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  1. There is another post about FTTF. Carnival has suppended the program until they get all the changes that are going to happen with the terminals.
  2. Is Cucina Del Capitano always booked? I was going to book it online but they wanted payment now and I wanted to use our OBC.
  3. I never knew it went into a pool for everyone. The other cruises we have been on we ate in the MDR every night and I assumed our tips went just to our wait staff in the MDR. We always tipped extra on the last night. I am sorry I assumed it worked like the American restaurants, the wait servers get paid a lower wages because they get tips and the fast food workers (guys burgers and such) get paid a more because they don't get tips. Thank you all for enlightening me. This will teach me not to assume.
  4. We are confirmed for YTD, my family already said they only want to eat in the MDR twice during our cruise. What happens to our pre-paid gratuities, who gets them besides our room stewards? Should I remove the ones for the wait staff and leave cash on the table after each meal in the MDR. Just need advice.
  5. a few months back I read on here that a grandmother would watch her grandbaby every day in the afternoon in her havana cabana and the lady next door would try to nap at the same time. The woman that was trying to nap went to GS to complain about the crying baby in the havana cabana and GS said there was no rule that she couldn't have her grandchild in her room during the day.
  6. When I was on the Vista last year, they did have a "bouncer" that checked wristbands and s&s card for the sticker but after a few days, we didn't have to show him anything because he got to know us. And yes you can have your family hang out in your room and cabana patio as long as they don't spend the night, which makes me question on if GS will give your wife a key to your room. You may want to ask your PVP on they key issue. But if carnival does follow it's rules and doesn't let your wife use the havana area because she isn't booked in an havana room, I don't even think you can switch y
  7. Going on a Mexican Riviera cruise and thinking about purchasing diet coke in Puerto Vallarta? Can I bring a 12 pack of soda onboard during a port stop?
  8. funny...but when I was reading topics about lanyards most Diamond and Platinum card holds don't like lanyards.
  9. Quick question. I understand the loyalty program, the more points the better the perks. However, why do we have to have colors on our sign and sail cards(blue, red, gold, platinum and diamond)? Are those so the staff can tell where you are on the point scale?
  10. I am also sailing in June 2020 on the Panorama and I haven't seen FTTF being offered for my sailing. Maybe they are waiting until she sails before they start offering it?
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