caribbean. The Regal Princess goes out of Galveston and we like the idea of this ship since we are hoping there will be less spring break children since there are no water slides and things like it. It's a different year for us, as we normally go out of Florida in January, but due to issues beyond our control this is the option we are looking at.
  3. Some cruise lines will at least return the port fees and taxes.
  4. Yes, be very cautious as we had that happen. Took us to another beach bar and LIED to us saying it was the one we wanted. Sat down and we could see the place we wanted right next door so we lied and said our friends are meeting us and they are over there. I do understand they are trying to help out their friends, but no need to lie to us. Keep this in mind when ever 'shopping' stops are included. They are taking your to their friends shop; maybe not where you really want to go.
  5. catinhat

    Sheer Rocks

    Is there beach access? or chairs on the beach? I like the pool idea, but I also have the need to get in the ocean. Snorkeling there? THANKS!
  6. catinhat

    Sheer Rocks

    Anyone have good photos of the day use facilities?
  7. Catherine's says they are closed and the links for sheer rocks aren't working for me.
  8. Unfortunately if I try to book excursions in advance, it only wants credit card payment. It won't let me use OBC.
  9. I already have the drink package and 2 specialty restaurants, so not sure what else I will need to use OBC on. On an anniversary trip, I used it for photos but I won't be needing them this trip. Maybe book another cruise with it as a deposit or cruise next deposit?
  10. So what can we use the OBC for if not gratuities or casino? I had hoped to use it towards gratuities. I try not to spend a lot on ship. Excursions?
  11. Thank you. Beach chair rentals are $10 per day. It doesn't mention a drink. http://sunsetsxm.com/beach-2/ Menu: http://sunsetsxm.com/menus/
  12. We will be flying in 3 days early and want to experience and stay near the white sandy beaches near Tampa. Best place to go?
  13. We did the Mendenhall Glacier at Juneau, but avoided an excursion. We just hopped on the city bus (small fee), stayed as long as we wanted and came back. Beautiful and we got to see a baby cub in the tree. We have also done the tram on our own. Loved both. We also browsed the shops and found some cute souviniers. In Ketchikan, we did the crabbing excursion through the ship (not quite what we expected as we already crab, but we enjoyed seeing all the bald eagles). Last trip there it was GORGEOUS and sunny so we hopped on a float plane spur of the moment and flew over the Fjords and landed on a small lake. AMAZING!!!!! We had time before our flight, so we purchased tickets on site for the logger show. Cute. In Skagway we took the train ride, gold panning and a lunch. I can't remember if we booked on site or went through the cruise ship. It was a rainy day, but we enjoyed the trip. Not sure about Victoria if you just have a few hours after 9:00 p.m. Glacier Bay is all day so you will have plenty of time to walk all over the ship and see different views. My husband LOVES boats, planes and trains, so this was an amazing trip!
  14. There is always so much to do on the ship, so it should be fun no matter what! Which ship are you on? I miss the Escape and Breakaway with the Howl at the Moon piano bar. Wish it was on all NCL ships!
  15. Hi! I am used to Caribbean cruises too but I have done Alaska and Canada on the west side (Vancouver and Victoria). I think I will miss the beaches, but I am looking at time off with a friend and the end of September is a good time for both of us to go somewhere. Have you decided anything yet?
  16. Is there someplace on this board that has the current menus and prices of this restaurant? Sorry, I have spent about a half hour searching and have not found them. We really enjoyed Teppanyaki and Moderno, but inside cabin only comes with one speciality dinner. Just curious on current prices.
  17. So, if I understand correctly, the $ off coupons are to reduce the fares, not for a deposit, so I should still be able to use my cruise next deposit?
  18. I am so very sorry! Sounds frustrating for sure. I have never had a cruiseline book airfare for me for this reason. I am very particular about when I fly and layovers etc. I also like to fly in at least a day or more before a cruise. The savings were never really that big when I compared. I hope it all works out for you and your friends!
  19. Harvest Caye pros: no tendering, lots of beach chairs and large swimming area to just relax and float in. More to do and see. Cons: have to pay for food and drink on island. Great Stirrup Caye: Pros: food and drink included. Cons: tender and longer walking area to find beach chairs and the place we did find chairs was a rocky beach. It was too hard on my SIL who has mobility issues. We missed this island last time as it was too windy to tender. 😞 Had hoped for a better experience! Harvest Caye has my vote.
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