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  1. ovccruiser

    Drinks package question

    Maths are good, but do you not have a drink with dinner, maybe a glass or two of wine? 8 drinks a day, especially sea days is quite easy. :D:evilsmile: :evilsmile:
  2. ovccruiser

    Very disappointed

    Book through a good travel agent and they should have known of up coming deals.
  3. ovccruiser

    Caveat emptor

    The drinks package only has to be ordered 7 days prior to your cruise, It may be that if the deal was offered to include drinks, after booking the cruise but not paying for inclusive, the package may get included if that make sense :evilsmile:. Worth a try.
  4. ovccruiser

    What Do You Do From 6:00 to 8:30?

    We always do late dinning, much prefer it. From 6:00 to 7:00 late afternoon/early evening drinks, from 7:00 to 8:00 get ready for dinner, 8:00 to 8:30 pre dinner drinks :cool:
  5. ovccruiser

    Travelling alone

    Just to throw a spanner in the works, on my last cruise on Braemar, we had a table for 6 on which there were 2 married couples and 2 singles, one male one female. We were the only inclusive couple on the table. So I guess they mix and match. I will say that was on late dinner not early, maybe different for early sitting, why I wouldn;t like to guess.
  6. One of my first cruises with P & O was on the Artemis(sold to a German cruise company). Although I like QM2 it did give me a hankering for the smaller ships and FO fitted the bill. Maybe Fred will buy the Adonia :)
  7. ovccruiser

    Muster drills with multiple embarkation points

    We have done several cruises with various cruise lines with multiple embarkation points, and in the main, the passengers boarding at the busiest terminal, S'oton in your case, carried out the muster drill just before departing. Passengers then joining a couple of days later have carried out their own muster drill almost on a one to one with the crew members who may have also recently joined the ship.
  8. ovccruiser

    Pre authorisation on debit card

    :D Glad we could help in some way.
  9. ovccruiser

    Pre authorisation on debit card

    When we have cruised with Fred on an AI cruise, we always found it difficult to spend any meaningful amount of money so pre booked with our credit card. Like you, we don't leave much money in our current acc either, feels safer :D 1.5% of £100 is only £1.50 after all.
  10. ovccruiser

    Terrace Balcony Cabins on Black Watch

    Never understood when Fred did the cabins on Black Watch why they didn't install smoked/frosted glass on the balconies, it would stop onlookers who are walking the deck.
  11. ovccruiser

    German Waterways

    We have done this cruise twice, an excellent choice. Flensburg is a shortish walk to the town centre, less than half a mile. Travemunde, the ship docks in the centre of town. Hamburg, again about 3/4 of a mile to the town centre, maybe less. However, it will depend where the ship is berthed. Hafen City is the nearest. Bremen, you will need the shuttle, however, the ship berths almost alongside a huge shopping mall, take your wallet :D
  12. ovccruiser

    Is there any pattern to pricing on Fred?

    Normally, but certainly not always, cruises that drop in price are not popular and there is a rush to sell unwanted cabin space, bums on seats and all that. As has been mentioned, if the cruise is popular it may well sell out while you are waiting for the price to drop.
  13. ovccruiser

    Advantages of Fred Olson cruises

    One of the reasons we switched to Fred, funnily enough, was after we sailed on Artemis, found out how good smaller ships are.
  14. ovccruiser

    Age group - Fred Olsen

    Just remember, age is only a number and there are many "older" guests who are young at heart and very active.
  15. ovccruiser

    Rome...On a September Saturday?

    We have been to Rome twice and both times booked a Cunard trip. We know it is a little dearer than going on your own, but there is usually 2 guides. One telling you of the history and the other in advance getting the tickets for entry into the various sites. They usually also throw in a lunch in one of the local restaurants. When we went, we did the Colosseum, Trevy Fountain, Vatican Museum and Cystene Chapel, St Marks Bassillica and the ship was waiting for our return over and hour late. P.S. excuse my terrible spelling on such great monuments.:)