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  1. Not sure if this is available on Android - but here is the information on iPhone https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203032
  2. @sid_9169 - LOL @fubarbloke - The issue is they treat the bar tab and non-refundable - "Any unused Bar Tab credit (both purchased and bonus) will not be refunded to the Sailor at the end of the voyage." So that is even more so says why they can't / won't - that being said - I agree with your point - I'm sure VV has done some pricing models to figure out the pricing / what people will spend per day. What will be interesting is how / if the bar tab changes over time. I also wondering if people will be purchasing wine towards the end of the cruise and just not opening it in order to use up the tab
  3. @fubarbloke A couple remarks to your post 1) The 2022 for the FCC was in the original posting / information 2) Not being able to carry over the tab is not unique to VV - This is true across all cruise lines as each voyage is a new "account" - the same way having to get off the ship and back on. This is common as they have to zero out the ship. It would not surprise me if as VV gets going they have B2B policies - most of the cruises line give you a letter explaining the procedure - typically all the B2B cruisers meet at say 10am in some lounge - they check them out and check them right back in - this also means they don't need to go through passport control etc - however if they do leave the ship they typically need to wait until boarding has started to get back on
  4. @TFree I used CelebrityEngagementCenter@celebrity.com which I found on one of the emails / website. I emailed last saturday and heard back yesterday - so about a week. I really didn't have any expectation as to timing on a response as I'm sure they are dealing with lots of issues and figured it would be just in the order they received it.
  5. Just for a change of pace / topic.... I was checking my points level and noticed that mine was correct and my wife's wasn't. She has the same cruises in here account as I do with the same points per cruise but somehow, she was missing about 70 points. So I sent Captains Club an email with the 2 numbers and not only did they fix it, they also called us to confirm it was done. Now I just need to wait until the middle of August to make sure all my power up points post and will get me to Elite - YEAH free bag of laundry 🙂
  6. What I find interesting is that while yes you get $300 off a 2nd cruise in 2022 - it seems like they biggest benefit they are pushing is the bar tab. Personally if I have 1 drink during a cruise it's a lot so I really have no plans to purchase the bar tab - so this benefit would be lost on me - I'd rather get this use of the spa or other onboard credit as that I might use.
  7. Jim - I found your blog (googled like you suggested) - It's funny - I was just looking at the photos - and I said that's Chris' Taverna (I'm in Boynton Beach) - Then I read your description - 🙂 I'm enjoying reading your adventures
  8. So I was just scrolling through and saw the recent post about GoGreen - interesting concept - I decided to check my level and I'm 26 points shy of elite which I'll get on my next cruise (December 2022) I also see there is something new with Power Up Points - get points for doing things like surveys - I was wondering if anyone has seen / gotten emails on this yet - I am hoping that between and December next year I can do enough surveys / etc to get to Elite Thanks
  9. @Roz We booked directly with VV - I know some TAs are setup to book with them as well. My understanding of their booking engine is that it is automatic assignment vs you picking your specific cabin unless you need an accessible cabin. Time will tell if that changes at all.
  10. I think that is Captain Kate - Sorry this was clear when I was watching - but didn't post so clear 😞
  11. @kstetser 1) Even in Alaska you can book your own tours if you want - personally we only do the cruise tours as this way we don't worry about being delayed or anything else 2) Celebrity from time to time has done 10% sales on excursions 3) I believe as I recall there is a 24 hour before the port refund / cancellation policy - but I would read the terms before you book We've also had it where tours were cancelled between when we purchased them (months in advance) and when we got on the ship - often times we were given recommendations for replacement or just given credit to our onboard account
  12. Here is a link from the airport talking about the reconstruction / repair from the 2017 Hurricanes - https://sxmairport.net/reports/PMU Project Milestones.pdf It seems that the airport is still operating at a reduced capacity. I know some people have said Celebrity should have done more at the airport, however, I'm sure they are limited in how much they can do at the airport as that is where the local authorities take over. Also in looking at the SXM flight schedule it seems like most of the flights are small commuter flights - but then you have 2 Delta flights and 2 American flights all departing in a 30 minute window - so I would expect that volume of passengers to take a while to process if they have limited resources. Just my 2 cents
  13. pl281


    @judatt I think you are going to get all sort of answers - IMO the food in Luminae is better / more upscale than the food in the MDR so for me doing a specialty restaurant in addition is not needed - In terms of meals - we typically do dinner in Luminae - Breakfast - maybe once or twice - the rest of the time and lunch/snack is in the buffet
  14. @CroozFanatic I agree that Celebrity is closer in terms of type of service / experience - I forgot they have a few short cruises - most of them are not I did find one that is on the Celebrity Summit with a base fare without any discounts is at $1850 As you mentioned there is a premium for the newer ships
  15. I was curious so I just did a test booking on Royal (Freedom of the Seas) 3600 Pax - 2006 Maiden Voyage 4 Night - Miami, CocoCay, Nassau Base Fare (no discounts) Balcony Cabin - $1626 Tips $116 ======== $1742 Scarlet Lady - Balcony Cabin $2400 2700 Pax - 2019 Difference just based on this is $658 $90 For internet for 2 devices on Royal ======================= Now down to $568 Most of the speciality dining is $40/pp on Royal so very quickly this becomes very close in price And for a newer / smaller ship - personally for me I'll go with the newer ship every day
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