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  1. And don't forget the number of variants, which I am sure will keep us on our toes for a few years, some of which may be immune to the current vaccines and vaccination may need to be done all over again. I sincerely hope not though.
  2. Don't forget, 90 days in 180 days is effectively 6 months per annum but not all at once. My daughter lives in the EU and I don't foresee any problems visiting as well as cruising into other parts of the EU.
  3. I realise that, I was just trying to point out that it is improbable that we will be asked for proof other than, probably, our word, as we from the other side of the pond don't have to prove we are not terrorists 😇
  4. I didn't vote, there are currently NO vaccines which are 100%, best is 95% so having or not having will not guarantee 100% you will not get covid especially if the ports visited are, shall we say, not as robust. I realise that if you have the vaccine you will not get the disease as bad as not having the jab, but with the number of mutations currently spreading, will the vaccine you have be good enough to protect you from that particular strain?
  5. Have you tried your bank? We are with Nat West and insure through them as part of our account package, I know other banks offer the same or similar deal, and no extras until you reach 70 years of age then they charge extra depending on the bank.
  6. Interesting read, but we are going to need a World wide approach, what is happening in the US is not what is happening in Europe or the UK, we are using different vaccines and new vaccines are being made almost on a daily basis. Are the cruise lines going to know the names of all the vaccines and whether you needed one or two shots, 3 weeks or 12 weeks apart, and in the future, if what we are told about virus mutation, have you had your booster? I think it will have to be taken on trust, the same way as when I filled in your green card, now ESTA on me telling the truth.
  7. Had a cruise booked on Braemar 5th May 2022, that has been cancelled 😞 I will wait for the revised itineraries in January
  8. They also have on occasions a Classical Pianist who performs around 3:00pm for 45 minutes or so and the recitals are usually very popular.
  9. Problem there is, if one cow gets a mobile, the whole herd will want one 😄
  10. The bedside tables have no outlets, but if you move the bed from the wall, if I remember correctly, the bedside lights are plugged in there, and again from memory they were UK sockets. It has been a few years since I was on a Cunard ship, but I am sure that would not have changed.
  11. We were lucky enough to cruise the Hudson at night on QM2 a few years back, wow what a site!! I tried to take some photos, but didn't have a decent camera so the all came out blurey 😞
  12. A clue, that is nothing to do with mobile signal strength 😄 According to all the maps available on line, unless you live up a mountain, signal strength in Lancashire is not too bad outdoor, but in some areas not so good indoors. Just for interest, I live in East Bristol and have no indoor signal on mobile but use it through the internet, and that's on an iPhone 😄
  13. Anyone considered where the ships crew will come from. The ships are in various places around the globe all working on minimum crew to keep the ship going, probably no hotel staff at all, most of which will probably be in their own countries, which depending where that is, would the US allow entry from those countries if they have a high incidence of corona virus?
  14. So how many cruise ships are currently operating? There appears to be no bookings in Europe until at least early 2021.
  15. As you can see, Radiorat, a simple question will get very elaborate and long answers. I agree with all said so far, and we have sailed with Fred on a number of occasions going back to 2012. We have also met some great people on Fred cruises, but still my favourite ship in the Fred Olsen fleet is Braemar and Cunard fleet Queen Mary 2. As you can see complete opposites with one at 24000 tonnes gross and the other at 150,000 tonnes, but if you divide the number of tonnes by the number of passengers, QM2 carries only 2691 passengers, QM2 has more tonnes per passenger so should provide more space p
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