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  1. I am a Caribe Balcony Girl. Those balconies are 9 feet by 9 feet. With a regular table so that you can enjoy breakfast on your balcony rather than a low cocktail side type table. You are get small ottomans to rest your feet or another place for the third and fourth person to sit. i have enjoyed a fair number of caribe balconies. The standard balconies are 5 feet by 9 feet. And will feel cramped after enjoying the benefits of a Caribe.
  2. Thanks so much for posting these. I really love to do research so as not to miss anything
  3. Any chance one of you could post the patters? maybe the menus? thanks in advance! We are sailing on Thursday. Thanks so much. Glad to hear you enjoyed the cruise.
  4. They might have relaxed their searches. Maybe someone will post that they got through. they will give you a claim check to get it when you get off the ship. I did not bother to collect mine good luck we will be on the Emerald on the 29th our of LA. Never had a problem here with it
  5. They were taking extension cords as well as power strips. There were several people pulled aside to have their bags searched one said extension cord and mine was a power strip
  6. Thanks. This is the exact one I bought for this cruise. I told them that it was not a surge suppressor but they did not care. Either way they got the $2 one. Hopefully they stop doing this
  7. Yes, but in July, they were confiscating all of these types of items. Just make sure that you have a cheapy decoy just in case you are pulled aside.
  8. I had one of mine confiscated while going thru security on embarkation day. It was a cheap one. I had others so i just gave this cheapy one and went on my merry way.
  9. We were on the Ruby this past January, boarding on January 6 and had no decorations.
  10. If you have more than three hairs on your head, then you need to bring your own dryer. It is the same as a hotel dryer. Not good
  11. I was on the CB in July 2018. It was the smoothest cruise I have ever been on. I have done Alaska twice and that was very smooth
  12. From the photos I have found on the internet, it looks to be completely covered.
  13. This is my balcony of choice. The only balcony that is truly private. I know that you can be seen from above but only if you on standing in the open area. I can also see the balconies above. But once I have moved to the covered portion, NO ONE can see me.
  14. The MDR is open from noon until 1:30 I always explorer the ship. There is a scavenger hunt. You get stamps and turn it in. The next day they have a raffle where they pick out one of them and prizes.
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