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  1. How does this valet thing work? I get they drop you off at embarkation and park your car. How does it work at debarkation? baf
  2. Hubbs and I are booked Jan 30 on the Legend out of Tampa. Going to Cozumel, Belize, and Costa Maya. Like Saint Greg, we are booked in a new (for us) cabin configuration-a Vista Suite. Looking forward to one of those wrap around balconies! baf
  3. I'm wondering if they will consider + antibody tests. Or (if the vaccine is available) if one has had the vaccine? baf
  4. If our Jan 31 cruise gets cancelled, we will rebook for something Sept onwards. Our son is due to come home from deployment anytime between FEb-June. Want to be sure we are here! baf
  5. We had booked a flight on American to San Francisco for our (now) cancelled Alaska cruise. The airlines had made several adjustments to boarding time for for the various legs of the round trip flight. Fortunately, American has a policy that if any leg of the original booked flight changes by more than an hour, you are entitles to a refund. We got back our entire fare. Not sure if Delta has a similar policy or if any of your flight legs had changed, but might be worth it to check. Good luck! baf
  6. Na. I am an old Army sarge and learned to pack. Rolling clothes really saves space.. baf
  7. For a 5 day I combine hubbs and my clothes in a 25 inch suitcase. ! carry on for a change of clothes, medicines, toiletries etc. For longer, will either do 2 carry ons with the 25 incher, or 21+25 incher and 1 carry on. And I pack a sports coat for elegant for hubbs. Plenty of space for souvenirs too! baf
  8. Unfortunately, the PCR test ( at least for right now) has become the standard 😞 baf
  9. This absolutely stinks for your son. I was very surprised to discover the Navy (I'm retired after 7 years active and 14 years reserve) has more single fathers than single mothers. So many women just pack up and go when the men head to sea. At least she won't get half his retirement. He dodged that bullet. Thank you Fyree39. What makes is worse is she is also military (they are both WP grads). WHen she was deployed for 8 months he stayed at home ( other than work and required company functions). He sent her packages once a month ( hell Hubbs and I did too) and skyped with her several times a week. It's one thing to decide you want to split up, but to do so while your spouse is deployed just shows what type of person you really are ( at least it does to me>). As far as cruising, I hope like hell our Jan 31 cruise is a "go". I will do what they tell me to do. We did book a vista suite ( just in case) and plan on bringing 4-6 weeks of medicine ( just in case). We drive to the port. ANd have made plans for extended care of our pets ( again -just in case). But SOMEONE has to start. Hubbs and I are willing to be "guinea pigs" 😉. Heck, I am currently involved in the Pfizer vaccine study, thats strongly how I feel. Just want to be home when my son comes back and will forego everything else... baf
  10. we looked into that and was told (by Quest) that mail in promises a result in 5-7 days. SO that won't work. Here in COlumbus Ga, there is NOT an option to go directly to QUest for COvid19 testing. THey either want 3rd party ( Walmart or CVS) or the mail in...But thanks for your input! baf
  11. Wondering how they handled the swab tests before each excursion. baf
  12. Or maybe they have sold enough cabins to put them over the 60% capacity nd are trying to get volunteers to cancel/reschedule their cruises so mandating won't be necessary... baf
  13. Who? Here in Ga, Quest does private testing with sites at Walmart and cvs (by appointment) Hubbs used the one at our loczl CVS and that is the one that took 8 days to get the results. baf
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