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  1. Can someone onboard post a pic of the price list for the package shop please ( if they can)? Hubbs and I will be on the MG i Jan. Son is wanting a good single malt scotch. Thinking about getting him a bottle or 2 with all the OBC we have. I know it's subjective, but would like him to look at the list and tell us which ones to get. If ya'll can't Still have a great time!
  2. We like the Tommie Copper ones. Very comfortable.
  3. I only show the "complete the health assessment" link on my cruise manager. But we don't cruise till Jan 2, 2022.
  4. Hubbs and I just returned from a Viking Bermuda cruise. Bermuda required a PCR ( or a rtPCR) test within 4 days prior to arrival. Seeing as the cruise sailed on a Tues, this meant getting the test on a Fri or Sat ( Bermuda also requires an application 24-72 hours prior to arrival for a "travel Authorization" that includes vaccination status and a neg rtPCR/PCR test). It can be done. Google search will be your friend. Just make sure the rapid test is actually a PCR test and not an antigen test. BUT, it will prob cost you. Ours cost $150 pp but we got the results in 4-5 hours. As aside
  5. Last night of our cruise. It's been WONDERFUL! Yes, there hiccups and hoops to jump thru that made me wonder what the hell was I thinking. But I would do it all over again! To those of you with your cruising to Bermuda in the near future, IT"S WORTH IT!!! The feeling you will have once you hear the "ding" of your card accessing you to the ship (sigh). Relax, it will get done. And have a BLAST! baf
  6. That's great. I'm glad the guest services officer was wrong!
  7. I did ask guest services ( not angry-just curious) and they said it was a money issue. What exactly that means, I dunno
  8. WE asked the waiter to get us an armagnac that as included on the SSBP. He found a 10 yr old one he said was nice. I had to take his word at it because I discovered I do NOT like armagnac🤨
  9. Heading back to the DOckyards right now for a "medical emergency" Confirmed with guest services it is a positive covid case. SUpposedly will go to Hamilton tomorrow and we are NOT restricted, either to the ship or our cabins. Of course, that could change. Got to say we were at a lecture this am and saw MANY people without mask-several were coughing. WEAR YOUR DAMN MASKS PEOPLE!
  10. Hubbs and I leave for Atlanta this afternoon. We decided to spend the night there because our flight from Atlanta to Charlotte ( routing thru to Bermuda) leaves at 630 am. First hotel shuttle is 420, but it is only 2 miles to the airport. We also have made several copies of the BTA, Covid PCR test, Covid vaccination card, trip itinerary etc. Everything that was on Vikings checklist. Hubbs has his copies, I have mine, third set in carry one luggage and photo copies on my phone😉. Hubbs keeps moaning about all the hoops and i just tell him to think how much he will appreciate t
  11. It will be fun to see that ship!. As for St George- I don't like tender ports anyways.. I'm like you, I don't care where we go because I WILL BE ON A SHIP!!!!!! (also got gel polish on fingers and toes. Wanting a lemon drop martini or a mojito tho😉.) Can' wait to see ya'll onboard! ps- just got "The Handmaid's Tale" to read. I must be the only woman who hasn't watched it, so I will read it-lol
  12. WA's another cruise line ( Royal Caribbean I think?) cruising out of Bermuda at the start of all this? I think that one started on a Thurs or Fri. Then they cancelled all of the Bermuda embarkations when the US opened back up. Maybe that was why?
  13. Wow! I thought the hours for Bermuda to approve those TA's was 8-8. And arent you outside the 4 day window for the PCR tests?
  14. Just make sure it is a PCR test and not an antigen test. In our area, the turn around time for the PCR test from CVS takes too long. They can't guarantee a 24 hour turn around time. We found a place that does ( costs tho!) Hope you can figure it out. Reports from others on the Bermuda trip are amazing!
  15. HUbbs and I are on the cruise right after yours. Post how it goes at the airport in Bermuda and Orion embarkation if you have time please. And have a BLAST!!!🍹
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