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  1. We are planning to

    use Larry’s Limos to get our family of 7 from Port Everglades to Miami airport.  We have a 11:30 flight so will self disembark as early as we can.  Barring any delays what is a good time to plan on meeting our transportation.  We dock at 6am so assume can get off by 645?  Would 7-715 be a safe time?

  2. I know there have been lots of questions whether to punch a hole in sea pass card or put in pouch.  My question is how does the sea card open the doors on Liberty.   Does it slide in the opener or just need put up against it ?  I would prefer to not have to remove it from the pouch to open the door.  I have heard that Liberty door are different.  I thought I saw a picture of someones card and it had arrows showing which made me think it slid in.  Thank you in advance.

  3. 4 hours ago, YVRteacher said:

    When Is your cruise? If I remember correctly NCL sent the instructions at the time of online check-in.  I will look around when I get home tomorrow and come back to this to provide a more detailed response.  

    Our cruise is May 23.  If I did receive any instructions I do not have them now.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you so much for your review.  This makes me even more excited for our trip.

  4. If the Jewel doesn’t  leave till 9pm will they still allow boarding around 12 or wait until

    later in the day?  

    We are doing the same trip but hadn’t thought about being able to board early- that would be great.  Thank you for asking your question!

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